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After having my butt saved numerous times by a trekking pole, I now make sure to always pack one in my backcountry kit 

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All-in-one affordable travel hammock includes everything you need to comfortably hang out on the go

We’ve found seven tourism operators to help you dine off the eaten path, at home and abroad

Should the Yonder replace your Nalgene?

If you’re small-framed, you could be in for some serious savings

Lightweight gear isn’t just for Triple Crowners

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This is your chance to win a trip of a lifetime and a sweet haul of adventure-ready gear

Six pieces of equipment for running around a 14,000-foot mountain

New webbing straps made by a company called Austere offer a tight-cinching alternative when you need to tie things down

Sun hoodies are the multi-tool of the hiker’s wardrobe, but they often get gross, fast. Not Coalatree’s new Suray.

We’ve had two months to overthink the equipment choices of our favorite Hawkins high schoolers on ‘Stranger Things’. We have some suggestions to make.

I came for their looks. I stayed for their all-day comfort and all-terrain performance.

They’re 1,706 miles in and this is what they like most

Is the PürTrek pole-filter mashup a brilliant idea or a Frankensteinian mess?

The latest pieces of clothing and knowledge that’ll help you get the most from this season’s excursions in the backcountry

Keep your pup safe and stylish on the trail with these seven accessories

A lightning-fast water filter makes staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever

These accessories might not make or break your trip, but you’ll sure be glad you packed them

Pants made by—and for—plus-size female hikers

These hikers will help you carry your load and stay comfortable and secure, no matter the terrain

After finishing the Appalachian Trail, I experienced severe pain in my lower right leg. Little did I know, toe socks and spacers would be my saving grace.

Water weighs a lot, audiobooks weigh nothing, and more semi-philosophical tips to guide rookie trekkers to a strong finish

Wisdom gained by trying, and sometimes failing, to stay comfortable outdoors

Heading out on your first overnight? Use this handy list as your guide to packing for a three-season backpacking trip.

The average woman in the U.S. is a size 16. Here are five gear companies that are actually making clothes for her.

Back in 2014, we included the LifeStraw Water Filter in our roundup of “Seven Gadgets to Purify Your Water.” As an excellent lightweight option at only two ounces, this filter is still a fan favorite today. Get it now and you could save 25%.

Keep your body and the planet clean

And it’s made in America by a new company you’ve probably never heard of

With an innovative hipbelt and pockets (almost) everywhere I need them, this backpack is a quiver killer for multiday treks

One should be a staple in your outdoor kit

The cost of your backpacking tent shouldn’t keep you awake at night. These double-wall, two-person shelters are all $300 or less, and will put your mind—and body—at ease with their dialed combinations of performance and price.

Create the ultimate wet-weather defense system with these six waterproof items

When hikers have leftover food or gear, they don’t trash it. They drop it in a box for the next person who needs it, forming a beautiful network of anonymous interdependence.

On a backpacking trip through Utah’s Buckskin Gulch with ultralight gear legend Glen Van Peski, our writer learns about the Crotch Pot, an Oscar-winning actor’s anti-snoring technique, and that there’s a whole lot of shit you don’t need when you’re on the trail 1,000 miles from home