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Expedition kayaker Scott Lindgren knocked off first descents of the most remote and dangerous rivers on earth, from the Himalayas to the Sierra. He paddled with an aggro attitude and saw weakness as an unforgivable trait in himself and others. But when a brain tumor started to derail his athletic performance and threaten his life, everything changed.

This film follows spearfisherman G.R. Tarr as he competes in the St. Petersburg Open, in Florida

The duo explores why this bug-eyed fish has taken the hearts of so many anglers and swaps stories about why fishing is so important to them

With so much funding from the government going toward boxing and baseball, it's much harder to find surf gear

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Will Skudin is one of the best big-wave surfers in the world. But his favorite waves are the ones the kids catch at his family's camp on Long Island every summer.

'Wild Olympics' is a tribute to the pristine rivers of Washington's Olympic Peninsula

In O'Neill's Strike Mission series, its team of surfers sets off to far-flung corners of the globe in search of remote waves

'Practice of Creativity' is about surf photographer Patricia van Hanswijck de Jonge, who documents the surfers of Southern California

After witnessing the serious injury of a dear friend, they began teaching ocean safety to lifeguards, schools, and first responders

Thanks to drone footage, we now know how often sharks are close to us in the ocean

Das Boat is a series of short films that follow a 50-year-old aluminum hull boat as it's towed all over the Southeast

The first episode of Headed North features surfers riding the breaks around San Clemente before starting their journey toward colder waters

'Home of Turquoise' chronicles an unnamed kiteboarder's search for the clearest water around Turkey's southwestern shores

The Orvis campaign 50/50 on the Water elevates the narratives of women in fly-fishing

In this film, the OARS team profiles Samantha 'Derby' Derbyshire, a prominent female river guide on Utah's Cataract Canyon

This segment of 'Big Land' showcases the perils of an expedition to Canada's Labrador region, including bears and unrelenting weather

The key to making a top-notch fly-fishing film is just to watch literally any other fly-fishing film

A professional kayaker shares his love of the river with baby boomer Leland Miyawaki, a self-described “old-fashioned” fly-fisherman

From We Are Hungry Productions and NRS, 'The River's Call' documents a whitewater kayaking adventure on the Apurímac River in Peru

A wavepool malfunction in Longjing, China, sent a wall of water through a crowded pool

Kiteboarder Fabian Muhmenthaler has centered his life around movement on the water

Though Gabe Messam's life has been fraught with challenges, he's a surf instructor at one of the most prestigious surf schools in Ireland

'Between the Lines,' from filmmaker Jason Hearn, profiles ocean photographer Sacha Specker documenting his swims across the globe

For firefighters Brady Ruysschaert and Brandon Hawkins, surfing is the ultimate stress reliever

The ranch​​​​​​​ of Henry's Fork, Idaho, is where anglers come to test their dry fly-fishing abilities

The River of Sorrows almost never flows, due to a tricky confluence of climate change and water rights, but this year was different

Lifeguards in Hawaii wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, and take time to work on their personal fitness

This film will leave you seeking out your next adventure—and it just might be on the shores of Hawaii

This film reflects on how Hurricane Sandy ultimately strengthened the fellowship of this town

Sea kayaker Pa Arding has suffered two traumatic injuries, but 'Looking Out' shows how she uplifts herself and those around her

Build confidence and skill before your first big dip

'Motherfish' paints a portrait of how this mother raised her son to be a steward of the outdoors

'Koktuli Wild' tracks a group of paddlers as they explore the intricacies of Alaska's wild-salmon populations

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For professional surfer and vegan athlete Tia Blanco, the key to performing at a high level is keeping her diet and workouts balanced

Three paddlers sail to Havana in order to kayak 27 hours all the way back to Key West, Florida

Baja's right-hand point breaks are what surfer Allesandro Ponzanelli was after during the shooting of 'The Guero'

'Running Shallow' features bonefish fly guide Prince Emmanuel, who's learning the ropes from a few of the veterans on South Andros Island

'Surf Therapy' profiles surfer Alex Gray, who's starting a community of surf-therapy meetups for people who are experiencing loss

In 'Next Gen,' from OARS, president Tyler Wendt​​​​​​​ takes his family on its first multi-day river trip

When Sophie Goldschmidt became the World Surf League's CEO in 2017, improving the women's tour was a priority. Her next challenge is equality for all surfers.

