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Starting and finishing in the adventure-crazed alpine town of Chamonix, France, at the base of Mont Blanc, the TMB is perhaps the world’s most famous pedestrian loop and definitely one of its most entertaining, passing through three countries and their variety of cultures.

Café Huskies in Svalbard sells coffee, baked goods, and local art—all while local dogs roam the shop

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Healthy living as seen in the Swiss Alps

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From stunning alpine routes to the environments where high-altitude herbs thrive, tap into the healing power of nature in the mountains of Switzerland

The plastic ski surface at Emily Resort in western Ukraine allows skiers to slide downhill even when there’s no snow

A ski trip into these Italian mountains unfolds into a learning experience and a bridge to much needed healing

Our gear-reviews editor will be joining you on a hike through the most iconic mountains in the French Alps, fueled by spectacular views, gooey cheese, and red wine

Our writer was looking to find solace on the congested slopes of Snowdon in Wales when COVID-19 shut it down. He soon realized that a mountain devoid of humans isn't the vision he thought it would be.

'Expedition Norway' follows a group of photographers on a mission to document the northern lights

Arctic Bath, a stunning new wellness retreat, makes it easy for guests to try out the Swedish health traditions of saunas and icy plunges

'Saisons' is a celebration of getting outside during all four seasons in France's Massif Central region

For decades, the Old Forge was the holy grail of the British outdoors community. The UK's remotest pub, it could only be reached via boat or a three-day walk through one of Britain's last true wildernesses, the Knoydart peninsula in Scotland. A dispute between some locals and a new owner threatened the legend—until they decided to open up a pub of their own.

Most skiers click out of their bindings to kick back for a cold one when the lifts stop swinging for the day—but not these guys

Skiers Jordy Norris and Ben Osborne chase elusive snow in a variety of Russian landscapes, like the Caucasus range and Sochi

In Switzerland, you can board a train and ride it from the powder haven of Zermatt to an alpine resort

Hike, fish, and ski Europe's last stretch of wilderness from Niehku Mountain Villa in Swedish Lapland

From drone pilot Vadim Sherbakov, 'Islandia' is a tribute to Iceland's natural beauty and unparalleled aesthetic

Blue World Voyages plans to remake the cruise for adventure sports enthusiasts who want more out of their vacation than all-you-can-eat buffets

On a two-week vacation in the Dolomites, Casper Rolsted combined the sites and sounds of these Italian mountains to create this film

In ‘Ice and Palms,’ skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck set out from their homes in Germany to bikepack 1,118 miles to Nice, France

Filmmaker John Duncan​​​​​​​ traveled to Scotland’s hills and coasts to document what made it such a special place to him.

On a solo weekend hike through the Basque Country, drone filmmaker Jonathan Ninnin shot this short 'Wild Lands' on his DJI Mavic Pro 2.

In the summer of 2018, filmmaker Dave Wallace took a 10-day car camping trip in Iceland.

Keep Moving is a film from James Castro-Griffiths dedicated to his father, Dennis.

Norway: A Visual Journey from the filmmakers at The Road West Traveled is a drone film from their trip to Norway​​​​​​​.

How to pedal (and eat) your way through Chianti country.

A new European carrier takes you to the heart of the Alps. Skis fly free.

This past March, I flew to the island of Senja, Norway, to take part in one of the many self-powered backcountry programs offered by Pure Ski Touring. The island is part of a 612-square-mile archipelago that sits in one of the northernmost, least-populated counties in Norway.

By European standards, Ireland’s County Donegal, tucked into the country’s far northwest corner, may as well be Mars. But for adventure travelers, it’s a hidden frontier packed with wind-bitten landscapes to mountain-bike, rowdy coastline to surf, and 500-foot sea stacks to climb. That is, if you’re brave enough.

Mention Switzerland to any skier and their reaction is nearly universal. Their eyes widen as thoughts of huge vertical, fluffy powder, and quaint villages filled with fellow snow seekers enjoying après fill their collective imaginations. When the opportunity presented itself to tag along with a few stellar skiers to the Swiss Alps, I eagerly jumped on the team. Skiers Sven Brunso, John Trousdale, George Koch, and I travelled via rail to Adelboden, Andermatt, Disentis, and Engelberg. Deep snow, stinky cheese, new friends, cold beer, big climbs, and massive descents were never more than a walk, tram, or train away. Photographer Liam Doran shares some highlights of their trip.

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Photographer Ben Moon takes us on his journey through Norway, using the all-new Lytro Illum camera—designed to capture fuller, deeper, and more stunning images than ever before. Relive his adventure through the Nordic countryside with four artists and VW camper.

Skjálfandafljót River, Iceland

The key to seeing the best of Iceland? Posting up in the middle of the action.

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Travel down any dirt road in Iceland and you are bound to find an adventure. If you stay on that dirty road long enough, you’ll uncover what truly makes this tiny island in the freezing North Atlantic a marvel to behold. Iceland is not your typical vacation hot spot, but stroll along the desolate ranges of volcanic rock and you’ll see the real beauty that covers this land. A place where colossal glaciers inch toward the freedom of the Arctic Ocean after centuries of imprisonment on land, and where shallow rivers cut deeply into the canyons, enticing adventure seekers to uncover its hidden paths. We set out to capture the shadowy secrets of this surprisingly wondrous island. We traveled by air, land, and sea and found that no matter how much we thought we knew of this country, there was always something new down every path we took.  

