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The Urban 1000 is the light you need to winterize your bike. It emits 1,000 lumens of LED light on its max setting, which is ideal for early morning or evening rides. It’s waterproof and impact resistant, so it’ll work in the rain or after a fall.

The Vibe was featured on our list of the best affordable bike lights, where our tester appreciated the “sensor, which turns the light on when there’s motion and turns the light off when the bike is parked so you never waste your battery by forgetting to hit the off button.”…

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It not only illuminates your path but also projects a laser bike image on the ground to make sure drivers see you coming

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The Lumos Helmet re-imagines bike safety with its integrated LED brake lights and turn signals.

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The days are significantly shorter. Be prepared for your commute with the right lights and apparel.