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While most of us won't be paddling into Mavericks with a GoPro on the nose of our board, there are ways to maximize the camera's life while using it to capture less-extreme footage.

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

From GoPros to iPhones, cameras are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean the demise of “real” cameras, as some have predicted. Instead, manufacturers have responded to the proliferation of do-everything smartphones by continuing to improve image quality while simultaneously piling on the best features that can dream up.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2012 Winter Buyer's Guide, including the Contour+ POV camera.

I'm a surfer looking to get into surfing photography. What are the best waterproof housings for DSLRs? I shoot with a Canon 5D.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Pentax WG-1 camera.

Cameras haven’t been this cool since Nikon brought on the digital era in 1999 with the D1. Now it’s all about the convergence of still and motion photography. Cameras from the simplest point-and-shoots to pro-level DSLRs can now shoot HD video. So stop worrying about mega­pixels and figure out…

These cameras can handle being dropped, wet or frozen—and still take great shots.