Tour de France winner, doper to leave cycling

Ordered to pay sports insurance company SCA Promotions

Prosthetic helps veteran who lost limb

Deep snow makes backcountry expeditions risky

Continues researching death of 'Into the Wild' subject

Popular online travel sites converge

Shiffrin, Vonn, Maze finish off podium

Programs in running, backpacking, climbing

Investigating accusations of state-sponsored PED use

Family of Abebe Bikila claims improper trademark

Presidential veto almost certain

Americans Ligety and Ganong make podium

Latest in recent line of riders to set best time

Contemplates hanging it up after super-G crash

Alaska senators revive push for Denali

Bicycles distinguished from motorized vehicles

Vonn is top American, takes 5th place

Proposal seeks to preserve Utah mountains

U.S. steeplechase best set in July 2014

Terror threat causes boost in security

Bode Miller crashes out, Ligety places 9th

Pays $560 million to boost emerging fitness empire

Newly cited pollution risks could make the pipeline easier to reject

NOAA will study storm near San Francisco

Hints at possible cause of Toni Egger's death

Will give a full refund to consumers, retailers

State seeks volunteers to control invasive snakes

Local park managers will map out routes

Climbing wall built for game will stay

Documentary shows climb of remote Himalayan peak

Expansion aimed at children ages 7 to 12

Spend 2 weeks crossing Pacific Ocean

Will prevent competition in 2016 Olympics

Simon Dumont soars above pharaohs' tombs

'Katherine' covers Atlantic, informs migration research

Includes Vonn, Shiffrin, Ligitey, Miller

Following litigation and mishaps

First at the park in almost a century

Tommy Thompson to be tried next week for fraud

Filed suit after breaking spine, claiming unsafe conditions

Rio officials say they will not reduce pollution

Examines evolution of running in humans

Penalized $30,000 for killing a threatened species

Info presentation and engagement are key

2 die from insect swarm on mountainside

Armstrong defends decision to start doping

Developed for sipping in space

Historic names could belong to feds

Protestors demand release of whale captive for 44 years

Would make iconic names company property

Proposed wilderness designation angers pro-drilling bloc

14-year-old wins Women's Snowboard SuperPipe

Captures title in the super-G at St. Moritz

Legendary Patagonia skier dies in hospital

Snowboarder beats Shaun White for second medal

Amateur racer put together informal survey

Alaska sled dog races considering reroutes

First American to take world championship

Big swell makes Jaws competition a go

Officials won't comment on investigation

UAVs will get close-up aerial shots

Would force the president to seek approval from Congress