Surviving the thaw requires special kicks

This workout will help you incorporate this critical movement pattern into your strength-training regimen

A small injury during Morgan Brosnihan’s Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike inspired a big idea: Why not set up a mobile clinic for hikers who need help?

When upgrading your kit becomes a way to ignore your problems

After the death of their husband and father, the world felt irreversibly transformed. Skiing would offer a lifeline.

We crunched the numbers from hundreds of thousands of Strava uploads, to see how athletes running in different marathons train differently, and why the Boston field is so speedy

A crazy-sounding idea—build a tube from the Pacific to bring water to Utah’s Great Salt Lake—raises a larger question: Are we willing to do absolutely anything to fight climate change?

Facing the loss of a close friend, the Kenyan cyclist and road-safety advocate found refuge in his community

Opposites may attract, but they don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to traveling together. Our travel columnist has tips on how to meet in the middle—and where to go that will make you both happy.

If you're hoping to see thousands of stars, planets, star clusters, meteors, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Milky Way, we’ve got you covered at these stunning spots

We're only human, and bad races here and there are inevitable. Here's a crash course in honing your mind to mentally power through a tough day.

Two humongous male grizzly bears square off in one of the craziest, most mesmerizing battles caught on video

A disagreement at the Vuelta Femenina has thrust the unwritten rules governing bathroom breaks into the spotlight

This mushroom-based appetizer is the perfect vegetarian finger food

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Ready to explore like a mountain goat? Here are the top escapes for hikers in every region of the country, expert advice on how to scramble like a goat, and the most innovative footwear for surefooted traction in steep terrain.

Step-by-step guide to fermenting your own vegetables

The hairstylist had abandoned religion as a teen. Then a profound experience in a forest in the Middle East set her on the path to be a chaplain.

The unique design deploys in seconds and doesn’t require poles or guy wires, making it one of my most-used pieces of overland gear

These 8 concepts I learned translated far beyond just the physical practice

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An effort to protect special places in Arkansas has flourished into over 55,000 acres of public land

A near-death experience prompted this trail runner to take stock of what mattered to him—fighting for civil rights and adventures in the mountains

Visiting the indoor crag during peak hours helped me cultivate a community

Fresh-fruit margaritas (nonalcoholic or spiked), charred guacamole, and the backyard are how we’re celebrating

When the young athlete was given the chance to lead her outrigger canoe team at the state championships, it opened her up to taking all kinds of chances

Racing can be a scary thing. Use these tips to make sure you're mentally prepared before the gun goes off in your next race.

Who is responsible? Without any real leads or suspects, the pastabilites are endless.

Reap all the physical and mental advantages of mindfulness without ever saying “ohm”

New rules have thrust Australian longboarder Sasha Jane Lowerson to the center of a global sports debate

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Take the plunge and explore dog-friendly fun in and on the water

Americans live in one of the most individualistic nations on earth—and it can be one of the most isolating, too. Could hiking be a way for us to find our way back to community?

Spoil your mother figures with gear that will make their outdoor adventures more fun

Charm him with these delightful gear upgrades

Here’s a look at some of the Outside Run Editors’ favorite finds last month, from gear obsessions to favorite podcasts, recovery drinks to massage tools

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Here’s a little-known secret: the Cornhusker State is full of untapped adventure

First there was altitude training. Then it was heat training. Now it’s… pollution training?

The competitive endurance athlete chose not to complete a grueling marathon. That's when she realized: you don't have to finish everything you start.

We tested the Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar and Suunto 9 Peak Pro for months to determine which is the best

A weed to some is a fresh ingredient at my fingertips

Our editors listened to a podcast about Indigenous resistance, watched a film about Palestinian climbers, and checked a few more books off of our reading lists

Guides in Base Camp say that Mother Nature will help determine whether climbers encounter dangerous congestion on the world’s tallest peak

The Talking Heads frontman wheeled up the runway on a titanium commuter bike

Is your heart rate high, even on easy runs? Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome might explain why. Here’s how to fix it.

Skier Francis Zuber narrates the dramatic video clip of his heroic rescue that generated thousands of views online

The $450 Lomi Home Composter doesn’t actually create compost. But the product is still awesome—if you can afford it.

When the commercial crabber faced racism and bullying on the Chesapeake Bay, it fueled his willingness to take even bigger risks

How have these indoor spaces have become hubs for the outdoor community?

The psychology behind why we get so nervous before a race and strategies for coping with the impending pain

Our editors share their best multitasking tips for fueling on the go

Faced with risk and loss in the mountains, our writer grapples with what it means to lead a life well-lived.

Retired doctor Jonathan Sugarman of Seattle died at Camp II on Monday, May 1

‘Wild and Precious’ is a memorial to the beloved American poet and a celebration of her work

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Developed and tested on the Pacific Crest Trail—the new adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2.0 is your next long-distance shoe

As a high-school student, she signed up for an ambitious adventure—and learned the hard way to be upfront about what doesn’t know

Our trails columnist has hiked thousands of miles. These are the routes at the top of his bucket list. Thrill yourself with a trip to an amazing trail this year.

Dad and I had always planned to climb Africa’s tallest peak together, but cancer took away our chance. I knew he wouldn’t want it to take mine, too.

Science has proven the performance benefits of caffeine, but companies are now using coffee grounds in running apparel. Here’s the scoop.

We put the brand’s fit tool—and the shoes’ runabilty—to the test  

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Outside is hitting the road this year with one mission: get everyone outside. The tour brings gear giveaways, skills clinics, guided adventures, iconic speakers, good causes, and more.

The controversial late fashion designer will be honored at the 2023 Met Gala tonight

Here’s how to get your campfire’s flames fine-tuned for outdoor cooking

Neuschäfer made history this week, becoming the first woman and third person to win the Golden Globe, an impossibly challenging sailing race

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The Outside Awards will showcase up-and-coming storytellers and celebrate emerging voices in the snowsports world—plus $40,000 in prize money and a chance to be featured in Outside Magazine and in the Warren Miller film tour is on the line.

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Eight ways to experience all New Mexico has to offer

After finding himself in the middle of a disaster on Mount Everest, the mountaineer wanted to be the strongest version of himself

Touring rock stars aren’t exactly known for clean living. The members of this band do ginger shots and ice baths.

You'll want to try this hack to beat your insomnia

How to satiate your curiosity about the cosmos

More money means a greater risk for corruption, but professional running needs something to shake up the status quo

Gear up for summer adventures with these killer deals

You'll want to take note of these errors before your next workout

45,000 runners are expected to run this year’s Memorial Day 10K on May 29

And it’s not the one in California that rhymes with Shmammoth, believe it or not

Whatever terrain you encounter the Salomon Ultra Glide 2 can handle with its cushioned, stable, and nimble ride

Looking to up your veggie intake? You’ll find divine inspiration here.

This unlikely combination may just improve your flexibility and performance

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Got your eye on an FKT? The MTL Skyfire 2 can take you there.

Authorities in North Carolina say the duo were selling marijuana, mushrooms, and LSD to thru-hikers