Don't settle for warm beer.
Don't settle for warm beer. (Photo: Sarah Jackson)
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Hydro Flask’s Tumbler Is the Best Insulating Cup

If you like your beer icy cold and your coffee piping hot, there’s no better option out there

Don't settle for warm beer.
Sarah Jackson(Photo)

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These days, everyone wants to avoid single-use cups thanks to a growing awareness of the problem of plastic waste. In fact, it’s becoming more and more expected that you BYOV (bring your own vessel) to a party or campfire hangout. For people like me who prefer to own one portable container to hold all their drinks, it’s worth getting the best performer out there.

A little over a year ago, I espoused my love for the Hydro Flask True Pint Glass ($25). But now I have another favorite, the company’s 22-ounce Tumbler ($35). Being a new father, I need a lot of caffeine and, frankly, beer. The extra six ounces the Tumbler has over the True Pint made the upgrade a no-brainer.

That added capacity doesn’t make this Hydro Flask clunky, though. The 3.1-inch-wide mouth is easy to drink from, and the Tumbler tapers to a 2.9-inch-wide base that fits in almost any car’s cup holder. The powder-coated exterior affords a slip-free grip so I don’t worry about dropping my java.

(Sarah Jackson)

And then there’s Hydro Flask’s excellent insulation. I can nurse a single pour for hours without having to worry about lukewarm beer. It also means I can brew a large cup of coffee in the morning, put the included cap on the Tumbler, and enjoy hot joe throughout the day. (Sometimes the stainless steel’s heat retention can be almost too good; I’ve burned my mouth drinking tea from the Tumbler on several occasions.)

So despite the bevy of vessel options clogging my kitchen cabinets, I turn to the 22-ounce Tumbler whenever I need coffee to get me going in the morning or a beer to relax at night.

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Lead Photo: Sarah Jackson

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