The gondola is still in play, but a new tolling program in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon could charge cars $25 to $50 to get to the resorts

These joints are essential for all of your outdoor activities. These movements will keep them functional and healthy.

Losing a close friend taught the fitness instructor that embracing your emotions is a sign of strength and growth

Though Andover Village Square is small, it houses a massive name in the Boston sandwich game: D’Agostino’s Delicatessen

We bet you've never heard of some of these dog breeds

Outside editors debate: Is “pancake” a flavor? Is syrup absolutely necessary? Are crepes just European pancakes?

Matthew Read, 19, spent two days stranded in the woods

Sure, pretty sunsets and endorphin-pumping summits do the trick. But we’ve also found plenty more surprising moments of wonder and delight.

Come meet the partners of elite women runners and get a glimpse into how they support their faster halves

The epic winter of 2022–23 is still with us, with snowmelt causing flooding concerns in some national parks and in others roads and trails are closed for repairs. Here’s what you need to know for your summer trips.

No commands, rules, or directives here. Just a gentle nudge towards something truly lovely.

Apples no one has ever tasted are still out in the wild. Dave Benscoter, a retired FBI agent, has spent a decade searching for these 100-year-old heirlooms.

A traumatic childhood experience left the journalist deathly afraid of the water. But by drawing on the resilience of her ancestors, she found the courage to dive in.

More than 100 climbers reached the top on Wednesday, May 17, but the day was not without tragedy

Keeping your dog safe on the water is easy. Designing PFDs for canines is hard.

If you’re sneezing, itching, and dodging pollen at every turn, it may be time to shift your focus to what’s on your plate

Seared-till-golden halloumi cheese is the star of this meatless salad with arugula, lentils, zucchini and a perfectly balanced Dijon vinaigrette

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A pilgrim seeking peace and purpose on Spain’s famed Camino de Santiago finds much more

Surfer Dylan Graves recently notched a record-breaking ride on a tidal bore in Indonesia. Graves says the cosmic wave changed his life.

There are far better ways to deal with your shit.

You don’t have to be an astrology buff to believe that the moon and stars have a special kind of power in our lives

The outdoor-recreation professional thought he could get through cancer on his own. A week of surfing and climbing with new friends showed him otherwise.

Why be stuck behind the masses at popular parks when you can wander some of the nation’s best with barely a soul in sight?

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Writer and outdoor adventurer Elisabeth Kwak laces up her HOKA Anacapas and embarks on a challenge that helps her redefine success and discover a new identity as an outdoor athlete

Get a fire started, and these skewers will deliver a complete meal in just half an hour

I only recently learned that hitting the trails solo makes me feel more alive.

The sport sweeping the country taught me how to feel like a kid again

These bargain picks cost half as much as top-end supershoes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be super in them

The Taliban government prohibits Afghan women from entering parks or gyms, or even from leaving the house without a male guardian. Sources tell us that life under the outdoor ban is pushing many women to the brink.

Plyometrics can make you a more efficient runner, and it turns out they don’t need to be complicated or risky

Running can give you a longer life, better sleep, improved immunity, mood, and more—it’s even good for your knees and lower back

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These five destinations deserve a spot on your western U.S. bucket list

The American, who attained legend status for his 1963 ascent of the West Ridge, died at age 93

After losing a leg in a car accident, the clothing designer discovered grace in scuba diving

A collaboration between Sitka Gear and the James Brand combines the finesse of a chef’s knife with durability in camp

A guide from New Zealand says someone pilfered valuable supplies at Camp IV. Plus, hundreds of climbers are expected to push for the summit this week.

Answers to three of the most common questions asked in the springtime

Swiss company Bold houses the shock inside the frame of their futuristic new enduro bike. Naturally, we had to test it out.

With dry January far in the rearview mirror, what are the benefits of staying sober as you head into the summer running season?

This mocktail has zingy ginger and tart pineapple blended into a base of hibiscus tea

Avocados are like gold (and they cost that much, too). Don’t let them go to waste.

A group of women who are out to make history, and upend how we think about competition in the process

The wild world of fastest known times includes crazy ideas, stunning successes, disappointing failures—and so much in between

To build endurance as a runner is to build “capacity.” But what does this look like? Strength running coach Jason Fitzgerald explains. 

After the bestselling novelist’s marriage fell apart, she decided to take a long walk in the wild. It set her up for a life of adventure.

We’re celebrating the grandeur of America, from beautiful rivers, beaches, and mountains to incredible glamping outposts and wild places. Our travel experts are constantly on the road finding new adventures, and their ideas will jump-start your next unforgettable journey.

The latest chapter of the thrilling surf docuseries may lack the narrative cohesion of the first. It will still leave you feeling stoked.

The big-wave icon discusses the origins of the HBO docuseries, his new surfing ambitions, and whether or not there will be a season three

Encounters between bruins and campers led the forest service to shutter the areas

A personal trainer shares seven exercises that focus on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders

Celebrating mom has never tasted so good

This Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some of our favorite articles on running and the brain, as well as expert advice on how you can master your mind to enhance training, boost recovery, and become a happier runner.

Fishing can help your young ones cultivate confidence and develop patience in the outdoors. Here's how to pull it off.

In an excerpt from her forthcoming book, ‘Up to Speed: The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes,’ longtime Outside contributor Christine Yu argues that female athletes deserve their own benchmarks for athletic success.

Fearing racial violence, the Colorado trail runner turned to her network of athletes. Their support helped her move forward with pride.

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These five destinations deserve a spot on your Central U.S. bucket list

Phoenix recorded its earliest 100-degree day in 80 years

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Plymouth Gin is all about keeping our oceans clean and the martinis dirty

Peter Kaestner has traveled the world on an adventure-filled quest to become the first birder to hit 10,000. Ornithologist Jessie Williamson hitched a ride on a rollicking South American mission that involved land, sea, and (you guessed it) air.

Researchers look back on the lessons from 25 years of “live high, train low”

Getting through a harrowing motorcycle adventure across Africa convinced the journalist that she can survive just about anything

The recipes of ‘Tin to Table’ will elevate your campfire meal—both in beauty and taste

Maybe you should start writing a little something about your run, too

Because staying hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated

After two months and 400 miles, I’ve found road trainers that keep my feet happy like no others and are worth every penny

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Here’s how to fill a weekend with local-favorite outdoor adventures and the top summer experiences that Vail, Colorado, has to offer

Britney Spears likes her Hokas. So does Harry Styles. So do Mirinda Carfrae and Ben Kanute. How did Hoka go from “those weird running shoes” to a fashion must-have?

Cohen Schaumann is recuperating in a hospital after suffering a brutal fall on April 21

National Park Service officials said they’re still investigating what caused the Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge to burn to the ground just weeks before its planned grand reopening

At five feet tall, she was the smallest wildland firefighter in her crew and worried she couldn’t keep up. But on her very first blaze, she discovered her strength.

When the largest tornado ever recorded touched down in central Oklahoma, storm chasers, meteorologists, and thrill seekers were expecting a show. What they got was a deadly lesson in the power of nature.

A tax-deductible donation of any size can have a huge impact on these nonprofits, all working to get everyone outside and protect our planet. Pick an org and donate today in just a few clicks.

This age-old camp tradition has a higher purpose

In desperate situations, is living off of wine a “pour” decision? We asked an expert.

We put this spring’s super spikes to the test on the oval to sort the top models for each distance and the best-value options on the market

In an industry dominated by a single body-type, the Virga 3 is making waves