As Republican legislators fail to reach a deal with the fringe of their own party, the National Park Service and normal people who depend on it prepare to suffer

Our list includes a pair of doughnut thieves in Alaska, a selfie taker in Colorado, and the tripod of Orlando

Sustainability 101 says only buy what you need. But when it comes to electric cars, that rule doesn’t always apply.

The author of ‘How to Prepare for Climate Change’ shares his takeaways from summer 2023

The attack occurred during an organized bear hunt in northern Sweden

Artificial light makes it impossible for most people in North America to see the Milky Way. But we don’t have to live like this.

Over eight million acres of public lands are gridlocked by private property. When a group of hunters jumped from one plot of federal land to another, they ignited a debate around just how much a landowner can control.

Hawaii’s climate and ecology have changed in the last few decades, bringing fire to a landscape that hasn’t evolved to withstand it

Why even bag it if you’re not going to carry it out?

It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s good news about climate, too.

Officials in Savoie recently warned hikers to stop harvesting protected species of flowering plants from the hillsides

Heat-related deaths are on the rise across the Southwest, with multiple tragedies occurring in U.S. national parks

The Sourdough and Blue Lake Fires shut down the only road through the park, and crews are working to protect populated areas from the blazes

As extreme temperatures blaze across the nation, parks are taking extra measures to keep visitors safe

After wildfires devastated the town of Lahaina, mutual aid and community support have proven to be more robust than governmental aid

The ruling says the state has an obligation to provide residents with “a clean and healthful environment”

The delinquent black bear—who is actually a female—was finally trapped by officials near South Lake Tahoe

A quick, easy-to-understand summary of how hunting animals for their hides, horns, and antlers benefits wildlife conservation

There’s been a series of encounters in recent weeks. Research suggests that killing bruins isn’t the best way to prevent attacks.

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With an abundant coastline, green initiatives guiding change on both peninsulas, and trail-filled forests that cover more than half the state, Michigan is made for eco-minded travelers

The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon monument will protect thousands of square miles from uranium mining

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What do winners of the Defender Service Awards have in common? They make the world a better place, and now Land Rover is helping them do it.

An elaborate scheme targeted toy giant Mattel and the plastics industry by capitalizing on our big pink moment

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These are some of the best ways to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch Maine on your next adventure

Fifty years from now, we might be walking the Grand Canyon’s valley floor instead of running rapids down a healthy river

The nonprofit leader learned that the best way to handle an environmental crisis is to trust that your community will move forward together

New legislation is being supported by a major REI initiative

Nature is the ultimate source of wonder. But what is awe, really, and why is it good for us?

We’ve all taken in the power of a big slide on social media. But there’s no substitute for the real thing.

We talked to three experts to unpack the invisible havoc unleashed by our mindless idling epidemic 

On an expedition to the arctic, the adventure photographer got a lesson from an orca on what happens when we really tune into nature

From growing plants from seeds, to repurposing food scraps, to turning trash into all-natural cleaners and beauty products, TikTok phenom Creative_explained will inspire you to waste less and save money

The renowned environmentalist knows that an effective revolution requires a movement, which is why he’s recruiting even the most unlikely activists

California’s Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act is the state’s first law aimed at protecting a species threatened by climate change

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Want a hiking boot to adventure with you for years to come? Meet the Danner Mountain 600 Leaf GTX.

El Niño is officially here. That’s bad news for fragile marine ecosystems

Retreating from a wildfire during a backpacking trip inspired the nonprofit founder to share climate change’s impacts on nature with others

Investigators say Edward Frederick Wackerman intentionally started the 2022 Oak Fire. The blaze burned more than 100 homes just outside the national park.

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Winners of the Defender Service Awards save bears, train service dogs, feed people in need, and more. Meet last year’s honorees—and learn how to enter the 2023 contest now!

