Filmmakers have bigger budgets, smaller cameras, and new editing technology at their fingertips. They’ve also gotten better at telling nuanced stories.

Eddie Bauer’s award-winning Flyline outerwear was designed from the ground up for hard charging

At some point in every adventurous life, you need to pursue something completely trivial with such single-minded focus that it nearly drives you mad. Allow me to explain.

Last winter, when the robotics firm Roam released its latest version of Elevate, a revolutionary exoskeleton promising to boost skiing performance, our writer knew he had to give it a test drive. His analysis: the company's debut product is fun yet flawed—but its vision of a tech-assisted sports future will still blow your mind.

During a hot and lonely summer, I grabbed my tools and created an outdoor watering hole to entertain friends—at a safe distance, of course! This may be the best idea I’ve ever had.

In 'Above the Clouds,' the world's greatest ultrarunner recounts the lifelong effort that led him to the tallest mountain on earth

When the long-running TV game show relaunched in January, it promised a kinder, gentler version suited for the current health climate. It didn't deliver.

A self-described tequila snob on why he's adding whiskey to his backcountry repertoire (and a recipe for the perfect Manhattan)

Biotech company Elysium Health just released an at-home DNA test that—supposedly—will tell you how well (or poorly) you're aging

Blood glucose monitoring for performance is becoming more common. Here's what you need to know.

In April, alpinists David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer went silent during a harrowing expedition in Canada. The climbing community mobilized, first for a search and then for a memorial. In the wake of the tragedy, writer Nick Heil examines the motives of cutting-edge climbers and wonders: How close should we stand to our own mortality to feel alive?

Five years in, the virtual cycling and running game has acquired massive investment capital, thousands of daily players, and a professional bike-racing league. The platform has changed the way we run and ride.

Five years after he famously Facebooked his way to rescue from a Himalayan crevasse, scientist and climber John All is back on Mount Everest, looking for answers about how global warming is affecting the highest peaks on earth

Tequila master Nick Heil tells you how to raise your mix game from good to gold

The Spaniard posted an absurd 78,274 feet

Moab has come into its own as one of America’s great multisport destinations. Here’s how to make the most out of a visit, from pedaling its world-class singletrack to hiking its famed national parks to rafting the Colorado River.

A slide off Kachina Peak—steep, rowdy terrain at the New Mexico ski resort—buried two men on Thursday

The Spanish ultra-athlete has spent the past decade crushing a generation of elite rivals and redefining the limits of human endurance. But when he notched back-to-back speed ascents of Everest in 2017, critics pounced on the claims.

When it comes to our appetites, we’re no different than our caveman ancestors

The new app may be the most ambitious adventure tech to hit the market since sat phones

The entrepreneur believes that biohacking can rocket your body and mind to peak performance. His Bulletproof diet zoomed into the mainstream, his Bullet-proof coffee has everyone quaffing butter, and his Bulletproof books fly off the shelves. Now Bulletproof Labs is out to hack, well, everything.

Two new books break down how sugar is killing us—and who is to blame

After a hard-charging start the Libertarian candidate bonked bigly, thanks to a series of gaffes and a rather sad(!) lack of preparation. On the eve of a historic election, a onetime supporter wonders about what might have been.

Want to perform like a pro, even with the years piling up? Nick Heil got the deluxe treatment at Exos, a cutting-edge outfit that works with NFL players and soccer stars. He came out slimmer, stronger, and more focused—the perfect upgrade for anybody, at any age, who plays hard in the outdoors.

New research shows that perceptions of fatigue and pain stop us from hitting our physical limits long before our bodies do. Can athletes train their brains to reach unheard-of levels of peak performance?

You’ve heard that Kobe Bryant meditates, and that most pro athletes perform their best while in a flow state. But what does that mean, and how do you get there? Three new books attempt to demystify the cloudy world of mindfulness training.

The best gear and accessories for the most punishing way to have fun this winter

Stay in the game longer and stronger with a solid prehab routine, and go harder with a smart recovery routine

Training through the coldest, darkest, snowiest days of the year tests the depth of your motivation and commitment. It's time to revise your winter program.

The high-altitude, lung-busting challenge imported from Europe has become one of the hottest winter sports in North America. Why? Because this pursuit proves that premeditated suffering can be highly addictive.

Recent news about the popular bacon-infused diet, explained

Want to continue to crush well into your 80s? Here’s how.

Does the catastrophe that gave us 'Into Thin Air' still have the power to captivate? We talk to the cast and crew of the new movie 'Everest' about making an adventure epic roar to life for a new generation.

Blimp-tired bicycles were developed for one of the most grueling endurance races in the world. But then everyone else realized how much fun they were.

In the grueling world of ultrarunning, she's an anomaly: a low-key athlete who thrives on unstructured training, competes by instinct, and crushes men in the sport's most prestigious race

By age 34, the Colorado native had won the World Extreme Skiing Championships and an X Games medal, starred in sweet ski-porn videos, and had two kids. But his desire to ski big mountains was still growing and inspired his biggest project yet.

