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An ANWR defeat would deal a major blow to the entire concept of wilderness protection. In this exclusive essay, Senator JOHN KERRY vows to take the fight to the GOP leadership.

Does President Bush have the votes to drill Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? The world is about to find out.

On a planet crowded with six billion people, isolated primitive cultures are getting pushed to the brink of extinction. Against this backdrop, a new form of adventure travel has raised an unsettling question: Would you pay to see tribes who have never laid eyes on an outsider?

When four-time Iditarod champ Doug Swingley quit last year’s race after frozen corneas left him unable to see, no one questioned his grit. Who would mush some 1,200 frozen miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, blind? Actually, Rachael Scdoris would. The 20-year-old from Bend, Oregon, will be at the starting…

So far, scientists studying the deep sea have gathered mere snapshots of the largest ecosystem on earth. Submarines and unmanned submersibles—for the past 20 years the vanguard of oceanography—are limited by battery life and storms that can make deployment or recall impossible. All that’s about to change, with the development…

Three dream tools for the globe-trotting geek

A new class of hotels pitches boutique offerings to thrill-seeking hipsters

On February 6, some 100,000 football fans will invade Jacksonville, Florida's Alltel Stadium for Super Bowl XXXIX, making this the worst day of the year to go there. Thankfully, most will depart the next day, leaving behind an oceanside city with 65-degree winter days and fast access to sporting pursuits that don't involve 350-pound men in tight pants. Here's o

Stash the skis and bust out the sequined thongs—it's Carnival time in the tropics. Seaside adventure and rum-fueled hedonism await.

It turns out those stoned huckers aren’t the only radicals you have to guard against on the mountain. A recent Hungarian study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine reports that when you spend time at altitude, you increase the formation of free radicals, naturally occurring molecules in your…

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Thar she... might blow! When Mount St. Helens, America's very own all-natural weapon of mass destruction, threatened to go postal again, 24 years after her last tantrum, disaster groupies rushed to the crater—and hoped for the worst.

She survived a near-fatal accident in Laos, only to be told that her adventure travels were over forever. Why one woman refused to listen. Read Wright's current story and then read If I Can Only Breathe from Outside's May 2001 issue.

Wrap your wrist with a chronometer built to keep your adventures on schedule

Twice a year, we take three top athletes, compare their training programs, and tell you who’s the most all-around fit. For 2005’s cold-weather edition, we studied the regimens of mogul skier Toby Dawson, 26, pro basketball player Mike Dunleavy, 24, and ice climber Will Gadd, 37. Our judge is Werner…

Real adventure means making a difference. Check out these ways to make philanthropy a part of your trip—and dare to get inspired.

The Trips of 2006

What do you want—a printed invitation? OK, here it is: We’ve scouted the year’s coolest travel offerings—from new classics like cruising the Arctic, exploring the wild Caribbean, and journeying across Russia’s heartland to bold new frontiers like trekking Libya and tracking wildlife (and luxury lodges) in Sri Lanka. Going somewhere?…

It's simple, it's beautiful—just lose ten pounds of fat and you'll fly

New-school technical pieces look after the serious business of snowbound fun, while playing nice with the classics of cold-weather style


How’s this for a deal: We dish a fresh list of 38 dream adventures; you choose one and go. Our picks include diving emerald seas in Mozambique, surfing the South Pacific’s Tuamotu Archipelago, fly-fishing the Canadian Rockies, and exploring five South American countries via private plane. And that’s just the beginning! Check out the rest and get ready to roll.

Travel pros depend on locals to support their livelihood, and that inspires many of them to help make a difference in the places they love. Wanna get involved? Follow the philanthropic lead of these outfitters, gear makers, and athletes for the most meaningful adventure of all.

Roadside gawkers in RVs…commando volcanologists…24/7 news coverage…It can only mean one thing: Mount St. Helens is about to blow again—and we’ve got box seats for the next big bang.
By Mark Sundeen

An outfitter in eastern Indonesia has packaged and price-tagged an expedition to meet an isolated tribe that’s never laid eyes on an outsider. Is this cutting-edge commercial exploration, or close encounters of the worst kind? A firsthand report from the jungles of ethical tourism.
By Michael Behar


» Alaska’s 1,200-mile Iditarod is one of the world’s most grueling races—so how is 20-year-old Rachael Scdoris going to MUSH IT BLIND ?

» From the Caribbean to Brazil, we’ve got the skinny on the hot fiestas and big adventure of CARNIVAL

» JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: Red-state recreation means more than NASCAR and the Super Bowl. Here’s where to cycle, kiteboard, paddle, and hike till it hurts.

» Boutique base camps: POSH NEW HOTELS the world over cater to the trek set with adventurer-friendly digs

» Arctic National Wildlife Refuge exclusive: Senator JOHN KERRY vows to head off the GOP’s oil rush

» Does President Bush have the votes to drill Alaska’s ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE ? The world is about to find out.

» THREE DREAM TOOLS , for the globe-trotting geek.

» EAT FOR ALTITUDE and counter the ravages of free radicals.

» Twenty miles offshore, 4,000 feet down, check out the future of SEAFLOOR OBSERVATORIES .

» THE WILD FILE looks at how your hair stands up to cold, whether an airplane seat cushion has ever saved anyone’s life in a water landing, and more

Winter is all about fun in the snow. Reclaim your youth with TECHIE TOWN WEAR that’s perfect for a snowball fight or a night out. PLUS: Luxe and sporty TIMEPIECES .

GO LIGHT AND FAST: Five foolproof ways to drop ten pounds from your bod—and ten minutes off your time. PLUS: WHO’S THE FITTEST: ice climber Will Gadd, freeskier Toby Dawson, or NBA forward Mike Dunleavy?

OUT THERE Five years and 20 surgeries after a near-fatal bus crash in Laos, writer-photographer ALISON WRIGHT sets out to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in her quest to claim THE LIFE THAT ALMOST WASN’T .