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Whether you’re headed for California or Costa Rica, these tips will maximize savings and minimize hassle

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Frequent fliers spend a lot of energy trying to avoid long layovers. But with these tips, the right attitude, and a bit of ingenuity, you can turn your layover into another adventure.

Whether you're seeking a climbing partner or a coffee date, it's never been easier to engage with other like-minded travelers, thanks to apps and active social-media groups with extensive reaches

Seventeen essential strategies for how to make your adventuring more fun, affordable, and hassle-free

Traveling with large gear can get pricey. Here's how to bring your mountain bike or surfboard along without going broke.

You can try to book your epic adventure by spending hours online. Or you can save time, money, and hassle by using a travel agent.

With these tools, there's no reason to wait in long lines

Credit-card mileage programs are as confusing as they are enticing, with rules, add-ons, and fine print that's always changing. Here's how to make them work for you.

For this veteran journalist, the intoxicating freedom of traveling solo outweighs the risks every time. Here are her life-on-the-road strategies.

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Tips (including how to make the most of the barter system) from a woman who makes below the average U.S. household income

From dry shampoos and water bottles to bandanas and carry-ons, here's what our staff won’t leave home without

From scarves with hidden neck pillows to pants that fit like pj's, these are the ultimate his-and-hers travel wardrobes

But the flip side is that your healthy fitness habits—so deemed by lurking insurance companies—could lower premiums

We get it. Solo travel can be scary. But trust us, the idea of it is more frightening than actually doing it.

From a barrier island off South Carolina’s coast to a remote ski town in British Columbia, we’ve rounded up our (and our kids'!) favorite places to chase adventure this summer

Yep, Costco. Here are six cut-rate trips you can take thanks to the bulk superstore.

A road-warrior parent of two small children shares his favorite gear for wee ones on the go

Tour de France stages. Classic British Columbian downhills. Epic gravel grinds in the American heartland. These bucket-list rides are guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels.

Finding your way around a new place, especially abroad, is a form of art. Here's how to master it.

Plus one great lock that reveals if your luggage has been searched by the TSA…

The best route to a cheap flight can be treacherous. Here’s a tried-and-true method for finding a great deal.

Spring is approaching, and with it unpredictable wet weather. Here are our favorite small umbrellas that you can keep in your work or school backpack.

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Rendezvous promises to help find the best—and cheapest—places to meet in the middle

Vacations can be expensive. But thanks to a slew of new digital tools, it's never been easier to cut costs on your next trip.

Our favorite gadgets for turning your economy seat into a mobile office

You don’t need to make more money to stash away funds for travel

Tools to score great deals on flights, lodging, and meals

Seven free apps and one website that will make long travel days a lot less painful

Gear is expensive, and travel documents are difficult to replace. Here’s how to keep it all secure.

Your next big adventure doesn't have to put you in debt

No Valium for me, just luggage that the airlines can't lose and fits everything I need

When you look at their Instagram posts, it's easy to be jealous of your jet-setting friends. But there are grimier sides to traveling alone.

How to ditch your fluid soaps and sundries for a more seamless travel experience

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Eight gift ideas to help your friends and family save up to book the international trip of their dreams

Result: You’ll never miss a flight again! Okay, not really, but these innovations should reassure you about flying in inclement weather this winter.   

From tracking storms to scoring flights to staying safe in the backcountry, these apps will help you nail your next big ski trip

Michael Clark follows world-class athletes to the far reaches of the earth. This is his go-to gear to get him there.

Alastair Humphreys wrote the book on quick, cheap ways to shake up your day-to-day. Here's how he builds quick and inexpensive outings around the idea.

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From ski straps to boot bags, here's our favorite gear for getting to the hill and back

It's a simple equation, really. More savings equals more travel.

These sites will inform, entertain, and inspire the hell out of you, whether you're at your desk or on the train to Chamonix

One of the hardest parts about adventuring alone is also the most rewarding

From backpacks to boxers, this gear will last you a lifetime

(Courtesy LifeStraw) Special Edition LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw ($45) With this two-stage filter-and-bottle combo in your hands, you can scoop water directly from a river or stream and know that 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and microplastics will be filtered out. This special-edition…

It's easier than ever to jump on a bus, bike, train, or trolley to climb, paddle, hike, and camp

Whether you're going for a weekend, a week, or a month, there are some general rules to live by

Stylish, do-it-all shirts, jackets, packs, and shoes that go from the backcountry to the bar

Proven software to budget, save, and protect your money

Pro mountain biker Katie Holden is on a whirlwind world tour. Here's the travel gear that keeps her cranking.

Snapping the perfect shot is hard. Snagging the perfect gear shouldn't be.

Three foundational rules to fund your outdoor lifestyle using only what you have in your bank account right now

Hunt down far-flung powder days in style and comfort

The perfect blanket, socks, mug, and more for snuggling around the fireplace

Shelma Jun, founder of women's climbing organization Flash Foxy and co-founder of production company Never Not Collective, outlines a busy month of foraging, climbing, and other adventures in the city

Each of these hotels merges modern design with sustainable materials and baller amenities that go easy on the planet

Don't want to spend money on prepackaged energy food? Use one of these machines to make your own jerky or dried fruit.

These Airstream hotels let you test #trailerlife before taking the plunge

'Outside' staffers know a thing or two about maximizing our microadventures. Steal our tips for getting after it in the early morning, late at night, during lunchtime, and on short weekends.

And everything you need to know before you purchase a coverage plan

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Solo trips are among life's great adventures, but it's best to be prepared for everything, from bouts of boredom to unexpected accidents