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After wildfires devastated the town of Lahaina, mutual aid and community support have proven to be more robust than governmental aid

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The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event asks surfers to submit video clips of their best waves. Is the new format a success or a wipeout?

In a park whose heart is a volcano, see ancient obsidian lava flows layered with red and orange cinder cones. Explore green gulches, bamboo forests, warm lagoons. Hike, run, bike, stargaze, soak up sunsets. Hey, you might even fly.

The new sport is attracting everyone from NFL players to pro surfers hoping to get an edge in the pool—and on land

Adrenaline filmmakers Teton Gravity Research are entering the travel space. Now you can hang out with their athletes and videographers at the company's Jackson hotel, or splurge on one of their new Fantasy Trips and ski with the TGR athlete of your choice.

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