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A six-episode series delving into the ins and outs of cooking wild game with Olympia Provisions owner, chef, and butcher

“Spatchcocked” is just a fancy word for butterfly, and the technique ensures the quail meat to cook evenly

Protein and nutrient-dense venison cooks up quickly and pairs perfectly crisped potatoes

You might associate duck confit with fine dining, but at its core the dish is rustic and rather simple to make. All you need is time.

Got stew meat in your freezer? Add a few ingredients—red wine, barley, and cabbage—and dinner practically makes itself.

Venison and wild mushrooms fight for the spotlight in this grilled steak recipe

This turkey is brined in homemade stock, smoked until tender and juicy, and served with melted brown butter

This hunter’s stew highlights rabbit’s delicate meat and is best served over rustic mashed potatoes

Enjoy this corn-studded and quinoa-based salad on the trail

Hearty grilled cabbage with soy brown butter hollandaise and fresh shiso leaves

Beloved social media pup Nala (and her owner, Chris) shows us how in a new TikTok cooking series

The best s'mores cookie that garnered 6 million likes on TikTok

Whip up this sticky, easy, carb-filled recovery plate after a tough endurance workout

Finally, a matcha recipe that’s not a latte

The writer behind the Franklin Barbecue cookbooks tells all

Bone-in pork butt grilled over direct heat for a juicy, flavorful finish

Three cheeses — smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese — commingle in this make-ahead mac and cheese. Sprinkle with green onions if you have some on hand.

This shredded BBQ chicken recipe is so easy it'll become your cookout staple

This humble sandwich is actually an incredible snack hack for runners

These maca brownies might be your next snack for improved energy levels and endurance

Fruity popsicles made with coconut milk, drizzled in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with your choice of toppings

Recovery cookies? Count us in. These post-run snacks can be whipped up with little to no effort.

Who knew a spicy sushi roll could be the ideal lunch on the trail?

A simple but delicious recipe to make sure barbecue season is a success

A quick, easy skirt-steak marinade with a pop of flavor and color

Don’t have a cow about cooking steak. We’ve got you covered.

A dish that fuels here, there, and everywhere

You don’t need to tote a frying pan into the backcountry to make a pancake breakfast. All you need is a canister stove with a pot, two or three ingredients, and a metal mug.

Seared-till-golden halloumi cheese is the star of this meatless salad with arugula, lentils, zucchini and a perfectly balanced Dijon vinaigrette

Get a fire started, and these skewers will deliver a complete meal in just half an hour

Avocados are like gold (and they cost that much, too). Don’t let them go to waste.

Celebrating mom has never tasted so good

The recipes of ‘Tin to Table’ will elevate your campfire meal—both in beauty and taste

This mushroom-based appetizer is the perfect vegetarian finger food

Step-by-step guide to fermenting your own vegetables

Fresh-fruit margaritas (nonalcoholic or spiked), charred guacamole, and the backyard are how we’re celebrating

A weed to some is a fresh ingredient at my fingertips

Looking to up your veggie intake? You’ll find divine inspiration here.

Portable and easy-to-make muffins for outdoor activities

A nutritious and easy alternative to store-bought granola snacks

Strong stomachs win ultras, says Gediminas Grinius, Lithuania’s highest performing ultrarunner, thanks to loads of training, carbs, and fermented foods

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook by Tamar Adler makes every day Earth Day

Pop open a tab of whatever pale ale or lager you have on hand and cook this spicy, garlicky chicken

Freebies and a burrito recipe to celebrate this spicy holiday

From kabobs to roasts: three lamb recipes to try for the Easter holiday

We pair these skewers with a simple yogurt salad that is common in the Levantine region and is especially cooling on hot summer days

Giving the romaine hearts a quick turn on the grill imparts a smoky taste to this Greek salad that's incredibly appealing. The combo of tender lamb and salad is definitely entertaining-ready.

This stunning salad is as rich in flavor as it is in nutrients

Expert Lisa Steele takes us through the complexities and wonders of a properly baked egg

From the gorgeous city of Valencia comes paella, a dish whose influence and adaptability have made it popular around the world

No matter the weather, get a taste of summer with the grilled, smoky flavor of this chicken salad

Protein helps your body maintain muscle mass, prevents next-day soreness, and sustains energy. Pack it in with these filling, recovery-boosting recipes.

When I spent a month in Italy, I expected to find great food. What I didn't expect was for that food to be great running fuel, too.

The most satisfyingly crunchy cordyceps BLT, a perfect snack for the next airing of 'The Last of Us' or after a tough endurance workout

Sugar-filled snacks slow you down. Power up with these instead.

A robust and delicious way to end a day on the slopes

A cozy hearty soup with garden vegetables and filling potatoes

An elite athlete's homemade granola with coconut, raw nuts and seeds and cinnamon

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Denver-based chef Kendra Anderson shows us how to cook with Athletic Brewing Company's award-winning non-alcoholic craft beers

Baking this pie over the fire gives it a rich, smokey flavor

Baking this galette on the grill gives it a natural smoky flavor that’s perfect for fall

This flavorful and healthy vegetarian soup is the perfect comfort food for chilly days

Don’t be intimidated by this bird within a bird: it’s usually made in a 196-square-foot galley kitchen, meaning that your home’s kitchen is probably up to the task

This dish from Outside cover stars Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin Leung can easily be made over a campfire using a grill grate and cast-iron skillet

The trick to this recipe? Dehydrated pumpkin purée and vanilla powder.

These waffles from the new cookbook, 'Masa,' by Jorge Gaviria includes masa harina for a delicious take on the breakfast staple

This easy cinnamon-spiced apple skillet cobbler recipe comes together using just one bowl

So you took up hunting during the pandemic. Here’s a great recipe for all that wild game.

Emma Zimmerman, cookbook author and cofounder of Hayden Flour Mills, shares her favorite recipe for on-the-go energy bars

Make this punch for a crowd—it's perfect for sipping around the fire after a long afternoon hike

The changing of the seasons doesn’t mean giving up on that ice-cold negroni at the end of a long day

This fall drink mixes unfiltered apple cider with sparkling water and a few ounces of espresso

Whether you’re warming up after a day on the slopes or filling a flask for the pumpkin patch, we’ve got your drinking needs covered

This simple pasta dish is a great last-minute weeknight dinner

Grilling and a touch of smoked paprika give these peppers a smoky flavor you’ll love

In this pizza inspired by the classic Greek meal, creamy yogurt with dill and garlic stands in for tomato sauce, while a lightly browned phyllo topping adds both crispiness and flavor

These turnovers from James Beard Award–winning chef Vishwesh Bhatt are a nod to the flavors of his childhood

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