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Freitag's 85-liter Zippelin duffel packs down to the size of a shoebox. But is it worth the $980 price tag?

Freitag's 85-liter Zippelin duffel uses innovative materials and packs down to the size of a shoebox. But is it worth the $980 price tag?

Once it's safe to get back out there, you and your pups will be long overdue for an adventure. Here's what you need to keep them comfortable—and you sane—on your next road trip.

Because travel is also a state of mind. Here are the movies, books, podcasts, online courses, and virtual tours to get your wanderlust fix from your couch.

This simple cushion that rescued me on a long-haul flight has become my ultimate work-from-home hack

With the airline industry struggling because of COVID-19, summer, fall, and winter plane fares to adventure destinations are hitting unprecedented lows. Airlines are also offering free change and cancellation fees. Should you hop on these deals now or wait and see? We consulted industry experts to find out—and rounded up some of the best fares out there.

Stop storing up days and start using them, whether it's for a microadventure, a staycation, or a road trip

While there are far more serious problems facing the world, for some people whether or not to travel in the weeks and months ahead has become a confusing and heated topic. Here's what a longtime travel writer thinks.

Sure, the latest Bose or Sony are great, but not if you're on a budget. Here's how three top-rated affordable headphone options stack up.

One of the many things that COVID-19 has taught us is to always consider buying a travel insurance policy. If you bought travel insurance for a trip you have to cancel during the travel bans, you may or may not be covered. Here's how to protect yourself now and on future trips.

The best luggage for the overhead bin and the space under your seat

Sure, the latest Bose or Sony are great, but you can find good sound quality if you're on a budget. Here's how three top-rated affordable options stack up.

The start of spring is one of the best times to travel, thanks to perfect weather, fun festivals, and a screaming flight deal to the Virgin Islands

With over 8,000 different "sustainable" hotel certifications, how do you know what's greenwashing and what's the real deal? We consulted experts to find out. 

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In Southwest Utah, those who look beyond the national park will find every flavor of adventure, from slickrock mountain biking to red-rock canyoneering and climbing

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May 16–17, 2020, Outside Experience is moving to Northerly Island with even more gear demos, clinics, inspiration, and adventure 

When it comes to bringing a personal item on a plane, I like to keep it simple. This is the bag I grab before every flight.

This simple bag is all you need for airline travel

Starting today, Alaska Airlines' latest fare sale tackles two of the greatest obstacles to seeing the northern lights—price and timing

Use these tips to make sure you get the shot this year

I traveled through three climates in three weeks and didn't check a bag. Here's how I packed.

Thinking of taking your next road trip overseas? Keep these five tips in mind for your next overlanding adventure.

A well-packed ski bag can mean the difference between an epic holiday and trashed gear. Here's how to do it right.

A well-packed ski bag can mean the difference between an epic holiday and trashed gear. Here's how to do it right.

From where to go to what to pack, here's everything a newbie needs to know to pull off a successful first hut trip

A few tips to help you incorporate this​ lifelong hobby in​to your everyday excursions

Nothing puts a damper on a vacation like losing your wallet, laptop, or luggage. This technology will help you keep track of what's most important.

Heed this expert advice before you cancel a flight or abandon a dream destination

Whether you're staying in a bare-bones A-frame or a decked-out Airbnb, these carry-on-friendly additions will turn any ski cabin into a cozy winter getaway

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As a young National Health Service Corps physician, Chip Thomas moved to the Diné Nation to help build a community of wellness. Today, his public-art installations are bolstering that mission.

Gearing up for a trip to Italy, Outside assistant editor Kaelyn Lynch gathered some popular travel accessories to put to the test

The right gear and packing methods can save you baggage fees and ensure the essentials arrive with you

Yes, you should fly less, but it's complicated. Here's a guide to when you should take a plane, when you shouldn't, and how to be a more conscious traveler.

As we wait to see when we'll be traveling again, these apps can help you to save for your next adventure

The answer: it depends. But we read through the fine print so you don't have to.

Eager to find the perfect resort? Read on.

Choose the right card, and you might not pay a cent for your next vacation

The North Face Base Camp duffel will fit everything you need, no matter the trip—and it's practically indestructible

If you're looking for adventure, leave your roller bag behind

The famed free soloist gave us the beta on the country’s best rock-climbing mecca

These simple packing steps will go a long way (like, 2,000 miles long) to making you a less burdened traveler

From troubleshooting an active engine light to naming that mountain in the distance, download these tools for a fun, stress-free road trip

Going places? Here are six bags we'd recommend you bring along.

Because you don't want to be led deep into the backcountry by just anyone

Pack these essentials to keep up your workout routine—no matter where you go

A professional videographer shares his years of knowledge on how to make sure your devices arrive in one piece

Believe it or not, there’s still time for you procrastinators to make the most of the last weekend of summer

From baggage fees to rental cars, here are the common mistakes that will cost you when traveling—and how to avoid them

Finally visit those crowd-less destinations you’ve been dreaming of—without breaking the bank

The key to becoming an Instagram standout? Graduating from your iPhone to a portable, professional setup.

Living out of your car doesn’t mean you need to rough it. Here’s the gear worth splurging on to up your glamping game.

Forget dorky sun hats and zip-off pants. These versatile pieces will keep you looking great and your carry-on light—no matter the adventure.

If you think travel agents disappeared completely in the age of online booking, think again. They're back—in a whole new, modern form.

More organizations are cropping up to help everyone find a community in the outdoors. Here are seven of our favorites.

Having the right bags keeps your stuff organized and safe so you can focus on having fun

I caught up with Shane Dillon Gidcumb, a former winery executive and author of 'The Franklin Fi' book series who up and quit his job one day in favor of cross-country touring

When it comes to select essentials, spending more now will save you money later

Don't let an overnight flight stop you from arriving at your destination well rested and ready for adventure

Sleeker than a bloated trifold, more secure than a money clip…

Take the stress out of solo travel with these simple strategies

Some of the world's most unique places are disappearing fast, as a result of climate change. It might be time to rearrange your bucket list.

Away's the Bigger Carry-On won us over with its compact, sleek construction and features like an ejectable battery and TSA-approved lock

The ins and outs of overnighting in the actual wilderness

Slow travel is popular in Europe and catching on in the U.S. It's not a bad way to ease your climate (and possibly flight) anxiety.

From our favorite packable meals to TSA-friendly containers, here are 10 easy hacks to eat well while flying

How you organize your gear is just as important as the gear you take

Adventure-ready bags for cargo hold or overhead bin

Go the distance with these nine essentials

Save up for the trip of your dreams in six months or less

Big enough to fit all your bathroom essentials, tough enough to haul across the world…

You're convinced that having a travel expert by your side will be useful. But how do you go about knowing when and how to book with them?

Look no further for your go-to playlist for the long hauls

Whether you’re headed for California or Costa Rica, these tips will maximize savings and minimize hassle