Fjellvant (Norwegian, adj.): Being accustomed to walk in the mountains.

The Busy Person’s Guide to a More Adventurous Life

How to make the most of the little time we have


Three foundational rules to fund your outdoor lifestyle using only what you have in your bank account right now


Sometimes the best campsite is a few steps out the back door


'Outside' staffers know a thing or two about maximizing our microadventures. Steal our tips for getting after it in the early morning, late at night, during lunchtime, and on short weekends.


There's nothing quite like breaking up the workday with a run, but logistics can make it tough to pull off. Here's how to execute flawlessly.

Hilary Oliver

Your calendar is your new best friend

After two weeks, I learned something: I'd do it again


You don't have to live in a mountain town to pursue a life of adventure. Presenting the life-changing strategies urban dwellers can adopt to play harder.


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Just please don't call them hacks


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Up your #vanlife game with these apps that help you find camping spots, compare gas prices, and avoid city traffic


See and be seen on evening runs, rides, and hikes

Do As They Do

Shelma Jun

Shelma Jun, founder of women's climbing organization Flash Foxy and co-founder of production company Never Not Collective, outlines a busy month of foraging, climbing, and other adventures in the city

There's a growing number of professionals who elect to create their own paths toward the American Dream.

'The Run is Worth Fighting For' is a film illustrating the lingering fight it takes to be a runner.

When Tahoe is your backyard, a morning ride has unlimited potentialities.


The National Geographic fellow on what he's learned from spending time with the happiest people on earth

If you're not a morning person, dawn patrol adventures can be a struggle. But have no fear, your new friend dusk patrol is here.

In Your Backyard


You don't need amazing trails to have an amazing day with little ones

The best runs, rides, climbs, and places to refuel in the Windy City


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How to turn Tinseltown into a mountain town

The best runs, rides, climbs, and places to refuel in the city that never sleeps

Chris Cohen

The city gets a bad rap: flat, boring, concrete. The flat part? That’s true. But the rest couldn’t be more wrong.

Megan Michelson

They know their coffee, beer, yoga, and outdoor boutiques. We've picked the highlights.


Luckily for you, these involve no slot machines—only glassy waters for paddling and natural playgrounds for climbing