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We surfed, ran, and swam our hearts out—and these three winners rose to the top

Twelve testers ran, trekked, and squatted in 45 products to find this summer’s best new hiking pants and shorts.

We tapped a gaggle of testers—from a search and rescue pro to an aspiring tennis star—to sort the top sport watches for any activity

We dunked 19 filters across the country, from silty streams in California’s Agua Caliente Creek to clear lakes in Washington’s Olympic Mountains, to find the year’s best.

We tested 88 running shorts and tops over hundreds of miles of roads and trails in summer heat and humidity. These 11 kept us feeling the most comfortable, speedy, and stylish.

12 testers road-tripped over 8,200 miles with 45 car camping accessories in their trunks. These ten survived the long haul.

SUPs has become a crowded field, so we narrowed the field down to this year’s four stand-out winners

Climb on with confidence with these tester approved harnesses

Looking to make quick work out of your daily commute? Look no further than these four e-bikes built for the streets.

Twelve testers put 33 boots to rock, dirt, and sand. These nine vaulted to the top.

Nine kids trashed 38 pieces of gear. These 5 survived the season.

Get down the trail safer and in style

We hiked, ran, skied, and climbed through the night to find the best illumination of the year

Our team of testers vetted 37 cooking gadgets. These five are worthy of your precious trunk space.

Accessories for the beaten path and beyond

We wore a dozen different bras for hours of high- and low-impact activities. These were our favorites.

We reviewed 386 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

5 testers tried 14 bikes. These ones came out on top.

16 testers tried 40 hikers. These ones came out on top.

Seven test dogs tried 42 pieces of gear. These ones came out on top.

We tested nearly 20 hydration packs on everything from roads to rugged trails. These five outperformed the rest.

We tested 26 products for two months in conditions as hot as 95 degrees. Here’s what rose to the top as our favorites.

We put thousands of miles on 85 different shoes over six months to find the best new models for every type of terrain

9 testers tried 18 bikes. These ones came out on top.

14 testers donned 22 Shirts. These 6 proved exceptional.

Eight testers tried seven new car-camping tents. These three came out on top.

15 testers tried 17 blades. These ones are a cut above.

Grippy, durable climbing footwear that will get you to the wall (and back) in comfort and style

36 testers tried 40 jackets. These are the crème de la crème.

Twelve testers donned 36 tops to find this summer’s best new shirts, midlayers, and baselayers.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable shoe to keep out pebbly intruders or an easy slide for your beach getaway, we’ve got you covered

We put over 10,000 miles on 85 different running shoes over six months to find the best new models for every stride and pace

13 tents went out into the wild. Only 7 made it back out.

No climb is too steep and no trail too techy for this newest generation of e-MTBs

36 gear testers tried 41 shell jackets. These ones came out on top.

Get up to get down with our seven favorite bikes in the category

Six testers tried 22 climbing accessories. These ones came out on top.

The days of broken tines and stomach aches are over

Our team of testers vetted 20 new rucksacks. These ones came out on top.

Six testers rode nearly two dozen surfboards. These were the ones that came out on top.

15 testers tried 12 of the season’s top packs. These rose above the rest.

If you've been held back from doing something that excites or intrigues you, read on

We tested 32 new products to find the best audio quality for every listener and budget

From road to mountain, these are our favorite cycling kicks of the year

Many believe intermittent fasting negatively affects women’s hormones and fertility. The science suggests otherwise.

Lots of people struggle to find new friends for outdoor activities. But taking initiative (and acknowledging your awkwardness) goes a long way.

How a successful running coach from California hopes to bring other female coaches along

The adaptive athlete was missing the thrill-seeking activities that used to define his life—until an experience on an icy pier showed him that he could find fulfillment just about anywhere

Hundreds of online platforms post traveler reviews, but only a handful police recommendations for fake or promotional content. Which ones should you rely on when planning a trip? Our expert weighs in.

Among the world’s harrowing marine survival stories, the strangest might be a crew’s escape from one of the earliest submarines

Officials say evidence suggests the men were caught by a flash flood. This is the second double tragedy in the famous slot canyon this year.

Nature and nurture both contribute to a dog’s lifespan. Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, is a perfect example.

Tip Top’s canned cocktails are in a league of their own (and tailor made for your next camping trip)

Adventure athletes like pro snowboarder Eric Jackson have begun to dabble in the pursuit, helping create a bridge between two previously distinct outdoor communities.

Barking and lunging outbursts can put a damper on life with your pup, but there’s hope for calming your canine

A certified personal trainer breaks down what you actually need to know about lifting and running

‘We Share the Sun’ is a new book that takes a behind-the-scenes look inside the life of Patrick Sang, the coach behind many of the Kenyan super-elite marathoners

The father-son duo of Dick and Rick Hoyt conquered over 1,100 endurance events worldwide, including more than 70 marathons

Scientists reconsider the assumption that it only helps strength and power athletes

After being hit by a car, the entrepreneur was afraid to cross the street. Training for a marathon helped her take back her life.

As you’re visiting national parks this summer, don’t miss out on these spectacular outlooks, mountain summits, and lake vistas. We’ve got the intel on how to reach them all.

Right out of college, Leath Tonino traveled to Antarctica to experience the frozen landscape of his childhood exploration heroes. The daily routine was a bit dull—shoveling snow for the U.S. government—until a pair of skinny skis unlocked the potential of the vast snowy expanse.

We shopped the sale so you don’t have to

The 2023 death toll on Everest has already reached double digits—with multiple people still missing. And the climbing season isn’t over yet.

Chinese Crested dogs are speedy, high-energy, always ready for adventure, and… well… naked

Fast-food veggie burgers are hit-or-miss, but Shake Shack’s might be a winner

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Adventure dad Jacob Moon shares his advice on the most important part of parenting—spending time together outdoors

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First impressions from Christina Chappetta and Jason Lucas

Social media influencers have started a trend of posting videos of them running long distances without training. Here’s why the science says it’s probably not a great idea.   

The marine biologist and mother was struggling to find time to nourish herself. Then she found a community of wave-riding moms.

The annual NSAA report shows that skiers flocked to the powder in a big way in 2022-23

We traveled to Los Angeles to Strava’s exclusive event of panels and announcements. Here were some of the essential things we learned about where the tech giant is headed. 

We found the best deals on our favorite gear for you

Competitive cycling—even at the amateur level—can teach you a lot about bikes, yourself, and life

Because of all the gear you buy for your rides, your helmet may be the most important

The New York-based upstart apparel company’s community ethos isn’t just for show

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Take an epic tour of the sweeping prairie and secluded mountains of eastern Montana

You don’t need to tote a frying pan into the backcountry to make a pancake breakfast. All you need is a canister stove with a pot, two or three ingredients, and a metal mug.

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These 15 trails offer getaways for every type of hiker in the East