In 'Road to 100,'​​​​​​​ kayakers Liam Fournier and Aniol Serrasolses set out to drop Ram Falls in the remote Canadian Rockies

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For professional angler and family-fishing ambassador Nicole Jacobs Stelmach, catching fish is all about creating memories

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Professional fly-fishing guide, shop owner, and mom of two Hilary Hutcheson on how to get the whole family fishing

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Fishing guide and educator Brittney Novalsky says more women will get into fishing if they just develop confidence—and trust their instincts

All you need is a rod, a license, and a good attitude to catch your first fish

'Camel Finds Water' chronicles a journey of rebuilding an abandoned boat and the lengths it took to find the perfect break in Canada

Known as the Hawaii of the Mainland throughout the spearfishing community, Tampa Bay's waters are teeming with fish

Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That’s a question neither partner thought to ask when She got the bright idea to refit an old sailboat while He was dreaming of life on the range. A he-said-she-said tale of a voyage that somehow managed to avoid the rocks.

‘Paul’ documents one cancer patient’s relationship with a pristine river in Northern California, the McCloud.

For years, three old friends from California had been making an annual pilgrimage to fish Alaska's wild and pristine waterways. But in 2018, only two came home.

There’s a side of Nazaré that isn’t life and death

Handmade surfboards are a rare commodity. Handmade surfboards crafted by women are even more so.

Robby Naish has made a career dominating one water sport after another

How a quest to get women included in the Mavericks surfing contest fueled a transformation that could impact all of sports.

If Ryan Levinson fell in the water, there would be no easy way for him to swim to safety. But he decided to live on a sailboat anyway.

Twin brothers Ryan and Casey Higginbotham planned to paddle from Alaska to the U.S.-Mexico border, but when they got there, they decided to keep going

From Vans, the Weird Waves series documents a group of surfers pursuing a variety of odd breaks from around the world.

George Watson was on an exploratory scuba dive in a remote lake in the Peruvian Andes when everything that could go wrong suddenly did

One weekend, Matthew Bryce headed to his favorite Scottish beach to surf. The conditions were perfect. Until they were deadly.

David McMahon and Sydnie Uemoto, young pilots for Mokulele Airlines, were just trying to log some hours flying between Oahu and the Big Island. Then the engines went out.

Anyone who sets foot in the ocean will ‘RISK CERTAIN DEATH,’ says the National Weather Service

Brian Grubb and his team of drone pilots as they push the boundaries of drone-powered recreation

The ‘Ghost of Steelhead Future’ extrapolates what could happen to a prized Oregon river

This film, from Huckberry and Xtratuf, tracks captain Sean Dwyer’s rise to become the youngest captain on the Bering Sea.

Director Andrew Kaineder treats us to a dark look at his upcoming film, 'Beyond the Noise'

Stephanie Gilmore's record-tying seventh world title signals the perfect end to the most progressive year in professional surfing history

In Cascade, Idaho there’s a family of whitewater paddlers continuously training for the north fork of the Payette River.

This short film features fly fishing guide Maddie Brenneman and her journey to find fulfillment in wild spaces

This video from Google Maps follows a group of five blind kayakers through the Grand Canyon

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Never underestimate the power of surfing. That’s the lesson inherent in Van's new film 'Can’t Steal Our Vibe'.

The legendary surfer brothers on the power of stoke and their new documentary

If you thought this was just another trout fishing video, think again

The Senegalese surfer is making fans all over the world. Next stop: The 2020 Olympics. Words by Anna Kusmer.

Waterlogged, from filmmaker Ben Cox​​​​​​,​ is a reminder that simply spending time outside can be an escape from anxiety

Urban angling has been around in America as long as there have been cities. It's time to stop treating it like fishing's redheaded stepchild.

Surfers on Lake Michigan are getting sick, and they think they know why

'Hang Tight' from Brothers on the Fly documents a fly fishing trip to Slovenia in search of a pristine river and the elusive marble trout.

‘Island of the Strangers’ features a team of kiteboarders riding on the coast of Scotland.

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Thanks to Erickson and a new crop of young female riders, women’s big-wave surfing is preparing to make history

What it takes to document one of the world's most treacherous races. Words by Marley Walker.