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A new study of athletic career trajectories finds that early success is less meaningful than you’d think
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The Under Armour HOVR Phantom 3 SE keeps its high-energy return DNA intact while taking comfort to the next level

We often focus so much of our stretching on our legs, but athletes need to focus just as much time and energy on their upper body

Researchers assess the potential benefits—and downsides—of the hundreds of bioactive compounds in your morning brew

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Find out how you can achieve your fitness goals and raise money for blood cancer patients and families at the same time

A trainer breaks down her go-to moves to maintain healthy hip abduction

When it comes to your recovery, you’re likely neglecting this section of your spine. Here’s how to offer it some relief.

Tramadol has a long history of suspected abuse among cyclists, and now there’s enough data to put it on WADA’s banned list

It’s time to integrate these trainer-approved exercises into your recovery regimen

When illness or injury forces you to take a complete break, researchers have some ideas on how to limit the fall-out

Sports scientists weigh in on the trends that will keep the PRs coming

Analyzing glucose data from endurance athletes offers new(ish) insights, with the potential of more to come

They don’t necessarily save energy, but a new study suggests they might save your legs

To optimize your health or supercharge your training, you sometimes need to look beyond the lab

After seeing more and more people join in on this outdoor fitness craze, I decided to try it for 30 days

There are both healthy and harmful ways to get away from it all, psychologists point out

A high-tech approach called metabolomics offers a new perspective on how your body bounces back from 26.2 miles

Fine-tune your muscle imbalances with this workout finisher series from physical therapist assistant and personal trainer Lee Welton

Records are falling and times are dropping. Is it the shoes, or something else?

She knew she was going to be the best triathlete in the world one day. But first she had to learn to swim.

It’s time to perfect your squat form. By avoiding these errors, you’ll finally be able to do just that.

The latest research suggests that muscle oxygen can detect exercise thresholds, with no blood required

Researchers present new findings on mental fatigue, mental training, and the importance of your surroundings

These movements will help you build functional leg strength

Scientists consider the latest spikes, individual variability, and the pros and cons of training in racing shoes

Here’s how to maximize the benefits of that “hurts so good” feeling

Physicians and researchers weigh in on the benefits and disadvantages of having hypermobile joints

A certified personal trainer breaks down what you actually need to know about lifting and running

Scientists reconsider the assumption that it only helps strength and power athletes

Because of all the gear you buy for your rides, your helmet may be the most important

These joints are essential for all of your outdoor activities. These movements will keep them functional and healthy.

Plyometrics can make you a more efficient runner, and it turns out they don’t need to be complicated or risky

A personal trainer shares seven exercises that focus on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders

In an excerpt from her forthcoming book, ‘Up to Speed: The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes,’ longtime Outside contributor Christine Yu argues that female athletes deserve their own benchmarks for athletic success.

Researchers look back on the lessons from 25 years of “live high, train low”

This workout will help you incorporate this critical movement pattern into your strength-training regimen

First there was altitude training. Then it was heat training. Now it’s… pollution training?

More money means a greater risk for corruption, but professional running needs something to shake up the status quo

You'll want to take note of these errors before your next workout

This unlikely combination may just improve your flexibility and performance


New data finds that endurance- or speed-oriented muscle fibers don’t determine how you respond to strength training

Plus, how you can test the range of motion of this often-forgotten joint

In-race data collected during the world championships sheds new light on how top endurance athletes avoid overheating

After the worst of your injury is behind you, these movements will help you return to your active life with confidence

Action plans and inspiration for you to get in better shape

There’s plenty of hype about ways of boosting your respiratory system. Some—but not all—of it is real, according to a new review.

You need flexibility and stability to train effectively. That starts in your toes.

A new review weighs the evidence that strength and training adaptations vary across the phases of the menstrual cycle

Why your decades-old recovery regimen may no longer make the cut

Researchers use isotope tracers to accurately calculate calorie burn and other parameters during a grueling full-day ride

Athletes of all levels have considered whether their choice of birth control might influence how they train, recover, and perform. But the answer is complicated. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the difference between overcoming hardship and succumbing to it? Grit.

So-called “augmented feedback” can offer both information and motivation. A new study tries to separate the effects.

Here's how to strengthen and stretch an area of the shoulder that can be difficult to exercise but easy to injure

While trying to qualify for an English Channel crossing, swimmers swallowed ingestible thermometers. They got really cold.

Age may be just a number—but so is your weekly mileage

It's the hot new recovery tool. Here’s what to keep in mind when using one, according to physical therapists.

Has Maurten finally figured out how to harness the power of baking soda without paying the gastrointestinal price?

Double threshold days and lactate meters have propelled Jakob Ingebrigtsen and others to the top. Should the rest of us follow suit?

Researchers test the assumption that top athletes are more sensitive to internal cues, with surprising results

A new study tests the idea that, with the right building blocks, connective tissue can repair itself after all

Internationally acclaimed coach and author Brad Stulberg wants runners to love the process, seek community, laugh at themselves, and stay flexible

A big-data analysis of Strava training logs estimates the slowdown for marathoners who miss a week or more

A new model breaks down the ability to fight through adversity into its constituent parts

Army researchers assess the evidence on what makes you stronger, and speculate about new approaches that might work even better

I'm a seasoned outdoorsperson but I've never lifted weights. How hard could it be?

The recovery revolution will continue to boom, as will our collective enthusiasm for women’s sports

A head-to-head lab showdown finds that power and efficiency depend on your preferred running surface

The sports bras, leggings, and sneakers that seriously changed my life

Moving from long to short efforts during a workout maximizes the training stimulus