Journey with us through the watery heart of the largest subtropical wetlands in America: the Everglades. Why? Because it's there—or used to be.

Wet, wonderful H2O ain't just the cure for the summertime blues. It's life itself—a priceless treasure that we've got to stop squandering.

He grew up poaching alligators, he sells Cadillacs, and his friends run oil companies. But saving the bayous of Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin is Harold Schoeffler's number-one deal.

Everybody loves the Klamath. Everybody wants a piece of it. And they're willing to go to war to get it. Editor's Note/Correction

A plan to save Guatemala's Mayan cities with a park and a posh eco-lodge has enviros and locals boiling

Immerse yourself in these eight close-to-home dive sites, where the water's world-class and your tent's just a splash away

Running the numbers on the world's tallest mountain

Baja's Isla Espíritu Santo conjures up endless scuba sites and miles of sand for camping by

To land the big ones, you have to go deep. Into the wilds, that is.

What happens when a solitary day hike turns into the ultimate test of survival?

“River Impossible,” an August 2003 feature story by Patrick Symmes, incorrectly reported on a newspaper article by author and investigator Barry R. Clausen in the Yreka, California-based Siskiyou Daily News in February. It was wrongly implied in “River Impossible” that Mr. Clausen was an interview subject in the newspaper article,…

Why jet to exotic reefs when home waters boast spectacularly diverse diving?

Pass the summer splash test with these rowdy water fitness contests

Drift off under the stars in a featherweight sleeper designed for balmy summertime escapes

Pure, abundant agua is getting harder to find. Feeling thirsty?

AMERICANS ENJOY SOME OF THE SAFEST DRINKING WATER IN THE WORLD, but quality varies widely, and it’s surprisingly tough to find out definitively which cities serve the good stuff and which do not. Some 54,000 community water systems are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but no government body…

SPLASH FIGHTS: Water issues chronically become water wars. Here are some collisions in progress—from bang-ups over how to divide spoils to clashes over big cleanups—that need to be resolved in the years ahead.

1. Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona Hike two miles to this perfect turquoise pool, with year-round 72-degree water, in Havasu Canyon. All About H2O The wet stuff is always there for us—it grows our food, puts splash and spirit in our adventure, and (by the way) keeps us alive.

Sea kayaking along the Eastern Seaboard

Paradise—and paradox—in the realm of Flora-Bama

Mama's boys, beware: Portsmouth Island is nature untethered

There are hundreds of national and local conservation groups working to preserve the oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, and swimming holes you love. Below, a comprehensive list of great organizations that need your help. Activist Chris Swain swims the polluted Columbia River. Amigos Bravos…

The August 2003 issue of Outside is dedicated to reporting on the health of our nation’s water supplies, from the lakes and rivers we play in to the water we drink. But this isn’t the first time the magazine has reported on the water crisis—we have a long history of…

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It sounds too good to be true: a star miler turned criminal goes to prison, links up with a legendary track coach, trains behind bars until his feet bleed, and earns a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. Is the real world ready for Jon Gill's dream?

WHEN THE MERCURY RISES, it’s all about freedom—to hit the road, float a lazy river, down a cold one in a mountain saloon, climb a crag or two, munch some local grub, cast for lunkers, watch the sunset from a seaside lodge. Our ten favorite stretches of American blacktop come…

Horrible winters. A dwindling, aging population. Abandoned farms reverting to prairie grass. Perfect, says our writer.

This spring, a quarter of a million Americans took a trip. It was noisy, hot, and violent. Accommodations were poor. Some of them didn't come back.

A North Atlantic monster puts European big-wave surfing on the map

You better grab a lifeline and hold on tight when Steve Fossett decides to make another manic bid for glory

Are the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients packed into everything you chug and chew the real secret to becoming a finely tuned sports superstar? Turn the page.

The latest road runners fit better, feel faster, and work almost as hard as you do

California’s Skylonda Lodge Q: I like dried fruit, camping and bugs. My wife likes brie, soft beds and spas. Question: Where can we go in August where we can hike and bike by day, and have a full service resort at night? — Philip Cordova…

One family's 100-mile journey across the Mongolian steppe

So you want to climb a mountain, but you’ve never done it before. No sweat—there’s a first time for everything. Even the world’s greatest climbers were once beginners like you, gearing up with ropes, carabiners and crampons and heading for the hills for their first technical ascents. To help fuel…

Three years after a notorious kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, new evidence and big changes emerge from Central Asia

Last summer, U.S. wildfires cost $1.6 billion to stop and claimed the lives of 23 firefighters. The statistics were depressingly familiar, but the expense and sacrifice did nothing to solve the problems of overgrown forests, misguided government suppression policies, and misspent resources. Is there a way out? Maybe. But only if we get serious about rethinking

The release of Michael Kelsey's new tell-all canyoneering guide has land managers worried about trouble in the slots

Australia's first great adventure was part Lewis and Clark, part Donner Party—searing proof that fame is a four-letter word

Hit the biodiversity jackpot in Brazil's Pantanal

Australian photographers Ian and Erick Regnard have followed surfing’s ASP World Tour for the past six years, shooting the planet’s most famous surf personalities on and off their boards. On days when the waves were too low for competition purposes, the Regnard brothers also shot contemporary musicians, models, and others…

There’s a swoosh of heaven that runs from Hawaii through Mexico to Central America and the Caribbean. Don’t let it bask in the sun by itself. Our 43 sweet spots are waiting—surrender and go. TRAILING OFF ON KAUAI By James Glave THE INS & OUTBOARDS OF…

Cut your alpinism chops on North America's best routes.

