Adam Roy
Making your own camp stove out of a cat food or soda can used to be a rite of passage for backpackers. But with canister stoves getting lighter and cheaper—and fire bans getting more and more common—one Backpacker editor argues their time has come. (Plus: Another editor dissents.)
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The granola brand bolsters naked hiking communities with a system to review the country’s top nude hikes

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Hiking, like most things, is just better in Sweden. And now with the annual Fjällräven Classics, hikers all over the world can join the fun.

UltraTNT can help manufacturers create lightweight tents that don’t deform under tension. The downside? It’s still heavier than Dyneema.

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With a diverse team of product testers, Osprey conceptualized and launched its Extended Fit pack collection

Our hiking columnist went to the AT’s legendary Trail Days this year with one mission—to figure out what hikers were and weren’t putting on their feet

Six testers tried out 8 trekking poles. These ones came out on top.

We dunked 19 filters across the country, from silty streams in California’s Agua Caliente Creek to clear lakes in Washington’s Olympic Mountains, to find the year’s best.

Twelve testers put 33 boots to rock, dirt, and sand. These nine vaulted to the top.

16 testers tried 40 hikers. These ones came out on top.

Our team of testers vetted 20 new rucksacks. These ones came out on top.

If you've been held back from doing something that excites or intrigues you, read on

15 testers tried 12 of the season’s top packs. These rose above the rest.

In an industry dominated by a single body-type, the Virga 3 is making waves

When upgrading your kit becomes a way to ignore your problems

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Developed and tested on the Pacific Crest Trail—the new adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2.0 is your next long-distance shoe

According to our testers, two new GNSS units from Garmin make it an easy answer

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Make great boots. Inspire people to use them. Here’s how.

We destroyed packs from three different price points to help you decide which one to buy

Stop relying on bulky socks to keep your feet warm when you hike

Backpacker executive editor Adam Roy has fully embraced the eccentric footwear after previously swearing them off. Here’s why.

After having my butt saved numerous times by a trekking pole, I now make sure to always pack one in my backcountry kit 

Going minimalist can heighten anxieties about staying safe in the backcountry. Here’s how to let some of them go

Some of our favorite gear is garbage. And that's why we love it so much

From what to buy to what to leave behind, our ultralight columnist offered up essential advice this year

Washing your face or bowl with Dr. Bronner’s? Sure. Using it to cure congestion? Maybe. Using it as toothpaste? Hmm.

Which down alternative does the best job of keeping you warm without weighing you down?

From tiny pocketknives to freeze-dried foods, these ultralight-friendly gifts are best presented in a sub-one-ounce merino sock

If you’re small-framed, you could be in for some serious savings

Trailblazers and trendsetters from the past five decades

Our hiking columnist knows firsthand that buying gifts for the hiker in your life can induce anxiety. These affordable finds from independent companies can’t miss.

Lightweight gear isn’t just for Triple Crowners

When you gotta go, you gotta go. These make it easier no matter where you are.

These boots are the only ones you’ll need all winter long

Shoes to get you moving down the trail—no matter the conditions

After 2,194.3 miles, this is the equipment that they loved the most

Six pieces of equipment for running around a 14,000-foot mountain

Sun hoodies are the multi-tool of the hiker’s wardrobe, but they often get gross, fast. Not Coalatree’s new Suray.

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Who knew the famous comfort, durability, and versatility of the Merrell Moab could be improved?

For carrying weight while moving quickly in the mountains, the Slope Runner Exploration 18L is our new favorite vest-pack hybrid

We’ve had two months to overthink the equipment choices of our favorite Hawkins high schoolers on ‘Stranger Things’. We have some suggestions to make.

It’s time to sharpen your pencils and pack your bags—the school year is here again

I came for their looks. I stayed for their all-day comfort and all-terrain performance.

A complete list of everything the new record holder carried and wore

They’re 1,706 miles in and this is what they like most

Two hikers go head to head on the best carryall for a walk in the woods

Is the PürTrek pole-filter mashup a brilliant idea or a Frankensteinian mess?

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Wilder adventures. Bigger waves. Better meals. Three adventure experts share their tips.

It’s way more expensive and not as comfortable. Our gear director weighs the pros and cons of an über-light kit.

Bomber bags for air travel, daily commuting, or any adventure off the beaten path

From finding an open site to tracking the weather, these apps will up your camping game

These bags redefine carrying comfort

This nifty container makes gear organization a cinch

A beginner friendly backpacking pack with everything you need—and nothing you don’t

This pack bridges the gap between ultralight and ultracomfy

From the backcountry to the airport, this pack has you covered

A reliable workhorse that will last for years

Shoulder the load and make miles with these trail-ready rucksacks

Pants made by—and for—plus-size female hikers

These hikers will help you carry your load and stay comfortable and secure, no matter the terrain

Finally, a hiking boot that can truly do it all

After finishing the Appalachian Trail, I experienced severe pain in my lower right leg. Little did I know, toe socks and spacers would be my saving grace.

It’s time to settle a longstanding debate once and for all. Which sandal will be crowned king?

They’re essentially adventure flip-flops and therefore superior to every other sandal

This simple sandal has everything you need and nothing you don’t

Eight fan favorites. Three head-to-head rounds. Only one winner.

Wisdom gained by trying, and sometimes failing, to stay comfortable outdoors

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The responsible traveler’s guide to connecting with Southern California’s mountains on a deeper level

Our testers gave these products their stamp of approval

Check something off your wish list with these discounts on tents, apparel, lights, backpacks, accessories and more

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With so much riding to choose from, where to start? We asked some of the area’s most dedicated cyclists for their recommendations.

Want to cook chocolate fondue, grilled cheeses, and cold-soaked meals with one device on trail? The Vargo Bot is the miracle that makes it happen.