Safer and more versatile than a hatchet, this tool makes processing wood for fires easy

An inmate serving a sentence in Ohio turns setback into opportunity from within, joining a running club and raising money for student school supplies 

Fixed-length lenses offer higher-quality glass and wider apertures, but they’ll also train you to become a more talented photographer

We first connected over a love of riding bikes—is it possible for us to find a compromise here?

Tipping has creeped in everywhere, from airport self-checkout kiosks to guiding fees. And we’re being asked to dole out more than ever before. Has America reached the tipping point?

Sha'Carri Richardson secured her name as the fastest women in the world with her stellar performance in the 100 meter final in Budapest

“Turn around, don’t drown,” park rangers are reminding travelers as Hilary bears down on the southwestern United States

These short-but-sweet hikes are the perfect microadventure for busy people. Here’s how to tackle them.

Experts suggest the practice of grounding may lead to better shut-eye. Here’s why.

Forget stuffy, competitive running races. Take the Bridge is an underground race series that’s all about breaking rules and doing things your own way.

Our national forests are brilliant, underappreciated, and uncrowded compared to most national parks. Here’s the intel on where to hike in these stunning landscapes.

As angler numbers declined, lodge owners cast about to appeal to a changing world, offering way more adventures in spectacular corners of North America

It’s time to integrate these trainer-approved exercises into your recovery regimen

The 'Real Mo Farah' is a revealing documentary about the mysterious life of this Olympic champion and British athletic icon

Heat-related deaths are on the rise across the Southwest, with multiple tragedies occurring in U.S. national parks

America’s most classic hiking route is generally a safe place for an adventure. But not always.

This monsieur isn’t the first to BASE jump from Paris’s most iconic landmark

Easy shifting and fun hydration are a recipe for happiness

The 2023 World Athletics Championships are must-see TV and here’s why

The Sourdough and Blue Lake Fires shut down the only road through the park, and crews are working to protect populated areas from the blazes

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Competitors expose the roots of their outdoor passions and push to bag more points in episode three of Wildly Wyoming

Everything you need to know about your fire-making technique, including when you should use the tepee method versus a log cabin stack

As extreme temperatures blaze across the nation, parks are taking extra measures to keep visitors safe

The dissolution of the Pac-12 is a reminder that Olympic sports like running need to find a new business model. And that’s not such a bad thing.   

The new book ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner’ offers a science-backed playbook for being an ecologically responsible athlete and citizen

Three life lessons from a teenage make-out over a bonfire

While the west side and parts of the interior of the Hawaiian island struggle to recover from devastating wildfires, other areas are unaffected. Our Maui-based writer asked locals and business owners if they still want tourists.

After wildfires devastated the town of Lahaina, mutual aid and community support have proven to be more robust than governmental aid

When illness or injury forces you to take a complete break, researchers have some ideas on how to limit the fall-out

A 37-hour rescue mission ended on Tuesday after officials in Indonesia located six of the missing seven people. The search continues for an Indonesian sailor who disappeared.

A beginner’s guide to the biggest event in track and field  

Here's what to consider when hiking with a four-legged friend

A team of four recently crossed all 2,350 miles of the Mississippi in 16 days 20 hours and 16 minutes

When your most cherished childhood experience becomes impossible for your own kids, there’s only one choice: recreate it for them yourself

Trust us, you don’t want to rent that wetsuit

On paper, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro is the brand’s most complete offering, but does the AMOLED-screened, multi-band GPS watch deliver on its promises?

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This race packs the excitement of a world major and the ease of a small-town race into one exciting weekend. Come one, come all because Richmond, Virginia, is ready to show you why it’s home of America’s Friendliest Marathon!

Zharnel Hughes is the British record holder and the world’s top-ranked 100-meter sprinter this year who will bid for his first individual title at the World Championships in Budapest

They taste great and make post-workout nutrition a breeze

The ruling says the state has an obligation to provide residents with “a clean and healthful environment”

This drinkable tomato elixir is the ultimate post-workout thirst quencher

The boy said he was moving out of the way of people taking photos when he lost his grip and fell

We found a novel treatment that actually removes the itch

The latest update from the Adidas Adios line restores the franchise’s snappy, dependable ride and makes it one of the highest performing, non-carbon-plated trainers on the market today

The delinquent black bear—who is actually a female—was finally trapped by officials near South Lake Tahoe

Sports scientists weigh in on the trends that will keep the PRs coming

Call him crazy, but our hiking columnist loves climbing hills. A fifth of the way into the epic Continental Divide Trail, he’s got some ways to improve your form, function, and mental performance on the ascents.

The Running Industry Diversity Coaltion’s findings emphasize a long road ahead for achieving racial equity in the running community

The antiquated bicycle technology is quiet, reliable, and more inspiring than newer gizmos

When W. Ralph Eubanks began exploring his family’s homeland, he fell in love with it—and came to understand how this troubled part of the state gave birth to the blues

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A Sugarbush ski and bike patroller shares his blueprint for living well in Vermont's Mad River Valley

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Watch what happened when this six-year run streaker and HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador took on an iconic ultramarathon in California's Sierra Nevada

A quick, easy-to-understand summary of how hunting animals for their hides, horns, and antlers benefits wildlife conservation

Chloé Dygert’s win in the individual time trial on Thursday came after years of injuries, surgeries, freak illnesses, and personal setbacks

In the opulent alpine resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland, America’s fastest distance runner is preparing to measure up against the world’s best. How close can she get? 

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Heights, tattoos, rain, and tears. In episode two of Wildly Wyoming, the three teams of Bronco ambassadors break out of their comfort zones.

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Here’s how to fill a weekend with local-favorite outdoor adventures and the top summer experiences that Vail, Colorado, has to offer

I’m an experienced solo backpacker, but she’s a marathoner and a natural athlete

They’re all over your social media feeds, but do they actually work? We turned to a pharmacist and dietician for answers.

Enhanced with a forked carbon-fiber plate, responsive midsole foam, and Vibram rubber tread, the Ultrafly is Nike’s first high-performance trail racing shoe

What word better describes the perfect camping meal than "instant?"

A proposed price increase for backcountry access in Zion could raise fees by as much as 400 percent for some groups

There’s been a series of encounters in recent weeks. Research suggests that killing bruins isn’t the best way to prevent attacks.

How Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel overcame an emergency mid-race bathroom break to win pro cycling’s biggest one-day race

Legalizing some performance-enhancing drugs might result in less cheating, but at what cost?

Sierre-Zinal, the soul of fast-paced trail running, is celebrating five decades of world-class competition this weekend in Switzerland

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With an abundant coastline, green initiatives guiding change on both peninsulas, and trail-filled forests that cover more than half the state, Michigan is made for eco-minded travelers

At these Labor Day Outdoor fests, for three sweet days, you can be outside, hike, hear live music, swim, boat, and run. Plus: there's food and beer.

Deceptive eco-marketing techniques prey on consumers looking to make responsible purchases. Follow these tips to avoid getting duped.

Backpacker editor Zoe Gates sets off to discover if chatbots are the solution to our trip-planning woes

The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon monument will protect thousands of square miles from uranium mining

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Three teams of Bronco ambassadors hit the road to experience all the treasures Wyoming has to offer

Do I like planks any more than I did at the start of this challenge? Ehhh...

Here's why you need to monitor your water intake

Modern gadgets tell us more about our physiology and recovery needs than ever before, but how might this constant data bath might actually work against our training?   

Will Peterson overcame downpours, flooding, and his own hectic schedule to smash the unsupported FKT on America’s oldest thru-hike