Whether you spend most of your drive time navigating urban streets or powering through rugged dirt, 2017's standout rides are all-access passes to wild adventure

For decades, hydrogen has been considered the next big fuel source for vehicles. It’s taking time to gain traction, but hydrogen might very well be the future.

We wanted to know why certain cars win in certain states, so we called the people who track the stats

We've long loved Land Cruisers. This new model is supremely capable—for an eye-watering high price.

Now with DNA from the company's iconic Patrol 4x4

It's relatively fuel efficient and also wildly capable

The short answer? It depends on where you drive.

We looked at the data and found that these seven cars and trucks were the most likely to get past the 200,000-mile mark

Thanks to a smart new automatic transmission, even beginners can get on this bike and get through technical terrain

A $70,000 4WD SUV convertible? Yeah, it's weird and yeah, it's niche. But if you like to go far, far into the backcountry in comfort and with the top down, this is your rig.

British practicality makes for an unstoppable truck

This eco-friendly SUV had no problems barreling through a late winter storm

A minivan more bombproof than luxurious

Easy on suburban life with a touch of off-road DNA

A confidant hybrid with a crossover ride

A redesigned suspension system makes this year's model a lot more fun to drive

America’s tiniest two-seater gets slightly less tiny and a lot more confident

Cleaner for the city but can still get grimy in the country

All the luxury you’d expect from a Mercedes, built into the body of an affordable adventure rig

A car to get you through years of lifestyle changes and adventure pursuits

The driving enthusiast’s choice for practical AWD transport

A stem-to-stern reboot that was well worth the wait

A sporty diesel Range Rover. A mightily efficient Chevy truck. A hybrid Volvo SUV. The options for rolling to and from your favorite playgrounds have never looked better.

All business on white-knuckle terrain, all fun everywhere else

Plenty of truck to handle shuttle duty for decades to come

An undercover adventure vehicle. Really.

This electric car with benefits—a gas engine—keeps getting better

An electric wonder that's perfect for families

It drives with the confidence of a Wrangler but offers better gas mileage

Our only gripes? It’s cramped inside, and the electric range is too short.

With Oscar season upon us, we thought we’d choose our favorite cars from the movies

The best new next-to-skin layers for a ramblin’ man

A powerful truck with the fuel-sipping soul of an eco-friendly car

Stands out for its luxury features and super-smooth ride, if not for its economy as a hybrid

Tackles nightmare conditions, feels like a dream

A snap to drive, deceptively roomy, and easy on the wallet

Good-looking and ready to go off-road

It makes even dangerous driving conditions blasé.

Nimbler than your average pick-up, with plenty of room and nice extras

The adventurer's favorite car, perfected

Perfect your roof-rack skills, and keep your gear and ride in perfect condition.

Patagonia's Jenna Johnson is on a mission to get women into high-tech gear that can take on real adventures.

The Director of Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council on the fights she faces in 2015, and how to get involved.

The Portland bike shop owner starts from the saddle up.

The Oiselle founder knows her company is much smaller than the behemoths. But that doesn’t mean she's scared to take them on—in politics, or in fashion.

The two-time Olympian will lead the women’s national squad to the 2015 World Cup—and share her secrets to unleashing athletic potential.

In beating the boys, cycling pro Rivera embraces her competitive instinct.

The Olympic gold medalist makes a name for herself as a big-wave surfer.

Professional photographer Tabitha Soren shares her secrets for shooting arresting photos.

Canadian Kate Harris' sure-fire two-step guide on how to become a modern explorer.

Erika Bergman turned her career as a submarine pilot into an international engineering and exploration curriculum. The goal: to get more young women outside and involved in the sciences.

The Olympic gold medalist on dominating slalom—and what's next on her agenda

Tips for developing a rock-hard core from the two-time Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc winner

You spoil your food with salt when you're dehydrated. So drink up before lighting up the grill.

The deep-dish pizza might get all the love, but there's plenty to keep you active in the windy city. Here's our guide to the best of it.

The avalanche of data generated by fitness tech has science zeroing in on some surprising performance recommendations.

Explore the outdoorsy side of the Star of Texas

Logging emerald miles in the Queen City

Visiting the City of Angels and in desperate need of exercise? Here’s our guide to getting outside.

The best cars for every kind of journey

How the Coupounases sold their brand without selling their souls

The CrossFit backlash is in full swing—led by a long list of injured participants

Outside picks the best water bottles of May 2013, including the CamelBak Antidote 100

At 17, Keegan Swirbul has already beaten cycling's former despot at his own game

A stylish, go-anywhere cross-over wagon with power to spare.

Rooftop cargo carrier's have a nickname: rocket boxes.

A better way to beat the ice

One in three vehicles sold today is an SUV, but that doesn't mean you (necessarily) need one

Outside picks the most fuel efficient cars, including the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid.

Outside picks the style essentials for February, including the Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Cupsole Moc Toe boots.

Outside picks the essentials for February, including the Yamaha Super Ténéré.

Automakers are back with a vengeance—serving up the most advanced, fuel-efficient, and intelligent crop of new cars and SUVs we've ever seen. Additional reporting by Roman Mica and Michael Sheena.

Pull the insole out of this boot and—voilà—you’ve got a flip-flop.…

Leave it to the GPS pros at Garmin to thoroughly idiot-proof heart-rate training: The company’s new Forerunner 301—our pick for Gear of the Year—is a no-brainer digital coach. It’s ideal for runners, trekkers, cyclists, paddlers, and anyone else who wants to collect satellite-enhanced workout data in the field and crunch…

SEASONED PROBy relocating the bulky GPS antenna to a separate arm-mounted pod, Timex kept the watch relatively svelte and undeniably light on the wrist. For gram-shaving racers, this is big; they can train with the GPS and the chest strap, then leave both at home when they step up to…

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