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When it comes to our appetites, we’re no different than our caveman ancestors

For serious performance gains, focus below your ankles

The entrepreneur believes that biohacking can rocket your body and mind to peak performance. His Bulletproof diet zoomed into the mainstream, his Bullet-proof coffee has everyone quaffing butter, and his Bulletproof books fly off the shelves. Now Bulletproof Labs is out to hack, well, everything.

When extreme skier Adam Roberts was killed by an avalanche in the mountains of Washington State, some people wondered if he’d died on purpose. Christopher Solomon reconstructs a life in which athletic talent, fearlessness, and mental illness combined to create an unbearable reality.

Eight foam hogs that know how to boogie

Our travel writers found unsung surf breaks, breathtaking lodges, waist-deep powder, and high-alpine gastronomy in these perfect escapes

Reality-TV stars never sustain long careers. Just don't tell that to Grylls.

She's one of the world's best cyclists, and she has her routine dialed

We investigated whether it's possible to get a healthy and delicious meal in a bottle

A record-holding marathoner and a journalist explore how your mindset can improve your running, and your running can improve your mind

Devon O’Neil watched from a distance as Irma—one of the strongest storms to ever hit land—battered the Caribbean island of St. John with 200-mile-per-hour winds. Two months later, he returned to the place where he grew up to help clear the wreckage and process the destruction of his former home.

Savvy streetwear to fend off April showers

Until recently, the Nike track star seemed destined for burnout. But last year in Boston, after a wave of disappointing races and a personal tragedy, she ran a record-shattering debut marathon. Will the new distance of 26.2 miles save her career?

The horrific scandal in U.S. gymnastics is part of a long history of sexual abuse in amateur sports—especially swimming. The time for lasting change is now.



The Ultimate Fitness Machine: Dave Asprey, the man who brought you Bullet-proof coffee, is expanding his biohacking empire into performance. Nick Heil hops inside the Vir­tual Float Tank at the pilot Bullet­proof Labs. —Nick Heil

Irmageddon: Two months after Hur­ricane Irma flattened the house where he grew up on St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Devon O’Neil returns home to help survey the damage, clean up the wreckage, and begin to rebuild.Devon O’Neil

Redemption on Heartbreak Hill: Can an American woman win the Boston Marathon for the first time since 1985? Ask Jordan Hasay. After years of injuries and losses in shorter races, she has finally found her stride. —Katherine Laidlaw

A Terror Way Beyond Falling: Adam Roberts was never happier than in the back­country, where skiing steep lines quieted his depression and made him feel alive. So when he died in an avalanche, people wondered: Did his risky behavior finally kill him, or was it helping to keep him alive? The answer is yes. —Christopher Solomon


Big Idea

Let’s Fix This for Good: The scandal in USA Gymnastics is no aberration—it’s part of a culture of sexual abuse that has to stop. —Irvin Muchnick

The Outsider

Bear Grylls: It’s no longer enough for the survival star to brave rivers, mountains, and snakes. He wants you to do it, too.


Best Trips 2018: Tasmania. Texas. Alaska. Argentina. Add Nova Scotian surf breaks and Mexican treehouses and these are this year’s can’t-miss places to go.


What to Pack: Keep the adventure big and your carry-on small.


Portfolio: Australian photographer Krystle Wright in her element: the water.


Nutrition: That empty bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos isn’t your fault. Blame your prehistoric brain.

Moves: A routine—complete with toe yoga—for your all-important feet.

Media: Books, vlogs, and Instagram feeds that will inspire you to lace up and go.

Habits: Cyclist Coryn Rivera relies on instinct, cross-training, and hydrogen peroxide.

Fuel: Palatable options for drinking your lunch.


E-Motorbike: Alta’s Redshift EX electrifies both trail and road rides.

Women’s Commuting: Splashproof style for the rainy-day grind.

Road Shoes: Put some bounce in your step with foam fatties.

Adventure Bikes: Forget specialization. It’s time for go-anywhere, do-it-all rigs.