Get a fresh perspective on the Old Country: pedal, paddle, skate, and hike in these eight ruggedly charming European outposts

Budget-conscious families should know two things about the tropics: First, Central America and the Caribbean are only a few degrees hotter in summer than in winter. Second, as temperatures rise, resort prices often fall by 15 to 20 percent or more. What's a little humidity in exchange for a great, affordable family trip? We found six of the best spots-from Puer

Lance Armstrong in Girona, Spain “I don’t like to lose. I just despise it.” Armstrong in Girona, Spain, his spring training grounds for the 2003 Tour de France. Armstrong on a road ride in Spain, March 2003 SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN AUSTIN, TEXAS, the warm air pungent with pollen,…

Experience is the key to mountaineering prowess, but high-altitude fitness makes all the difference on summit day

With their nifty new windmills, tidy techno-homes, and enviro-crusading queen, the Dutch are busy creating the cutest little ecotopia on earth—while stoking a booming hypercapitalist economy. What does tiny Holland know that America is too big and dumb to figure out?

Paddling a Norwegian river may be a walk in the park for explorer Børge Ousland, but it's a major triumph for his son

  A cobblestone sidestreet in Santa Rosa Q: My wife and I are interested in heading to Honduras, especially Santa Rosa, but I can't seem to find any ideas on a place to stay there. I know there's a big budget travel scene down there, but our days of…

A new way to navigate the Tar Heel state

Family trips can leave parents feeling like they need a vacation from their vacation. Moms and dads can't always cater to kids—they occasionally need to indulge in adult-friendly pursuits, like flying down a white-knuckle mountain-bike trail or taking off on a sailboard. Here are five innovative trips—with built-in baby-sitting—so children have f

Forget the creepy promise of techno-longevity. Instead, take our advice: Live fast, die hard, and leave behind a worn-out, used-up, good-looking corpse.

The Macal River Valley in Belize is home to three-toed tapirs, elusive jaguars, and a rare subspecies of scarlet macaw. But if Belize Electricity Ltd. gets its way, one of the richest riparian habitats north of the Amazon will disappear beneath the waters of a controversial hydroelectric dam. So who's gonna get zapped?

Meet Apa Sherpa, who will attempt to break his own record of 12 Everest summits this month

He's a loner, he's lethal, and he's got your scent. Feline phantom, ultimate predator, the cougar has ghosted back into the American wild and your backyard. (Hey, Marge, have you seen the poodle lately?)

From the heart of Jack London country to Quebec, the best of 60 degrees latitude and higher

Take a tundra tour along the Yukon's loneliest road

Five years ago, Brad van Liew, a 29-year-old commercial pilot and flight instructor from Southern California, took a bit of a flier by entering the 1998-1999 Around Alone, the single-handed around-the-world yacht race generally considered to be the longest event in sports. Despite a lack of experience and an old…

Outside TV is proud to announce the May 5 premier of its two newest film productions on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN): Into the Thunder Dragon In this enchanting film—which recently won the Moscow Film Festival’s award for Best Cinematography in Extreme Conditions—Sean White…

Outside Editorial Director Alex Heard is auctioning off two pieces of Everest history on eBay this week. Both items were carried to the mountain’s summit by writer Jon Krakauer during the disastrous 1996 climbing season that inspired his bestseller, Into Thin Air. Proceeds from the sale of these items will…

The Fountain of Youth is a myth. But take heart: Intelligent training and an adventurous spirit will keep you running, kicking, screaming at the peak of your potential for years to come.

Five adventure bonanzas in the Yukon's summertime wilds

In 24-hour mountain-bike races, riders bond over singletrack and sleep deprivation. What's not to like?

Lodges at base camp? Tourists on oxygen? Everyone seems to have a vision for the next 50 years on the world's highest mountain.

Noted ski mountaineer Andrew McLean, named one of the planet’s finest athletes by Outside in December 2001, departed his home in Salt Lake City with an ambitious goal in his sites: to be the first to complete a continuous ski descent of Alaska’s 14,573-foot Mt. Hunter. With first descents already…

Ten years ago, extreme snowboarder Stephen Koch cooked up a media-savvy plan to become the first to climb and ride down the Seven Summits. Now there's only one mountain left to conquer: Everest. And for his grand finale, Koch is determined to fling himself down the most dangerous descent possible.

We know at least one sponsored paddler who was so smitten with the new RIOT AIR 45 that he defected to the company. And why not? The six-foot Air uses its surfboard-like bow and two removable inch-long fins along its hull to generate more speed on waves and, therefore, more…

Rocky cliffs of the Italian Dolomites Q: Can you tell me anything about renting bikes in the Dolomites? My boyfriend and I love road biking, but we only want to spend 3-4 days on our bikes… any brilliant ideas as to specific areas to ride through?…

Who says you can't take your children mountaineering? The trick is to choose the right summit—then watch as they amaze themselves by scaling it. These five peaks, in order from easiest to hardest, are handpicked to bring out your kid's inner Messner.

At twice the size of Texas, Alaska isn't easy to boil down into a "best of" list. The fact is, just about every cranny of this behemoth state can be labeled with a superlative: the wildest, the most vast, the most breathtaking. Even though any intrepid family can land in Anchorage, rent a car, start driving, and come upon wildlife and characters that guarantee

One family's 18-month (and counting) Hawaiian Hiatus

Where to play, eat, and stay in the Hawaiian Islands

Going to the beach without the latest sunglasses is like walking when you could fly. You'll have it made in the shade with these six new designs.

Want an easy plan to prepare you to climb a mountain—say, 14,494-foot Mount Whitney? Here's a five-week program that'll whip you into summit-worthy shape.