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'Power of the River' is an adventure documentary that features a first-ever fly fishing expedition on unexplored waters in Bhutan

'Crossing Bhutan' is an upcoming documentary that follows four veteran athletes as they attempt an unprecedented human-powered, border-to-border crossing of Bhutan

A new study shows that climbing teams from countries with rigid social structures are more likely to summit Himalaya mountains—but also more likely to die trying. Can the data predict summit success?

Booze from the only country in the world that measures its progress by Gross Domestic Happiness.

Get way out there at a new hotel in the foothills of the Himalayas

If you plan to get out in an inflatable this season, you’re probably going to have a great time regardless of what body of water you’re cruising. But if you’re looking for the biggest thrills and the most excitement, consider this your go-to list.

Our favorite frontier for 2012? The surreal, gradually opening Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

We present our Trips of the Year, everything from whitewater rafting in Siberia to mountain biking in Argentina to the greatest multisport vacation in Alaska.

Strap in for a road trip through the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan with Robert Thurman—Uma's dad and one of the planet's most magnetic Buddha boosters—and get set for stunning scenery, harrowing S-curves, and face time with the wild side of your soul

For the veteran adventure photographer, Bhutan broke the mold.

Leave it to Bhutan—the Switzerland-size Buddhist kingdom wedged between Tibet and India that’s become the pinnacle of exclusive adventure travel—to be the new home of two ultra-indulgent lodges. Opening this month, Uma Paro, owned by Como Hotels and Resorts, is a 20-room, nine-villa mountain getaway set on 38 forested acres…

In Bhutan's pristine alpine sanctuary, even a heathen climber can see the light

We’ve learned a lot in a quarter-century of roaming the planet. This month, to kick off Outside‘s silver anniversary, we’ve chosen 25 bold, epic, soul-nourishing experiences that every true adventurer must seek out—from the relatively plush and classic to the cutting-edge and hard-core. All that’s left for you is the…

Exploring the most enchantingly rugged places on earth is easy. Just follow our guide to the world's ten classic treks, put one foot in front of the other—and don't forget to take it slow.

Outside's guide to the coolest trips and the world's top new adventure travel spots.