On foot, Orlando is riskiest city

Drug company waste not regulated

Student slips posing for picture

Greer directed Legacy Paddlesports

Report alleges sale of tiger skins

American now first in new rankings

Boulet 2nd U.S. champ in 17 years

Night swimming banned

Utah grad defends his title

Son of NYPD veteran survives

Police in Austria shocked by findings

Athlete pissed on girl on JetBlue flight

Event closes with multimedia flair

Climbers take new route in Canadian Rockies

Frontman Thom Yorke calls out Obama

Engineer would drag icebergs across ocean

Track and field gets bio passport

Town to recycle wastewater

Foreigners make first ascent in 30 years

Money will go to thief's victims

12 year old now awake, talking

Trademark dispute over "First Descent"

Procedure could cut malaria deaths

Family unhappy with plan to find Irvine

Cuba-Florida swim stops at hour 29

Mountain remains unclimbed since '08

Organizers will still host swim, bike race

Did park know goat was dangerous?

Traffickers overrun protected area

At 39, Slater still can't be stopped

Satcher drowns in Cherry Bomb Gorge

Aussie signs with GreenEDGE

Shark likely dumped by fisherman

Heart attacks claim swimmers

Study of religious experience on snow

Helped found "Surf City, U.S.A."

Four injured in Norwegian islands

U.N. report finds vast contamination

One of cycling's top teams collapses

Shooting wolves now legal outside park

FDA green-lights bark scorpion drug

Rescued whale won't go to marine park

Political climate shifts in favor of oil

Armstrong teammate in EPO controversy

Lawsuit keeps Wyoming horses wild

In Canada, father fights off cat

With broken leg, woman ate berries

Surf contest failed to honor settlement

Jennifer Davis beats old mark by 26 hours

NYC champ in unorthodox shoe deal

2011 could be Yosemite's deadliest

Schlecks, Evans commit to Pro Challenge

Race is first WorldTour event in Asia

Lance surprises at Leadville qualifier

American Lochte first to be profiled

Snowboarder wins skateboard vert

Oxygen-poor area smaller than expected

Man detained in students' deaths

Road closure forces skiers into lodge

Following alleged assault, Leo fled police

Fishing boat finds man after 15-mile swim

Motocross trick breaks star's foot

Author of 2006 report put on leave

Archaeopteryx likely wasn't first bird

Wary of bears, park will fine violators

Cat killed in CT had walked 2,000 miles

In win, American sets first record since '09

In Utah, medal-winning aerialist takes life

Judge gives climate activist jail time

Visual cortex biggest in low-light areas

Salmon-protecting culling to end

L.A. man 16th to die exploring sunken ship

Kangaroo attacks woman, police

Citing fatigue, rider will also skip Vuelta

London company carries runners' bags

Ryan Lochte takes 200 freestyle title

Long Island's Bobis last seen Sunday

Four NOLS students Injured

Cavendish takes green jersey

At 18, U.S. climber's win a surprise