Beta—a new mountain biking magazine, website, and membership program—might have emerged from the Covid-driven cycling craze, but its industry roots run deep

The Colorado-based PR pro and co-founder of Inside Out Communications has struck out on her own

Snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones has announced his company's entry into the apparel market

The fledgling accessory brand Winter's Edge has come up with a new way for reps to get product into potential dealers' hands

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In the specialty retail wholesale process, buyers still want to touch the product before purchasing

Powder magazine shut down operations and effectively folded this fall. Two former leaders from the snow sports title have now joined Pocket Outdoor Media.

Employee Resource Groups can benefit your company culture and promote success both internally and externally. Here’s how to start one—any why you should.

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Don't let this key piece of the ecosystem hold your brand back

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In an ever-changing market, adaptation is a necessity for success

The former group president of Wolverine Worldwide and global president of The North Face will lead the sporting goods company's expansion into specialty outdoor retail

After their longstanding cycling title effectively folded last month, five of Bike's editors have joined the Pocket team

The parent company of The North Face has announced plans to add the direct-to-consumer streetwear company to its portfolio of brands

When Cristobal Murillo couldn’t fly to Asia to see his newest product in person, he dropped $1,500 on a high-definition camera and did all the development through a live feed with his supplier

The activewear brand is differentiating itself this year by not using photography to unveil its newest line

Two new products coming this spring, the Alto and the Telos, mark Sea to Summit's first foray into lightweight tent production

The pandemic has completely reshaped the adventure guiding industry. Here's what the months and years ahead might look like.

The coronavirus crisis has strained the outdoor industry's supply chains in a major way. Here's how some brands have managed the challenge.

The deal will bring outdoor climbing’s two biggest magazines under one roof for the first time in history. It also adds two promising new categories, indoor climbing and trail running, to Pocket’s portfolio of active lifestyle brands.

The four titles will pause operations in the coming months and furlough employees without pay

This year, the question may be more important than ever, but two industry powerhouses—Patagonia and REI—disagree

REI, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, and several other companies have donated time, technology, and thousands of units of PPE to polling places ahead of the election

The company's brand-new, unused complex in Washington sold less than a month after going on the market

The newest survey data from the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable show a positive change in sales and employment at outdoor companies for the first time since April

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Is it time to upgrade your B2B system with something more modern? This quick quiz will show if it’s time to consider updating your system.

After a pandemic-prompted trial run, the retailer will deconstruct the traditional idea of "headquarters" in favor of remote, flexible work

As customers resume in-person shopping, two outdoor brands are going above and beyond to help retailers deal with safety

Data from the guide booking platform 57Hours paints a bleak picture of an industry in crisis

A woman paralyzed in a hammock-related accident in 2017 is seeking damages from the North Carolina-based manufacturer of ENO products

How media is evolving through the pandemic and recession

REI, Patagonia, The North Face, and others have committed to halting ad spends on the platform to protest the tech giant's tolerance of hate speech

Google and the World Wildlife Fund Sweden are collaborating on a new platform to bring environmental transparency to fashion industry supply chains

Gear sales have gone topsy-turvy since the crisis began, with some sectors up and others disastrously down. But through it all, bikes have soared

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Even if your brand can’t conduct essential business face to face, it is critical that you find ways to move forward

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Here are three ways a rep can positively impact a retailer’s season, and how to enable your reps

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Use these best practices to tailor your content marketing program for each part of the season

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Learn what retailers need from brands in season to ensure mutual success

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Learn about the modern tools and services that you can utilize to create long lasting retail relationships

What happens when an outdoor company stops making outdoor goods to focus solely on PPE? Flowfold sees the transition as a natural move

As consumer demand rises for comfortable face masks, outdoor companies are innovating new products

Allforth and Lithic will cater to customers who need guidance breaking into outdoor recreation

The brand will share 40 percent of revenue with authorized dealers who generate online sales

Lawson Hammock in North Carolina just secured a major growth investment, defying the economic challenges of the coronavirus crisis

After closing all 162 of its stores last month while keeping employees on the payroll, the company has now decided that many workers will lose income for 90 days

The Bozeman company has teamed up with a local quilting organization to make masks for hospitals

Emergency changes to the company's Seattle factory will allow for large-scale production of masks by early summer

In this strange time of isolation, the Spring/Summer issue of The Voice will bring us together. Here's how to get your free copy

Kitsbow, a cycling apparel company in North Carolina, uses a "lean production" method that allowed it to respond to the coronavirus crisis with speed and efficiency

Eddie Bauer and Flowfold have shifted manufacturing capacity to produce masks for hospitals

One of the industry's largest brands has halted all operations and shut down its website until further notice

The scare forced the shutdown of Patagonia's Reno operations for more than a day

Ever an ally of independent retailers, the Santa Barbara-based company has agreed to provide financial assistance to specialty shops whose bottom lines have taken a hit

What businesses need to know about weathering the storm

What do you get when you cross Cold War military technology with a laser-equipped smart mirror? A new way for consumers to engage with supply chain transparency

The paddlesports and technical apparel company has responded to a year of growth by reinvesting significantly in its facilities and workforce

Large outdoor companies are losing retail sales in China, and their manufacturing status is unclear. Meanwhile, smaller manufacturers say their production is at a standstill

Bluebird Backcountry is on a mission to make backcountry skiing safer, cheaper, and more accessible

Robert Pavao, 20, was arraigned Monday for the stabbing of a female Timberland employee

Why try the same old ad campaign when you can make a movie?

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Terramar was the first outdoor company to make silk baselayers, and it’s still pioneering new performance technologies. You could be forgiven for not knowing: this brand doesn’t make a lot of noise, just a lot of good products

In 2019, Amazon became the largest retailer the world has ever seen. Here’s what that means for all of us

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How do you create a campaign that thrills, not flops? We asked the experts at Origin for five key tips

Andrew and Shelley Dunbar have owned Sea to Summit distribution in North America for 22 years. Now the Australian company is bringing it back under the global umbrella

In order to make amends, the online retailer is now promising to help companies impacted by their legal action

The sheriff'ss office reportedly put the brand's corporate headquarters and the executive's house on a property watch list

Now that he has dropped outstanding litigation and fired the law firm, Jonathan Nielsen is taking action to make reparations with companies who faced legal action

Businesses say they were bullied. Jonathan Nielsen says he did not see the backlash coming and that because of it, Backcountry is rethinking the way it protects its trademark

After a 25-year hiatus, one of snowboarding's original brands is back

People with disabilities are getting outdoors—can you catch up?

Mountain Hardwear takes a risk in removing toxic flame retardants from its tents. Will the rest of the industry follow?

Are you making enough money? Getting paid what you're worth? Dive into our complete salary report

Milliken and Polartec will finalize the agreement this month

Jim Thomsen renewed trademarks for the Klettersack, with an open mind about the brand's future

The leadership switch follows the sudden resignation of Jerry Stritzke in February

These marketing and communication gurus will flood your feed with #inspiration

Ikon was the talk of the town all across the West. But increased visitation comes at a cost

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

Hopefully your brand will never need it, but if you find yourself in hot water, here’s how to minimize the damage and change the course of the conversation

The industry’s largest specialty retailer is also its most powerful. Does that make it a visionary leader? Necessary evil? Cutthroat competitor? Or something else entirely?