Teams discuss cancelling climb

As many as 16 climbers killed

Skimo racing is one of the fastest growing sufferfests in the U.S., combining grueling big-mountain ascents in the worst kind of winter weather. So, naturally, two inexperienced, undertrained magazine editors couldn't wait to sign up.

America's southern boundary has been a flashpoint for controversy and political debate for years. But a rollicking 2,000-mile drive with National Public Radio reveals there's much more to the region than meets the ear.

The men credited with the first human-powered circumnavigations of the earth are sharing their story in two new books.

A British climber believes Mallory’s body was found decades before 1999.

Harvard biologist Daniel Lieberman's new book, The Story of the Human Body, digs deep into the real meaning of "paleo" and why we struggle to stay fit and healthy in the modern age.

Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond, on climbing, keeping your composure, and the nature of pain

When Hurricane Sandy closed in on New York City, the Weather Channel dispatched (who else?) Jim Cantore. Nick Heil tagged along for a wet, wild adventure that quickly became something else—a survival challenge in the darkest hours of a killer storm.

This year’s bumper crop of paleo-inspired health, diet, and exercise books is proving that the prehistoric movement is here to stay

A rare look inside the nutrition lab at the Olympic Training Center reveals how America's best athletes eat to win

Top athletes share their meal strategies

To fulfill a longtime dream and honor the memory of a fallen hero, a Turkish-American software engineer decides to circle the earth by bike and rowboat, powered solely by his own muscle, lungs, and heart. A little obsessive? Maybe, but look closely at the journey of Erden Eruc and you’ll see something else: one of the most incredible adventure stories of our ti

Which is a serious problem when you’re the most famous stunt rider on the Internet. But as Nick Heil finds out, the oft-injured Scot is roaring out of rehab to dazzle the world once again.

The arrival of high-altitude helicopters on Mount ­Everest and other Nepalese peaks has transformed search-and-­rescue and saved lives. But the choppers have also ­added to the chaos at the top of the world—and introduced a deadly new brand of danger.

While many gun proponents remain adamant that firearms offer better protection against a charging bear than pepper spray, a growing body of scientific research suggests otherwise

With the 2012 climbing season underway, we look back at some of the most incredible moments to take place on the world's tallest mountain over the last 150 years

With the 2012 climbing season underway, we look back at some of the most incredible moments to take place on the world's tallest mountain over the last 150 years

Eight of the biggest icons in the world Outside offer their hard-earned tips

This past Wednesday, an avalanche in the Wyoming backcountry killed the creator of the popular backcountry skiing blog, A few days before he died, we spoke with Romeo about the growing popularity of backcountry and sidecountry skiing.

A recent spate of avalanche deaths near ski resorts sparked a flurry of media reports, many declaring that so-called sidecountry skiing is becoming an increasingly dangerous pursuit. It's just not that simple.

The smartest, most useful, and most inspiring blogs to keep your winter stoke high

A recent New York Times Magazine story titled "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" caused a stir last week, claiming that certain aspects of yoga were too risky for the general population. So should you avoid the fitness routine if you're not a serious athlete?

The masochistic sport of obstacle racing has exploded in popularity. Nick Heil tries to understand why so many are signing up for the misery.

Despite a stellar record of spending cuts, job creation, and balanced budgets—and a world-class adventure résumé that includes an Everest summit—former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson can't get anyone to take his campaign for president seriously. Is it him or us?

He's got the genes and the track record (literally). Can Taylor Phinney become America's next cycling superstar?

Greg Mortenson did it. So Shannon Galpin, a single mom and former Pilates instructor with no humanitarian experience, figured she could, too. She sold her house, started a nonprofit, and flew to Kabul to set up women’s educational and health programs, from scratch, in the world’s most troubled country. The author joined her on her most audacious fundraiser yet.

Will caveman calisthenics be the next big thing for adventure athletes?

The next step in the smartphone revolution? Social fitness.

Maxing out on the weights isn't just for muscleheads. It's the best way to tap into strength you didn't know you had.

For athletes, the flight home is the danger you've been ignoring.

The quickest way to boost your performance in any sport? Drop some gut.

Why are we all suddenly earning money for charity with every race? Because it feels sooo good.

Your body holds power only your brain can unlock. The key? A few awkward contortions—and a lot of concentration.

Identify your fitness flaws and the path to becoming a better athlete will be clear.

When it comes to running footwear, sometimes less is more.

Step-by-Step Instructions

An old-school move holds the key to unlocking your power; if only you can do it right.

Since being jettisoned from Patagonia's empire twenty years ago, Salt Lake City—based Black Diamond Equipment has prided itself on breaking all the rules. They eschew advertising, take enormous risks, and employ a team of superfit athletes who do their only "market research" skiing and climbing in the Wasatch backcountry. And it's working.

With the help of an NBA star, our man tries out two new fitness tools: a vibrating plate and the TRX Suspension Trainer.

No mountain? No problem. As our man discovered, racing up a skyscraper provides a challenge as daunting as many high peaks.

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