Travel Advice


There are 128 National Scenic Byways across the country. Here are five of our favorites.

Flights and hotels are expensive. Your travel kit doesn't have to be.

Never leave man's best friend behind again

When a trailer or van is your home, staying clean, organized, and clutter-free is paramount

Packing light is all about mind over matter

Featuring everything we love about the original Allpa, in a smaller, more manageable size

These lightweight, super-packable water wickers deserve a place in your travel bag

Limited space, mechanical failure, and dirt everywhere mean living in a trailer or van isn't all sunshine and glamorous Instagram posts

With thousands of days on the road between them, these athletes, photographers, and sports announcers know a thing or two about packing for the long haul

Traveling with beer or wine is easy if you follow these steps

Being exposed to new places is wonderful. Being exposed to new germs is not.

With beautiful trails and camping close to town, quick access to the mountains, and a vibrant downtown, this ski town is a gold mine of summer adventures

Six essentials for those long, long flights

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You know the ancient Chinese proverb “Many hands make carrying a Yeti cooler easier”? Translation: The key to a successful group trip is to take charge without anyone realizing that you’re in charge. Here’s how you do it.

For one, it makes headlines for excellence and not for, um, dogs dying in its overhead bins

Guide apps and GPS tools can be vital for off-grid adventures. But relying on them too heavily means we miss out on hidden gems that aren't online.

Essential hardware for Lollapalooza and beyond

When disaster strikes, this gear will help you make it through

Traveling on a vegan diet can seem daunting. These adventurers show you how to do it with ease.

With more people than ever taking to the woods, we need to rethink how we spend time on public lands

We hooked up our Airstream with new solar panels and batteries and haven't looked back

Nothing ruins an adventure like trying unsuccessfully to ignore noisy neighbors as you doze. Add this gear to your kit and you'll be sound asleep in no time.

From bonus miles to free checked bags, we break down the best perks for packing plastic

Gear to make stays away from home more enjoyable

From stink-proof bags to double-duty sneaks, essential gear for working out on the road

Life on the road means freedom from daily schedules. But it's nice to have familiar places to look forward to every year.

Packs, duffels, and rollers that shake off abuse

Footwear for roaming in style

VIP style and comfort, even in the cheap seats

Survive planes, trains, and automobiles with these essentials

Five ways to protect your expensive stuff in transit

Big-box parking lots are an easy stopgap, but there's so much public land waiting for those willing to look a little

From layers to shades, here’s what to take with you to prepare for rain or shine

After putting my favorite bags through the wringer, I found a clear winner in this cavernous category

Why go to all the way to Africa to gaze at big game when you can drive yourself through New Mexico?

Sweat-wicking skivvies for fresh-smelling adventures

Our seven favorite products for working smarter, quicker, and more caffeinated on the road

These tools and bits of know-how can help you avoid getting your trailer stuck on remote backroads

When your home-on-wheels is in the shop for multiple days, take the opportunity to explore someplace new on foot

Clothing and a duffel that can be used over and over while still looking polished

Technically advanced outdoor gear can make traveling for your next business trip easier, more comfortable, and more efficient

Seven products that make adventuring easier

Fighting sickness and the desire to do too much in the Sonoran Desert

It's time to stop checking your luggage

Arizona's Mt. Graham was always there to climb. We just had to stop and do it.

For months, we debated whether to go truck cap or tonneau on our Chevy Silverado. Then we found the Pace Edwards Ultragroove series.

Traveling far and wide for powder doesn't have to be an awkward nightmare, thanks to this cleverly designed carry-on

From the terminal to the trail, these sneakers can do just about everything

Finally, someone is doing something about fake service dogs

Hopefully after reading this, you'll never buy luggage without two shoulder straps again

Running dead is not an option—at least not one we want to contemplate

Lessons in preparing for and getting through the season

As the debate over the national monuments festers, Americans need to get out and use these lands

We put together this list of seven essentials for keeping the groove going no matter where you are

To find solitude in the wilderness, skip the weekends, consider the off season, and look for places without the obvious appeals

For those who are always on the road—or just like to keep their closet spartan—we built an outfit that works as well on Friday as it did last Monday.

Tricks for renting cars with surf racks, finding the best singletrack, and buying from the locals' bike shop

Working remote doesn't require sacrificing style and comfort.  (Courtesy Grovemade) Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand ($139) Sure, you can work anywhere on a laptop. But when you’re at home, upgrade from the kitchen counter with Grovemade’s Walnut laptop stand, which delivers comfort and classic wood style. Buy…

In these days of constant work and connection, taking time to do nothing is one of the most difficult agenda items. But it’s more important than ever.

The adventure doesn't stop just because your team has a few new members

The best ways to get your tea and coffee fix on the road

In the face of unexpected pitfalls, you learn that it’s not about the problems you encounter—it’s how you deal with them

I can’t deny the appeals of the nomad existence. But it has its challenges, too.

We crowdsourced reviews on this crucial piece of gear

Why settle for crappy hotel-room java when you can bring your own?

The Koraloc Pack is the ultimate wave rider's companion

Gleich, a professional ski mountaineer, spends a lot of time on the road. Here's the gear she always brings along.

The Mobot Big Bertha is the ultimate après tool

Keep your best friend comfortable and well fed on your next adventure

Six things that will make road trips and plane rides more pleasant

Five pieces of easy-on-your-wallet gear to make stays away from home more enjoyable

With the JetBag, flying with glass bottles no longer means risking the destruction of your luggage