Travel Advice


There’s more to amateur photography than a selfie stick

It takes more than a pack of toothpicks to feel fresh and clean on the road

Do yourself a favor: book shorter legs and stop in unexpected spots. You might be surprised at all the little treasures you find.

Think ahead, travel right—and for goodness' sake, bring clean water

To get you psyched for your next trip, look for a classic novel from the road

Forget the politics. Just go camping on public lands before you decide what should be done with them.

Want a good campsite? Check out those run by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

A snapshot in the hand is worth two in the cloud

There's a reason they call it fun size

Over the past 125 years, the Opinel No. 8 has undergone just one upgrade. Some designs never go obsolete.

No matter where you are, there’s a use for Kamakura’s oxford button-down

It's not just marketing hype. With this stuff under his arms, our writer found he could go a full 72 hours and not piss off the people next to him on the bus.

Distilling our long, tedious road to configuring an Airstream's solar panels to provide enough energy to allow us to work from the road

We sent our correspondent deep undercover to explore the latest summer craze: camps tailored just for adults. Boozy slip-and-slide? Check. Excessive kickball celebrations? You betcha. It's all detailed in his letters from a nostalgic bacchanal.

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The best way to kick off the fly-fishing season? Load up the RV and head out in search of pristine spring creeks

We'll forgive you for leaving these pieces of gear at home—even though you shouldn't

Get more value from your adventure tools in the city and on the plane

Five bags that are ready to take on the world.

Essentials for wandering—and playing—in style and comfort

Here's the kit one of the country's most ambitious FKT chasers uses when he heads out into the backcountry

Books—cumbersome and fragile—are not practical travel companions. But they are absolutely essential.

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Whether you're new to the game or are looking for a few new tricks, Cedar Wright has five simple tips that will help you elevate your camping game.

Last March, my wife and I traveled to Siberia's Yamal Peninsula, north of the Arctic Circle, and gained some road wisdom from real nomads

We asked three of the fastest people we know about the gear that lives in their carry-ons

Never let a noisy engine or a crying baby get between you and Elvis Costello

From the mundane (check the water in your batteries) to the brash (sell your home)

Keep things cozy, classy, and dry with this old-school essential

Hitting the road for more than a few days? Here's what should go in your trunk.

Contributing editor Patrick Symmes has traveled the world with these essentials, including guidebooks, earplugs, and decoy wallets

How to choose luggage for your next expedition to the Serengeti or the next regional sales trip to Akron

Hopping on a plane to your next adventure or just to visit the folks? You might as well be comfortable.

The bags, clothes, tools, and drugs that make regular long-haul flights survivable

The key to not getting overwhelmed is to remember that every day is a privilege

How to pack a year’s worth of clothes and gear into a space the size of a carry-on

The best adventures are too wet, dirty, and cumbersome to contain—unless you've got the right luggage

Move from a 1,800-square-foot house to a 200-square-foot trailer and you're forced to confront how much of your sedentary life is extraneous

Ever hear of Dog Canyon? I hadn't either until a spur-of-the-moment trip brought me there and made me realize that state parks are some of the most underrated public lands you might never have used.

Everything you need to know to plan the ultimate bucket-list escape

From slipping a surf session into a business trip to hiring a photographer to capture your vacation, here are a couple ways to get more out of your travel

We asked our favorite runners, skiers, bikers, and adventurers to name something that's in their bag every time they're on the road

Or, in other words, an exercise in decluttering and organization necessitated by a 200-square-foot living space

Salvaging adventure—and the New Year—in the Airstream

Nomadic life isn’t hard, but it takes some getting used to. These pointers will make it easier.

Finding possibility and gratitude in the grim days and in-between experiences

Next year will bring massive delays to passport issuing and renewal

You don’t have to travel far to find inspiration

Five surprising pieces of gear that make road life even better

Want to learn a new skill and visit a faraway locale? You can now do both, thanks to a boom in instructional outdoor clinics worth traveling for.

How to power your life and work from the backcountry

How to find the ultimate backcountry campsites for your rolling home office

The new duffle from Tepui stood up to several rounds of abuse, with nary a scratch to show for it

New satellites photograph 700 trillion pixels of your planet

Pro mountain bikers Macky Franklin and Syd Schulz are proving that living on the road full time doesn’t have to cost a fortune

The final word on what to pack it into for your summer getaway

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

How to take your friends camping without killing them, or wanting to

Stop browsing #vanlife photos and get out of town fast

Our writer rented an Airstream for a week to see if he could overcome his doubts about RVing. He ended up falling in love—and buying a 2014 Flying Cloud 23FB named Artemis.

Style meets comfort in these versatile kicks

Anything can happen on the open road. Be ready.

Kit up for your next weekend—or yearlong—getaway

A photojournalist thumbs his way across America in the middle of winter. How many axe-murderers will he encounter?

The only problem you’ll have in the planet’s ultimate adventure mecca is deciding what to do first

Everything you need to know to crash in the backcountry (in a good way)

Instagram readers share epic outings for the new year

You can find deals even in this pricey segment of an expensive sport—it just takes a bit of strategic planning.

Turns out skiing the Alps isn't as expensive as you thought

Everything—from our favorite rugged suitcase to the world's most comfortable shoes—except the lift ticket

What do a carry-on Moscow Mule cocktail kit and a flashlight-size survival tool have in common? They both seem like luxuiries—untill you really need 'em.

Travel feels the most glamorous when you’re not physically traveling. So it follows that the nicest thing you could give someone is a way to escape the dreariness of airports, nonreclining seats, and sad airplane food.

Some ski resorts are already spinning lifts. Here’s where to ski and ride at the beginning of the winter.

Believe it or not, you can ride fat tires in the Big Apple and beyond.

Going places is going to get a lot more fun (and easy) thanks to these people, companies, and apps