I love to cook, but finding time to make dinner remains a challenge. I figured it was time for an assist.

The Outside contributing editor’s latest release was the November pick for the Outside Book Club. We spoke with her about the appeal of chasing powder and the many crises facing the ski industry.

Our senior editor’s foray into woodworking got off to a rough start

Equip your best friend for camping out

For years, one Outside editor thought cleansing his mug with a bar of soap was sufficient. Then he tried Harry’s face wash.

With the help of the nonprofit, we analyzed the data we collected on bicyclists killed by drivers in 2020 and found some surprising takeaways

Kyle Burgess was on a trail run when he came upon a protective mama mountain lion. Using his phone, he filmed her as she escorted him away from her cubs for six terrifying minutes. He had no idea he’d just shot internet gold.

Triathlete Adelaide Perr sustained serious injuries after colliding with a car—then was saddled with proving, against the driver’s word, that she was a victim

A new generation of bio-inspired prototypes are poised to join search and rescue workers on the front lines

The Echo Meter Touch 2 lets you identify ultrasonic bat calls in real time

Tidying guru Marie Kondo lets us in on how to declutter our closets and our lives

Three new films take on conservation, climate change, and doping

Robin Pecknold was in no rush to follow up his band's 2011 hit indie album. In the six-year break leading up to the band's forthcoming record, he's been hitting trails and waves around the world.

NOAA’s new satellite will make forecasting devastating storms (and epic powder days) more accurate than ever

Your gels and powders and loaded with sugar, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here are the sugars to avoid and the ones that are OK.

I always felt guilty for being a late riser. Then science told me to embrace my natural sleep patterns.

Across the country, in local and state elections, Americans voted to preserve and expand outdoor spaces

We took the best parts of our favorite cities and created the ultimate utopia for outdoor lovers

Have you ever found yourself on a boat besieged by pirates? Aboard a derailing train? Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how to survive these crises and many more in his new book, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition.

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