The Balkan Peninsula's new megatrail is as much about imbibing culture as it is about bagging peaks. In his first dispatch from the trail, the author embarks on a 1,250-mile journey across six countries.

On the road in Magerøya, Finnmark

The world's most dangerous walkway

Sunset on the southeast coast

Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson—The North Face’s premiere rock climbing couple—met on a rock face in Antalya, Turkey; they named their story Once Upon A Climb.

Modern comfort in a stunning, rugged landscape

Hikers around the world are rediscovering Spain's Camino de Santiago, Medieval Europe's version of the thru-hike. A veteran of the pilgrimage shares his tips for getting your boots on the path.

Norway has everything the alps does—towering mountains, five-star restaurants, loads of culture. You also get fjords, glaciers, epic whitewater, and a few thousand polar bears.

Where it's more about skiing than the scene

Ken Chase created a company that provides luxury tours for American conservatives. It's—this is important—not a place for angry Cambridge democrats. Also: "angry Cambridge democrat" is really redundant.

From renting a car to cheap places to stay and where to go, 15 tips for skiing the Alps

Georgia is earning its reputation as the powder playground of the Caucasus

On a trip to the mountains of southeastern Europe, seven friends find untracked slopes, thriving post-Communist wildlife, and a nation of skiers that don't quite understand why they're there. After a tragedy at home, David Page looks back and wonders how he ever took it for granted.

A 90-minute hike over a rocky trail and steep climb up Mt. Kerkis, past the Cave of Pythagoras, in which the Greek philosopher is said to have hidden before going into exile, sits the 10th-century Evangelistria Monastery

Brian Blickenstaff spent a day without his clothes on, taking baths with complete strangers

The Samaria Gorge Trail in Crete is one of the most popular hikes in Europe. But in the summer, when the trail is unbearably hot and overrun with tourists, visit the Imbros, a simple walk in an area full of charm.

Brian Blickenstaff celebrates Germany's "Enjoyment Day" by drinking a lot of wine and then riding his bike home—all within the letter of the law

Matt Krause's American friends refused to believe that Turkey was anything like the United States. To prove them wrong, he's walking across the entire country.

For nearly 800 years, the residents of Cuéllar, Spain, have been risking their lives in the annual encierro. Bill Hillmann traveled to this small town to participate for the first time and to speak to Josechu Lopez Jimeno, who has been running for 44 years and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

Traveling will drive you crazy, no matter where you are. But at least in Germany you get to choose how to be miserable.

Whether you're looking forward to your first dance with death or pride yourself on being a seasoned veteran, these tips will help you enjoy a safe run with the bulls

Wild family adventure in King Arthur country

The stablest country in the Middle East also makes for the most action-packed getaway

Starting with a single Alaskan Husky named Derby, Kenth Fjellborg built a dogsled-touring empire that attracts 5,000 would-be mushers a year to a frozen patch of tundra 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. And he's not afraid to yell at you in bad words.

Norway's forbidding Hardangervidda Plateau nearly killed Roald Amundsen when he attempted a ski traverse in the winter of 1896. But the failure set him on a path of training, study, and exploration that led to his historic conquest of the South Pole. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of that feat, Mark Jenkins and his brother Steve skied the route, an epic challenge that even now can prove deadly.

It's been seven years since legendary bull runner Julen Madina was gored five times in Pamplona. Here he relives the moment in detail.

The ten best ways to have a great time at the Fiesta de San Fermin, without taking a horn or nightstick to the head.

I'm going hiking for a week in Iceland this spring. What kind of pants would be right for cold and rainy, but good for dry weather, too? Tom Springfield, VA

Talk to me about Spain in the late summer! I'm planning my trip now and want to have a hell of a time!—LisaBoulder, CO

In his September Out of Bounds column, "The Italian Job" columnist Eric Hansen tries to convince us that he did not waste our money on a trip to Italy, where, as near as we can tell, he just downed Chianti and gelato. Hansen reads his story, talks in a podcast interview, and shares his photos here.

Decompress from summer in Spain's Pyrenean lodges

Here's why ten Winter Olympics have been staged high in the Alps: James Bond glamour, beautiful slopes, and raging après—ski that lasts till 3 a.m.

On the southern end of Italy's boot—Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, and the island of Sicily—you'll fall in love with the creamy gelato, unspoiled beaches, and the rhythms of a simpler life

From chic clubbing in Dublin to cycling the Ring of Kerry, Ireland's got a bit of everything

The past is present on Ireland's windswept west coast

Welcome to Croatia, the melting pot of hot. Where East meets West, the old is new, the young are worldly-wise, the wilds are pristine, and the 20th-century shadows of war are giving way to a hip and happening 21st-century place to find peace.

A change has come to the Iron Curtain death zone—and it's wild

Travel is one thing. But uprooting your family and moving abroad is a much deeper plunge into adventure.

Who would want a $100 million theme park devoted to the belching drama of volcanoes? The French, that's who—if they can ever stop arguing about it.

An Iceland Adventure Guide

No one knows how to cut loose in the summertime like Scandinavians

A tough-as-nails cadre of Russian and Ukranian speleologists wriggles and blasts its way to caving's grand prize: the mythic 2,000-meter mark

On Ireland's western fringe, the mystic highlands of Connemara hide an unexpected kingdom of adventure.

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