How do we deal with the prospect of losing the places we love?

What happens if nature, humanity—or both—disappear or run amok? These latest releases examine such (hopefully wrong) possibilities.

Cody Townsend thought his project, the Fifty, would be a mission to descend the 50 best lines in North America. But then climate change started to melt the snow right out from under his skis.

New movies and documentaries dig into mental health, dogsled racing, and why you should reconsider that lighthouse-keeping gig

Plants as criminal evidence and penguin sex lead the way in the latest batch of good reading material

Outdoor athletes have plenty of influence on Instagram. Protect Our Winters wants to wield it in the halls of Congress.

In a new documentary, The Salad Days, river runner and advocate Herm Hoops takes to the water one last time

In her new book, ‘On Fire,’ Naomi Klein sparks a blaze for the next generation

Summer jams can't last forever. The Highwomen lead the way on our mix for fall road trips and campouts.

As delegates for the UN's Climate Action Summit convene in New York, the real leaders are the young people pushing for climate justice in the streets

Even as the green movement works toward building an inclusive outdoor community, anti-immigration groups are using environmental rhetoric to keep people out.

Actor Kevin Nealon, star and host of the YouTube show Hiking with Kevin, talks about taking celebrities into nature

Two new books show the scary and whimsical sides of our constant outdoor companions

Four authors on paying attention, savoring silence, getting off the grid, and living peaceably with technology

A performance in Grand Junction, Colorado, pays homage to the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers—and calls for action to protect the threatened waterway

Fifteen classics of the genre that share campfire tales, athlete interviews, and the occasional Bigfoot search

The River of Sorrows almost never flows, due to a tricky confluence of climate change and water rights, but this year was different

Two new releases go (ahem) deep on watery obsessions and how they foster closer relationships with fragile environments

Who says dystopian climate sci-fi and mountain-survival stories aren't beach reads?

Skylights, a show run by wilderness therapists, talks about nature-oriented approaches to topics like gaming addiction, parenting, and isolation

'This Land' tells the story of an ongoing case with big stakes for tribal sovereignty

After a crash, skier Roy Tuscany created the foundation to support other athletes who'd suffered life-changing injuries

'Aloha Rodeo' and 'Rough Magic' are two new, totally true stories about the triumph of man and horse

Will Gurley is using his work to spread the word about development in our national parks

Everything we're keeping an eye on at the Colorado festival and beyond

Scientifically proven to contain the most nostalgic value, bug spray, and peanut-butter-dipped Oreos

More companies are selling makeup specifically for sweating in. But do women really need it?

Kicking off spring film-festival season, these shorts and features explore the Grand Canyon, skate culture, and the nature of sufferfests

In his latest book, he unpacks our ineffectiveness in the face of climate change and connects the dots on what the future might be like

The Gila is America’s most endangered river. What do we stand to lose if it disappears thanks to climate change and overuse?

Our favorite models for everything from frontside groomers to sidecountry pow

Two new podcasts are telling stories about climate and environmental change—and giving us a venue for considering the future

Feeling the need to get out into the sunshine for as long as humanly possible after the winter? If it’s still too cold, here are some books about other people doing that.

Including, but not limited to, films on taxidermists, Olympians, and one very scary night for a park ranger

Peter Heller’s latest novel puts two college friends in a canoe on Canada's Maskwa River, paddling toward a struggle against nature and other humans

We would like to stay on the ranch with the beloved author forever

A new documentary is telling the story of the immigrants who keep ski towns running

On polar madness and other games the Arctic plays with the human brain

Blizzard's Women2Women summit gathers skiers to talk about how to improve women's ski design. And it's working.

Our favorite recent releases (and a few oldies but goodies) will help you escape for at least a few minutes

The ski trail map at your local mountain was probably painted by James Niehues. Now you can see his life's work in one beautiful book.

These new releases rose to the top this year on our shelves, screens, and playlists

Books, music, and pretty things to put on their walls

Advice from new parents on getting after it while you're starting a family

Freshly compiled work from some of the adventure world's best photographers

And what it could mean for the future of footwear

What do we do with the work of complicated outdoor men? One new book—released in time for the 50th anniversary of 'Desert Solitaire'—searches for an answer.

Skiing is a dance. We consulted a pro skier and former ballerina to find out how to train for it.

In a time when so many brands are marketing to women in smart ways, the body-shaming fliers that sparked major blowback in Missoula felt especially tasteless

The hipster brand's new ski apparel line is more about fashion than function. But if making the sport trendy gets more women on snow, then that’s OK.

How halfpipe skier Cassie Sharpe stays on top after winning Olympic gold

(Courtesy Hatje Cantz) ‘Unwired’ by Jacqueline Hassink ($85) Gifting someone a copy of Unwired (Hatje Cantz), by Jacqueline Hassink, is a tactful way to tell them they need a vacation. The coffee-table book juxtaposes two photography projects from the Dutch artist, one looking at beautiful and remote places with no…

Outdoor gear isn't cheap, so you want it to look good for many years to come. That's where color comes in.

‘3100: Run and Become’ explores moving meditation all over the world, from a race around a single New York City block to a 1,000-day run for Japanese monks

Why the season's most interesting ski movies are the ones about individual athletes

How we exploit big trees, big game, and even extinct creatures

Following the snow this winter? Here's how to train on the fly.

Vegans, caribou, songwriting, and other treats to check out as you refresh your media diet

Anyone who has recreated with clashing personalities will relate to the not always likable but always entertaining characters on HBO's new show

That run or bike commute might impact you more than you think

Stop by and find the book or local hiking guide that will change your whole perception of a new place

Lots of patient meditations on nature and one exciting outlaw drama made for Hollywood

A new podcast, "Mothers of Invention," spotlights women fighting climate change

We asked a traveling musician how to optimize your playlist

We're all for trashy novels, but if you want something a little different, may we suggest gossipy surf memoirs and musings on the wellness industry?

Five brand-new films, two that are new to streaming, and one that's so secretive we aren't quite sure when it'll drop (but it should be soon!)

These writers remind us what travel is all about—shifting your own perspective and sometimes getting into trouble along the way

The books and other time killers climbers take with them on expeditions (just in case they get stuck in their tent for a while)

Elizabeth Nakano and Paddy O'Connell, hosts of the new interview show 'Safety Third,' talk about their interviewing techniques and what they're listening to

We know you want to catch everything on the schedule, but in case you get overwhelmed, here are the films we're most excited about

How to fill nearly every weekend this summer with nearly every genre of music

The author on his writing process and what we can learn from Pleistocene humans. Plus: three more books to take you way back in time.

The Vancouver brand's $750 Alpha SV shell has been in its line for 20 years and got an update for 2016. We followed the jacket from design through production to see just what goes into making a premier alpine climbing shell.

We asked our favorite athletes and explorers what books have stuck with them. Then we dug up some new picks that hit the same notes of adventure and awe.

The creator behind 'Afghan Cycles' and 'Catch It' is bringing new athlete role models to life on the big screen

Because women's stories are important

Those folks up in the PNW know how to make nice-looking outdoor toys

There's now a map for that, brought to you by the National Park Service