Water Sports

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Big-wave surfer Emily Erickson shares her story as part of The Explorers Series, presented by Coors Light. 

Exploring the ocean floor with an urchin hunter. Words by Emily Reed.

Surfer Matt Meola and filmmaker Jon Spenser took off on a charter boat called the Mangalui, and set a course for the Mentawais islands.

What compels a couple to spend months at sea with their four young children? A burning desire to do something different.

Kayaker Kenny Unser has circumnavigated Manhattan almost six dozen times. This film explores his motivation.

Shred for the South Fork follows nine whitewater paddlers on an overnight trip down the South Fork of the Salmon River.

Adventure photographer Jen Edney embedded with the 2017–2018 Volvo Ocean Race, one of sailing's most dangerous competitions.

The surfer lost her arm to a shark 15 years ago. If you think that’s slowed her down, you don’t know her story.

‘Weight of Water’ follows adaptive adventurer Erik Weihenmayer on a whitewater kayaking trip through the Grand Canyon’s lava falls

‘Northern Arizona University Goes to the Yampa’ follows a collegiate group as they learn about the geology of the Colorado Plateau.

Tim Conibear started a surf therapy program in Cape Town that's helping thousands of kids discover both surfing and a sense of community

From Stab Magazine, 'Culture Shifters - Foster Huntington' chronicles the origin story of #Vanlife .

Doce Dias is a recap of Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico which celebrates longboarding and its unique laid-back lifestyle.

Dominik Fretz along with OpenRov captured this curious great white shark circling their group off the island off Isla Guadalupe in Mexico. 

After nearly 40 years of attempts by multiple people—and at least one mysterious disappearance—Scott Donaldson became the first person to paddle alone across the 1,400-mile stretch of ocean

Phenomenality, from Lucas Jatobá, profiles big wave surf pioneer and gifted storyteller Ric Friar.

A glorious and ill-considered expedition to retrace the nearly 300-mile sufferfest endured by colonial badass (and not yet turncoat) Benedict Arnold and his 1,100 brave, starving men. Their aim: to take Quebec City from the British. Ours: to survive.

When Jen Ripple learned the rich history of female anglers, she thought it was about time they had their own publication

The Passage, from Day’s Edge Productions, is a story about a family’s quest to canoe the entirety of the inside passage.

We look back at the storied career of the world-famous surfer, who just announced his retirement

The Yellowstone River is the beating heart of Paradise Valley, Montana, but a proposed mine threatens the entire ecosystem.

One of the world’s most recognized adventure photographers is redefining life behind the lens

First Leap follows cliff jumper Travis Sims as he looks for new diving holes deep in the woods of Colorado.

Guanaja, along the Mosquito Coast in Honduras, isn’t friendly. It’s hot, humid, and pirates are a real threat.

‘Big World’ shares the journey of father-son duo David Morton and his son Thorne paddling the Karnali and Bheri rivers in Nepal. 

‘Our Wild’ profiles three wildlife biologists and anglers as they immerse themselves in Wyoming’s public lands.

The Bassmaster Elite Series is trying something new in Austin, Texas: letting the fish go

Shaped By the Ocean profiles eighteen-year-old surfer Eduardo Alciso who is trying to make a name for himself in the world of surfing.

He reversed an Obama-era order that raised hourly pay to $10.10, but few in the guiding industry—including guides—are complaining

Return from Desolation from OARS and filmmaker Justin Clifton, highlights Eaton’s struggles as a veteran, river guide, and oil man. 

A Normal Life, from Filson, profiles Russell Owen, a fly fishing guide on Alaska’s Alagnak River.

My Mom Vala from YETI and Tributaries Digital Cinema profiles its namesake character Vala Arnadottir.

A four-year battle over a tiny patch of river beach in Northern California—between two middle-aged guys with way too much time on their hands—illustrates the deep divide in how we perceive access rights to public lands

Unleashed: When Surfboards Roamed Free illustrates the perilous days before surfboard leashes. 

Lava Falls is one of the most powerful rapids in the canyon and has long thwarted those trying to run it—especially those trying to make it down in record time.

This film from the Inertia profiles Leah Dawson, a surfer and filmmaker who’s advocating for more women to engage in her favorite sport.

Georgie White Clark was foul-mouthed, brusk, famously rude to customers—and a pioneer in Grand Canyon

In 2009, San Diego native and surfer Jack Christiansen found himself in Missoula, Montana.

Nikki Cooley and her sister want to get more Native people working in some of the the outdoor world's most coveted positions

Brad Dimock has been building wooden dories and guiding in the Grand Canyon since the 1970s.

Dean Goes Surfing celebrates a New Hampshire based surf program teaching kids to surf through the eyes of Dean.

This film Laplanders from the filmmakers at Hooke​​​​​​​ encapsulates the arduous journey to hooking into a Baltic Salmon.

From Orvis, The Motivator is a dedication from filmmaker Aaron Hitchins to his mother Maureen.

