Water Sports

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The marine biologist and mother was struggling to find time to nourish herself. Then she found a community of wave-riding moms.

A traumatic childhood experience left the journalist deathly afraid of the water. But by drawing on the resilience of her ancestors, she found the courage to dive in.

Surfer Dylan Graves recently notched a record-breaking ride on a tidal bore in Indonesia. Graves says the cosmic wave changed his life.

After losing a leg in a car accident, the clothing designer discovered grace in scuba diving

The big-wave icon discusses the origins of the HBO docuseries, his new surfing ambitions, and whether or not there will be a season three

When the young athlete was given the chance to lead her outrigger canoe team at the state championships, it opened her up to taking all kinds of chances

New rules have thrust Australian longboarder Sasha Jane Lowerson to the center of a global sports debate

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Take the plunge and explore dog-friendly fun in and on the water

Neuschäfer made history this week, becoming the first woman and third person to win the Golden Globe, an impossibly challenging sailing race

A 2022 boating fatality could be a harbinger of more frequent whitewater disasters on a dwindling Colorado River

She was a very unhappy lawyer until she took a scuba trip to the Galapagos that convinced her to give up her career and become an explorer

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With more coastline than California, Fort Peck Lake offers an abundance of secluded coves to fish, waterski, paddle, or just explore

An encounter with sharks taught the open-water swimmer that getting through fear leads to beauty

The gear designer thought her career was over was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome. But a decade-plus of recovery work has resulted in her best creations yet.

The disabled surfer struggled with insecurity until the waves and a friend helped him to accept his entire self

Chasing the elusive permit fish is an exhausting endeavor for the most seasoned anglers. So why would a total newbie even try?

As permits on western rivers become harder and harder to get, one reader wants to take matters into his own hands

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This is the unexpected vacation you didn’t know you needed

“Since he’s never said anything explicitly romantic, wouldn’t it be presumptuous to tell him I’m not interested?”

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Fly fishing is experiencing a renaissance

Luke Shepardson took a break from the lifeguard chair to win the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event asks surfers to submit video clips of their best waves. Is the new format a success or a wipeout?

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Austin Campbell is inspiring the new spirit of fly fishing

Marcio “Mad Dog” Freire perished Thursday while tow-in surfing at the famed break

Massive swells are flooding coastal communities and demolishing coastal structures in Northern California, and making for good surfing further south.

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Time spent outside and human-powered fun are what this region of the Florida Keys is all about

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From visiting protected areas to joining conservation efforts, here’s how to get the full experience in Marathon

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Tune into nature and leave the rest behind. That’s Key Largo, baby.

Kurt Steiner has dedicated his life to skipping stones, developing a technique to produce throws that defy the laws of physics

John John Florence has remarkable physical talents, but his greatest asset as an athlete might be his enduring positive attitude

Meet an amazing man who has dedicated his entire adult life to stone skipping, sacrificing everything to produce world-record throws that defy the laws of physics. To hear him tell it, he has no choice.

After a season full of highs and lows, episode 11 of "Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes" brings Slater to his final contest on the island's North Shore

The ultimate guide to rafting the Grand Canyon including how long it takes, whether you need a permit and how much it costs

Slater reconnects with an old friend and colleague who is planning their own retirement

The Surf Ranch in California is home to Kelly Slater's personal manmade wave

The kayaker shares what was going through his mind as he descended Idaho’s Lower Mesa Falls

It's Slater's first time returning to Japan since 1990

Long-distance rowing is steadily gaining popularity, but that doesn’t mean the sport is safe

Tucked away near the border of Luxembourg and Germany lies a river that’s home to wild brown trout. It’s a great place to fly fish, but it’s more than that to the people who spend time on the river and in its nearby forests. Kristallklar, a film by Simon…

Locals, visitors, and surfers especially were all stoked at the prospect of experiencing the rare south swell on its way from Tahiti. But for the lifeguards on duty, it meant rip currents, broken boards, and, as it turned out, an insane number of people in the water who needed a helping hand.

