Lance would have to become anti-doping ambassador

Mayor says settlement has reached its limit

Addresses most of the committee's recommendations

Victim requires medevac after collision at Avoriaz resort

Retailer boosts member benefits on superportable cameras

Two others injured on nine-person snorkel tour in Baja

Three climbs to receive mountaineering's highest award

Louise Jull was a top international competitor

Killings aimed at restoring local elk population

USGS raises chance from 4.7 percent to 7 percent

Over eight feet of snow buries town in one day

Kadono wins Burton U.S. Open slopestyle

Panel finds flaws in boat's electronic charts

Climbers uncover two corpses on Mexico's highest peak

Boyne, Intrawest, Powdr team up for bundle pass

Set concrete goals, track your progress, and turn resolutions into habits.

Seeks to fly around the world in 25 days

Could be oldest Briton to finish Sahara ultramarathon

Conservation groups say the animals are in danger

We made our own list of what we love about winter, but it's always more fun to ask. Using the #OutsidePerfectThings, our Instagram followers shared more than 1,700 snapshots of their favorite cold-weather comforts. As always, the response was overwhelming. Filled with deep snow, adult sodas, happy dogs, and countless adventures, here are 30 of our favorites. 

Was in the backcountry near Snowbasin Ski Resort

Historic locomotive in action for one day

Police officers nearby killed, kidnapped

350-mile race winds through Alaska Range

Reveals key trends in bicycling participation

Sets sights on all 8,000-meter peaks

Posts photos of graffitied rocks on Instagram

Wins USA Indoor Track & Field Championship

Study calls for funding for maintenance, expansion

Gambling regulators amend law

Officials request team's license be withdrawn

Packages tickets to Havana via Mexico

Convicted of killing 10 climbers in 2013

Will allow athletes to promote 'non-Olympic' sponsors

Unprecedented cooperation to link sister caves

West has better roadways than East

Endangered species protection to be reviewed

Testing planned as soon as next winter

Women's apparel shop due by summer

Dutch cyclist comes within a quarter mile of world best

Victim was backcountry skiing

Alaska, Western states lead country in well-being

Follows murder of 11 hikers on Nanga Parbat

Says pipeline impact not properly studied

When 27-year-old Johan Lolos set out from Belgium in 2013 with his camera and no return ticket, he admittedly didn't anticipate becoming one of New Zealand's most popular Instagrammers. It was only a year ago, in February of 2014, that Lolos started taking his Instagram account—@lebackpacker—seriously while traveling through Australia. He started getting noticed, even reposted by larger accounts like @australia and @natgeotravel, and began trading his Instagram skills with outfitters and local tourism boards for accommodations or tickets for his next trip. Lolos's current gig is as New Zealand's Lake Wanaka tourism photographer, where he is staying free for three months, sharing daily adventures with his 75,000 followers. 

Jeans that play as nice as they look

Second photo-related fall at a ski area in a week

The key to contentment lies in these cute drawings.

Breaks record for WC wins by a teenager

Cholesterol, coffee can be part of a healthy diet

Marathon swimmer recreates epic journey onstage

Conquered South American peak in under 12 hours

Predator hasn't been seen in the area since 2010

Analyzes levels of noise pollution around the country

Latest positive test for famous distance runners

Law would expand kayaking and canoeing in Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Routes will be among the longest in Europe

Obama to designate 21,000 acres in Colorado

Lacking snow, resort can't host international competition

Guidelines would dictate flight and pilot qualifications

Extreme sports complex would cost $309 million

Russian flies from Africa's highest peak

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