On the morning of May 10, 2017, three whitewater kayakers embarked on a 24-hour expedition to paddle 300 miles.

Man-made waves, the inaugural World Surf League Founders’ Cup, and other desert oddities

In 1923, John Hill wrote a book about pursuing an elusive fish deep in Bolivia’s jungle, the golden dorado.

In 2017, Hawaiian lawmakers removed liability protections for lifeguards exposing them to risk of lawsuits.

In Today’s Harvest from surf brand Superbrand surfer Clay Marzo shares some outtakes from his upcoming film, This is Clay.

The Bering Sea is one of the deadliest places on the planet. But for the fishermen who harvest crab there every winter, their work had steadily been getting safer—they hadn't lost a boat in a decade. That all changed on February 11, 2017, when the 110-foot Destination disappeared off the coast of Alaska with its six-man crew.

Sarah Gerhardt, the first woman to surf Mavericks, on her long path from homelessness to the top of a monster wave

From surf apparel company Banks Journal, Mr. John Hook profiles the surf photographer and why he’s picked Hawaii to call home.

This film La Torche features professional surfers in the middle of the night at Pointe de la Torche in France.

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Pro surfer turned humanitarian Jon Rose has helped millions of people around the world access clean water. Now he’s ready for his next big project.

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Meet five women making the sport more diverse

Corey Arnold photographs Alaska’s largest and most threatened salmon run—and the people who depend on it

The Sea Wolf from filmmaker Ben Gulliver is a surf film more about the adventure than actually the surfing.

The Una River in Bosnia is known for its exceptional trout waters.

Camp Walker is a thirty-year-old fly guide in the south Florida, where the last thing they need is more fly guides.

Tom “Pōhaku” Stone is a native Hawaiian who practices the art of hand-carving wooden surfboards.

In this video from River Roots and Astral, A Women Knows Her Place takes an irreverent look at paddler Nouria Newman putting on a metaphorical clinic for her male counterparts who just happen to be freestyle world champion Dane Jackson and Rush Sturges on California’s Upper Cherry Creek.

With an environmentally friendly firefighting gel called Strong Water

Former pro Jon Rose was chasing the biggest swells in Sumatra when the 2009 earthquake hit, and he spent the next decade providing clean water in remote disaster zones. Last fall his Waves for Water crew was in Saint Croix when Hurricane Maria struck, so the team did what came naturally: got to work.

After months of speculation, the 36-year-old Australian officially announced today that 2018 will be his final year as a full-time competitor on the WSL World Tour

From filmmaker Jonathan Nimerfroh, Slurpee Waves portrays a chilly bluebird day on the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

A permitting issue and public dispute between the mayor of Honolulu and World Surf League CEO Sophie Goldschmidt may have just killed surfing's most iconic event

An Outside investigation of sexual harassment in outdoor workplaces, where unwanted advances, discrimination, and assault are a frequent and destructive occurrence for far too many women

From OARS and the Sierra Club, Return From Desolation follows war veteran Garrett Eaton’s quest to conquer PTSD.

After a nearly two-decades-long fight, women will surf in the iconic event. It's about time officials recognized what these athletes have been doing for the past half century.

From Take Shelter Productions, Brrr follows a group of warm weather surfers from Hawaii—including Albee Layer, Kain Daly, and Hank Gaskell—as they go out of their element into the cold waters off the southern coast of New Zealand.

From Trout Unlimited, Smith River chronicles the importance of Montana’s most family-friendly river trip.

If our February feature of Kai Lenny hasn’t convinced you that he was born to be on, in, and above the water then this video from Hurley might.

From filmmaker Taylor Walker and photographers Chris Shane, Jamie Walter, and Cait Bourgeault Monumental shares their journey circumnavigating Maine's newest national monument Katahdin Woods and Waters.

At Reeder Creek Ranch in Kremmling, Colorado, the Colorado River benefits both fishing and farming.

Matt Thomas was a world-class kayaker who got paralyzed in a mountain-bike accident. His friend Joe Jackson moved in for a demanding stint as a caregiver. Outdoor sports were off the table, of course—until Thomas heard about paragliding.

Swing Season, from fishing company Sage, chronicles guide Gray Struznik’s efforts to restore his hometown fishery by catching fewer fish.

The bestselling author on going deep with great white sharks, big-wave surfers, and dolphins—plus her concerns about the future of the sea

He just wanted to find a way to live his life at the beach. In the process, he defined a lifestyle.

At the planet's biggest ice-fishing tournament, held every January in Brainerd, Minnesota, 10,000 contestants battle 20-below temperatures for a $150,000 purse. Ian Frazier slips and slides among wily fish, cheese curds, and some of the greatest nearly frozen anglers he's ever seen.

In an age of scattershot attention spans, Matt Warshaw’s opus remains a calming oasis. But if he can't raise $30,000 soon, it will disappear.

Three months after the hurricane, fly-fishing guides wrestle with what the future of their industry might look like