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A packable device producing fire for camp cooking.

Every stove claims it's the fastest. We pitted them head-to-head in a winner-takes-all boil-off.

I'm hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. What's the best lightweight camp stove to bring? Adrian Plymouth UK

Why It’s CoolThe Eagle has landed! This one bears a retro-chic likeness to the 1969 Apollo landing craft, down to the folding footpads. » Dock fuel line to fuel bottle with a gratifying click, commence pumping, and—presto—the Apex II is chugging away with a whof-whof—and no need to prime it…

Why It’s CoolThe well-engineered OmniFuel has all the reassuring stability of a good marriage, thanks to an impressive wingspan (three arms form a pot landing pad some six inches across) and a stainless-steel-sheathed fuel line long enough to lift and pump the bottle without reprisal. » Twist the glove-friendly flame…

Base camp essentials that take the rough out of roughing it

I planning a number of long backpacking trips in the Cascades and Olympics, as well as climbs of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Ads, and Mt. Rainier this summer. Recently, most of my old gear was stolen from my car while moving. I still have a tent and sleeping bag, but I no longer have my backpack, boots, stove, or any foul-weather gear. Can you recommend the best all-around light gear that is not too expensive but can hold up to the demands of the Pacific Northwest? (Just so you know, I a small women—5'2" and 103 lbs—so I need to keep things light and small.) Michele Portland, OR

I’m looking for a new cp stove for climbing at high altitude (10,000+ feet). What’s the best stove for the harsher conditions at higher altitudes? Matt Vancouver, British Columbia

My son is headed to New Zealand for the spring semester. Things sure have changed since I went to college! He will have some time to backpack, and he’s not sure if a canister or white-gas stove will be easier to travel with and refuel. We have been eying the Vargo Jet-ti. What do you think? Mike Front Royal, Virginia

I've always carried white-gas stoves, but a friend of mine says that a compressed-gas stove is the way to go. He says it's lighter, more reliable, and burns hotter even at altitude. Is this true? Gary Salt Lake City, Utah

I 15 years old and do a lot of backpacking for my age. I’m using my dad’s old stove that is older than me. It works fine, but they no longer make the fuel canisters to fit it. What’s a good lightweight stove that’s not too expensive? Collin Suwanee, Georgia

I'm going on an extended solo backpacking trip through the desert of Mexico, possibly into Central America, and ending in Cuba or Jamaica. So I need lightweight everything. I’m trying to decide between the MSR XGK EX and the Jetboil stoves. Will I be able to find canisters and other replacement parts in Central America? Kory Phoenix, Arizona