Save money and go easier on the planet with these tips and alternatives

Working the front lines of America’s wildfires is a difficult and dangerous job, but that doesn’t mean everyone who signs up is chasing adventure

A Montana trucker accidentally ran over the cub on a desolate stretch of road. Then, the mother bear showed up.

As America continues to grapple with political uncertainty and an uneasy relationship with the planet, the author and environmentalist makes the case for an expansive and inclusive grassroots movement

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Venture into a pristine world where wildlife roams by day and the cosmos comes completely alive by night

In 2016, a wildfire jumped the Athabasca River and headed straight for Fort McMurray, an Alberta oil town 600 miles south of the Arctic Circle. In this excerpt from ‘Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World,’ John Vaillant chronicles the moment the blaze enters town, forcing nearly 90,000 people to flee in what remains the largest, most rapid single-day evacuation in the history of modern fire.

The sad situation is a reminder to visitors to avoid handling wild animals

Apples no one has ever tasted are still out in the wild. Dave Benscoter, a retired FBI agent, has spent a decade searching for these 100-year-old heirlooms.

There are far better ways to deal with your shit.

Phoenix recorded its earliest 100-degree day in 80 years

At five feet tall, she was the smallest wildland firefighter in her crew and worried she couldn’t keep up. But on her very first blaze, she discovered her strength.

When the largest tornado ever recorded touched down in central Oklahoma, storm chasers, meteorologists, and thrill seekers were expecting a show. What they got was a deadly lesson in the power of nature.

A crazy-sounding idea—build a tube from the Pacific to bring water to Utah’s Great Salt Lake—raises a larger question: Are we willing to do absolutely anything to fight climate change?

Two humongous male grizzly bears square off in one of the craziest, most mesmerizing battles caught on video

The $450 Lomi Home Composter doesn’t actually create compost. But the product is still awesome—if you can afford it.

Clean water is just the latest front in the GOP's judicial war on your rights

Show up on Earth Day with these easy, powerful actions

Grace Gibson-Snyder is one of 16 young people suing the state of Montana over climate change.

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Some unlikely new heroes are fighting climate change: American sheep and the people who care for them

Sixty-seven percent of all new vehicles will need to be electric by 2032

In his daily conversations, diet, business practices, and play time, Jones is always working for the planet

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In Fiji and 99 other countries, the same Sawyer water filtration technology used by outdoor adventurers is helping to solve the global water crisis

Cyclists, snowboarders, and trail runners unite to discuss their journeys to climate action in this three-part series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

As a sponsor of the 2022 Defender Service Awards, Outside is helping to support the critical work of this nonprofit, which also gets to take home a brand-new Land Rover Defender 130

The marine biologist learned the hard way that we have to give people hope when it comes to the health of our planet

In collaboration with Backpacker, this is our guide to wild ursines

Ross Reid, under the name Nerdy About Nature, has been steadily gaining traction for his fast-paced, good-natured ecology lessons

By swapping out bagged potatoes for loose ones, and eggs in cardboard cartons instead of styrofoam, you’ll lighten your environmental footprint

It took a powerful experience on a glacier in Iceland for the scientist to see reason for hope in a rapidly transforming world

Volunteers in Montana recently dug a migration corridor through chest-high snowdrifts. They hope the passage prevents bison from being struck by motorists.

A state-by-state guide to climate change impacts already unfolding, and how to get involved in local mitigation and resiliency projects

We can save this planet.

The bloodsuckers are waking up—and biting—earlier each year

How to handle plastic bags, batteries, milk cartons, metals, and...bowling balls

President Carter added protections to more than 157 million acres of public land and created 39 total national park units

A man says he required lifesaving when he accidentally ignited a 2018 wildfire. An Arizona court determined that his negligence made him culpable.

Lake Elsinore has already closed access to one of the most popular areas for checking out the wildflowers

Luckily for the bear, a wildlife official arrived and rescued it from the chilly predicament

Producing 286 million metric tons of carbon pollution, the ConocoPhillips Willow project will double the emissions the administration hopes to save through renewable energy progress elsewhere