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The Finnish driver traces his cycling passion back to a misadventure on two wheels

How did one of the best young bike racers in the country wind up dead in an Austin apartment? Our writer unravels the tangled story of a crime that shocked the world.

Contributor Andrew Bernstein competed in the paracycling division at the SBT GRVL gravel race this summer, three years after he was nearly killed by a negligent driver

The brand takes a leap forward with the Domane+ SLR 9 eTap

Trek’s latest e-road bike comes gravel capable and motor-assisted up to 28 miles per hour for road speed

Who makes the rules? Can men and women team up? Columnist Eben Weiss tackles the most pressing question about cycling’s hippest races.

USA Cycling traditionally selects pro road racers for the world road championships. But Swenson earned a spot with his success in gravel events.

The items that got our writer through the Steamboat Gravel Black Course

Kangangi was in the United States to participate in multiple off-road events with his Team Amani squad

The Cannondale Topstone Carbon 1 RLE is a gravel bike for mountain bikers who like to ride roads

‘Deep Water’ marks the first time a gravel bike has appeared in a major motion picture. Well, a motion picture, anyway.

Top-notch rigs for riding where the pavement ends

Allied’s new gravel-road crossover bike is the best two-in-one we’ve ever tested

Hello bike noises, my old friend

Reserve’s Fillmore is a modest innovation with big potential to make life easier for cyclists

Consumer-direct Fezzari challenges the big brands with this mountain-bike-inspired gravel racer that’s best on rough roads and trails

The Interior Secretary creates panel to change racist names, Life Time launches new pro cycling series, and Lachlan Morton shares a mid-ride beer

A California nonprofit is connecting 15 mountain towns with 300 scenic miles of hiking, biking, riding, and running. ‘A Trail for Everyone’ shows how the extraordinary project is coming together.

They might not be the epitome of cool—or are they?

Rigs we want to pedal all year long

Catalina Island’s trails have long, sweeping climbs and descents, steep and chunky sections, plus buffalo, foxes, and more views than you can imagine

Amity Rockwell says, “Cycling is this thing I’m never going to figure out,” which helps remove the pressure of winning Unbound

That brand-new 2021 model may be hard to come by these days, but the used bike market has endless inventory. Here’s why old bikes rule.

An ode to the sweet, airy joy of riding in a T-shirt, and the shorts that make it possible

Why this long-time cyclist is still in love with mechanical

It’s an affordable piece of gear that makes rides more carefree

When faced with the decision to take racing to the next level, Colin Strickland chose his own path

Sometimes spending more money gets you measurable value. But there's a point where that stops.

It's never too cold to ride outside. (Well, almost never.)

The newest model of the Diverge is a big advancement for on-trail performance

You can tell a lot about a person by the bike they ride

Gear to maximize your comfort on even the roughest of roads

Laura King is out to inspire her eight-week-old daughter, Hazel, to go after her goals

For those unfamiliar with northwest Arkansas, the region is quickly making a name for itself as a paradise for both road and mountain bikers

In a few years, performance e-bikes will be common on tarmac

What we learned from riding the best bikes of the year

Yes, it involves nonstop time in the saddle, lots of beer, and plenty of technical jargon

This category is coming for your road bike

Can the sport’s trendiest discipline reinvigorate its national governing body? And should we even care?

Even if you're not into groad, the trend is probably improving your cycling experience

It's all about what you make of it

Times have changed. Espresso and aero everything are out, pour-over and flannel are in.

Ten stoke-inducing products for mixed-terrain cycling that came out in 2019

Rule one: if it ain't broke, don't fix it

With deaths spiking on pavement, riders are choosing to go where cars can’t

Patrick Cummins has been fighting in the UFC for the past five years, but the character he cultivates on his Instagram feed is less battle-hardened tough guy and more adventure-loving goofball who loves to ride old-school mountain bikes

After riding 50 of the newest models, we have some thoughts

'DK 2019,' from Enve Cyles, is a recap video from this year's Dirty Kanza race

This festival cut of the full documentary, 'Project Y' looks at why humans pursue type-two fun

From cross-country to enduro, 29ers are dominating the trail. Again.

Every year we gather dozens of bikes and expert testers to put the newest models through their paces. Here are some snapshots from our fall session in Grand Junction, Colorado.

In pursuit of the most accurate results, we equipped all 50 rigs in our 2019 test with Enve hoops and Maxxis rubber. Here's what we learned.

This year’s class is changing how we see roadies

As the gravel-bike market booms and manufacturers seek to make rides more comfortable, rigs with (just a little bit of) rear suspension are making a comeback

As the all-road market booms, bikes are becoming more capable and more niche

For this year's Eroica California, Bike Snob NYC bypassed the dream rides and went straight to mail order and Craigslist

From innovative new gravel bikes to a 13-speed drivetrain, these are the tools and toys that caught our eye in Monterey this week

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program

Performance machines to cheat wind, go off-road, or cover lots of ground

Sure, you can get your bike tuned or buy a spare tube. But at these shops, you can also order an espresso or IPA and find your community.

Probably. The good news is the culture of the sport—lauded for its grassroots, oddball vibe—will be defined by its community.

I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

From slick racers to gravel grinders, these are the new rides that wowed our testers

One thousand cyclists from across the country compete in the 200-mile gravel bike race known as the Dirty Kanza.

In the Road Less Traveled series rider Ansel Dickey competes at the annual Rasputisa​​​​​​​ gravel cycling race.

As biking (and racing) on unpaved roads explodes in popularity, gear has changed in a way that's affecting the whole cycling industry—for the better

Top-end bicycles are higher tech and better than ever. But so are the budget models.

Will the recent acquisition of the Colorado-based mountain bike company be the death knell for the brand, or will it emerge stronger and more innovative than ever?

I put Trek's newest gravel bike to the test on a 180-mile bikepacking trip through the Sonoran Desert. Here's how it held up.

What’s old is new and sexy again with this steel all-road ride.

If I could own only one road bike, it would be this Swiss Army knife of a pavement machine

For pickups and vans, there's no better bike carrier

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