11 months after his wife died in a BASE jump

Setting sights on a fixed target improves exercise

Thru-hike permit requests up 300 percent

As many as 50,000 gallons contaminate waterway

Auctioned black rhino hunt last year

In his relatively short career, Andy Mann has served as the senior photographer at Climbing Magazine and had his images appear in National Geographic and the New York Times. He cofounded Boulder-based 3 Strings Productions in 2010 and has a travel schedule that most pilots would envy. Lucky for us, we get to tag along for the ride courtesy of Instagram. We caught up with Mann for a few tips and to see what separates his shots from the rest. 

Dos Santos dead after taking 3 shots to the abdomen in altercation

Crew forced to abandon ship in November

Stunts include a switch landing into a gondola

Olympic halfpipe champ cites spinal condition

Warmer than 2010, the previous high

25 American athletes to participate in Havana triathlon

Gear Picks is a curated selection of products we’ve tested and heartily recommend. We stand by this gear—and the brands that sell it—and many of our editors and writers use this stuff weekly. Whenever possible, we provide a link to a past review so you can make sure it’s something…

X Games gold medalist rides Breckenridge

On January 14 as the sun was falling in Yosemite National Park, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson completed what is arguably the most difficult ascent in the history of rock climbing. The duo remained on the wall for 19 days, climbing 3,000 vertical feet along widely spaced, razor-thin granite holds. Their prize: the first free ascent of El Capitan's Dawn Wall. With cell service throughout their climb and a team of photographers including Corey Rich and a crew from Big Up Productions tagging along, the pair generated a media buzz rarely seen in the climbing world. With athletes this determined, images this good, and a backdrop of one of America's favorite locations, the ingredients add up: History on the Dawn Wall.

New rules roll back age-old travel prohibition

What to do when it's dark and frigid outside? We have some ideas. For starters, try building a backyard sauna, mixing up a powerful cocktail, joining a mountain race, mixing up a powerful cocktail, joining a mountain race, creating the perfect cabin fire, learning to dogsled, swinging a war hammer, kicking back with a classic adventure book, or escaping to a tropical island. Just hurry up—spring will be here before you know it.

20 skiers will compete in Revelstoke

Jeopardizes athletes' plans to compete in 2016 Olympics

South African cycling team makes history

Emails show FBI informant encouraged a conspiracy

Tech giant awarded rights to action cam

Pair summits Yosemite’s El Capitan in 18 days

Bodies recovered by a Pemberton Search and Rescue helicopter

Best U.S. finish ever in the Italian cross-country race

Jurors who banned Oracle Team USA member under fire

Sweeping changes come after a slew of failed tests

UK cycling stats among the most surprising

Canadian takes the elite mixed climbing competition

Austin Parks and Rec wants to keep the course safe

Becomes first person to reach the top alone in January

Beantown touted as compact, low-cost host city

Foil bike thieves while recording your commuting data.

Interviews top athletes, business leaders

Utah officials to develop guidelines over next two years

Gear company makes big bid in growing market

Will highlight UK's up-and-comers

Gives riders recourse against hostile motorists

Marathon world record holders will meet for first time

Keflezighi, Flanagan, Linden will face world’s best

Make those nebulous resolutions last by turning them into habits. The key? The right reward.

A New Jerseyan builds your dream home, only smaller

Allegedly attacked two girls over two weeks

Critics claim ski resort and authorities stayed quiet

"Lindsey Vonn: The Climb" tracks ski star's comeback

Olympic gold medalist ramping up for World Championships

Region was under alert for dangerous conditions

On Germany's highest mountain, 500 feet above ground

Risked their lives to rescue the creature

Body-weight training most popular; Zumba, not so much

Denies influence of negative publicity on decision

From that time Lance Armstrong showed us how to fix a flat tire to an investigation into USA Swimming’s sex abuse scandal, we look back at the stories that defined the year.

UCI teams will sign winners to contracts

Nationwide event launches January 1

Toyota Tacoma set world record to South Pole in 2011

Forced down the mountain during severe storm

Tips, gear, and goals to make the cold less torturous

Star American marathoner chooses site of 2016 Olympic Team Trials over Boston

Forget the forecast. This gear will keep you moving through the toughest season.

First Brazilian ever to win the crown

Highlights safety features and cycling infrastructure

Imperiled delta shows signs of greening