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The festival circuit doesn't stop at the end of summer. Here are nine awesome adventure, culture, and food festivals worth traveling for.

Seven lovely destinations, from Florida to Arizona

While overcrowding plagues America's most popular trails, there are still places to find solitude

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

To the protectors of Alabama’s swamps, the vanishing of an iconic river creature posses terrifying questions about the water we swim in and fish in and drink.

Presenting the best burgs on the planet

Looking for a road-trip excuse? the Atlantic and Gulf coasts have some of the best oysters in the country.

When an airline bag packed with ski stuff goes unclaimed, it ends up at a warehouse in Alabama. Once a year, that gear goes on sale in the world’s biggest winter-goods orgy. We sent a photographer to document the chaos.

A perfect steak needs only salt and pepper. For everything else, a good rub and a splash of sauce can make a world of difference.

Week of February 14-21, 1996 Camping at Point Reyes Seashore, CA Alabama backpacking destination The new Crater Lake Lodge Camping on Florida's barrier islands Bike touring Nova Scotia and the Maritimes…

  Week of September 5-11, 1996 Alabama's scenic Pinhoti Trail Question: My wife, Carolyn, and I want to take a four-day backpacking trip September 11-14, but we don't want to travel too far from Indy. We are thinking about Alabama but…