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It’s back to the basics with these tried-and-true brews

Is it a coffee mug or a shaker? It might just be both.

The lows and highs of swapping my daily dark roast with quali-tea matcha

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The secret to a good life and good grapes: rugged terrain, challenging conditions, and just enough adversity to build character

Tart, bubbly and chock-full of antioxidants, this is a mocktail that's made to celebrate summer

TJ’s is officially the ultimate thirst trap

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Infuse more adventure into your life with excursions that mix the most interesting elements of land and sea

Move over, spicy margarita. You’ve got collagen-filled competition.

What’s better than a post-hard-workout shower? The perfect beer to go with it.

Tip Top’s canned cocktails are in a league of their own (and tailor made for your next camping trip)

With dry January far in the rearview mirror, what are the benefits of staying sober as you head into the summer running season?

This mocktail has zingy ginger and tart pineapple blended into a base of hibiscus tea

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Plymouth Gin is all about keeping our oceans clean and the martinis dirty

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Imagine what this means for your outdoor adventures

A new study looks into the benefits of adding dairy to your morning cup of coffee

Tradition says sake is best brewed in winter’s cold temperatures for better fermentation and a tastier end result

Replace simple syrup for buttery, nutty maple syrup in cocktails

Japanese blended whiskey warmed with buttery maple syrup

A classic, this drink embodies the original definition of a cocktail with simple ingredients and refreshing flavors

A twist on a classic American spirit, Applejack brandy

Move over frosty pints and bacon bloody marys, the pisco sour is an after-the-slopes highlight

The bubbly trifecta of bittersweet Aperol, prosecco, and soda water might have been conceived for warm summer days, but it sips just as nicely in the winter

Move over frosty pints and bacon bloody marys, the pisco sour is an after-the-slopes highlight

Whipping up this ski-friendly spritz is as easy as 3-2-1

When soda and sparkling water won’t do the trick during your dry-January journey, reach for these dazzling alcohol-free drinks

Beverages don’t have to be ice-cold to satisfy your thirst

We asked camping and beverage expert Andy Austin for all the tips and tricks so campers everywhere can easily whip up hot drinks to sip on while camping in cold weather.

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These festive drinks are fit for every occasion this holiday season

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Were these hikers more surprised by the fact our free beer was non-alcoholic, or that they loved it? You be the judge.

Mix up these refreshing drinks this fall and winter

A thirst-quenching and refreshing spritz that captures the spirit of fall

Once thought to be annoyingly trite, pumpkin beer has come into its own in recent years. Here are eight of our favorites.

These expert-approved combos make any backcountry meal a special occasion

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Sports fans, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Make this season’s tailgates something to write home about with these tips.