This is the seventh episode of ‘Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes,’ an 11-part series with behind-the-scenes footage of the surfer’s career

The longtime pro surfer and adventurer endured massive swells and perilous weather on his 2,400-mile voyage from California to Hawaii—all in a 20-foot survival craft

This proves easier said than done when he’s hit with a back injury and faces tough competition in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

With the energy from the fans comes more pressure, and Slater must fight to stay focused

The region is known for its powerful surf, sweeping wineries, and stunning vistas

In the third episode of ‘Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes,’ Slater travels to Bali where he learns some sad news about his friend

While preparing for the championship tour, Slater finds the time to meet with young surfers and inspire their surf dreams

Footage follows Slater as he travels the world, prepares for competitions, and connects with this community in Australia

After traveling to Ireland, members of the Goat Surf Club discuss the importance of highlighting environmental issues in their film series

The endangered goats may not realize it, but their conservation grazing is helping protect the Irish countryside from wildfires

The Irish organization Hometree aims to bring biodiversity back to Ireland through planting trees in the town of Ennistymon

The 40-year-old captain is taking the sailing world by storm, aiming to break dozens of records, including the fastest solo, nonstop circumnavigation of the globe

Beyond surfing, the trio of friends also want to help raise awareness for environmental issues around the world

The film ‘Mr. Kookbox’ shows what inspires his work

Nathan Williams isn’t a household name in Oklahoma (or anywhere else for that matter), but to those who take part in the adrenaline-fueled sport that is noodling, Williams isn’t just known—he’s red-dirt royalty

A group of rafting companies is suing to block the Biden administration’s increase in minimum wage. Not all guides are happy.

‘Go Where You Feel Most Alive’ is a short film intended to challenge us all to put our phones away long enough to appreciate the exhilaration of the natural world.

Last weekend, 500 people headed to Huntington Beach, California, to participate in what is believed to be the largest-ever gathering of Black surfers

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From the mighty St. Lawrence River to ocean exploration, summer and fall in Québec are all about enjoying nature on and around the water

Soon after Ranga Perera immigrated to the U.S. with his parents from his home country of Sri Lanka, his father passed away from a heart attack. The loss devastated Perera, and he struggled to fully engage with his own life for years, as a child and into adulthood.

In coastal Mexico, a group of conservationists are trying to convince fishermen to adopt a new way of life

Luke Konson and Daniel Balserak set out to catch the state fish in all 50 states and ended up with an unforgettable adventure

In the heart of Cornhusker country, they know how to make their own fun. Native son Carson Vaughan drafted four friends, loaded up on beer, and did what may be the strangest float trip in the world.

After his pandemic isolation, angler Fred Campbell was ready to get back to the water

Paco Maroquin is a second-generation fishing guide who, like his father, has built a life around angling

In the final episode of ‘Goat Surf Club: Trapped in Morocco,’ the surfers find a repatriation flight out of Morocco

Alex Botelho alleges the WLS ignored concerns over its safety plan prior to the 2020 big-wave competition

After enjoying their time in Morocco, members of the Goat Surf Club were ready to head back home

This film series follows three surfers stuck in Morocco after the country closed its borders to reduce the spread of the omicron COVID-19 variant

What began as a simple surf vacation turned into a wild adventure when Morocco closed its borders and banned incoming and outgoing flights

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The brand’s Colors of Kona line was inspired by the bright colors that are a signature of Hawaiian landscapes

‘Inspiration’ tells the story of the birth of the Maine Fly Company in 2018

The sport’s top women have wanted their own Pipeline Pro for years. At long last, they’ve got it.

What it feels like to rescue a surfer from the massive winter waves that crash into the Hawaiian island

The ‘Row of Life’ drifted for nearly 4,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean until, one day, it washed ashore

The future of the Chinook is uncertain, as its numbers drop due to the impacts of climate change, unsustainable harvest practices, dams, habitat loss, and predation

Jay Johnson connects with a community of anglers in South Carolina, where flood tides and redfish reign supreme

With increased coastal flooding and erosion, climate change is harshing California’s mellow vibes. Officials say it’s time to retreat from the shore altogether. Residents want to stay and fight. Paul Kvinta reports from the front lines of a pitched battle, where geologists and millionaires are squaring off, and friendly fire between surfers isn’t so friendly.