Bow-hunting anterless whitetail deer on the Yellowstone River—on a budget

Don't want to spend money on prepackaged energy food? Use one of these machines to make your own jerky or dried fruit.

This week's ruling to stop a trophy hunt was a big win for conservation groups and may impact grizzlies across the country

Idaho issued only a single bear tag, but conservationists are still concerned about the consequences of picking off just one bear in a state that has played an outsize role in grizzly management

The Lamalerans of Indonesia depend on the grit and aim of harpoonists to keep their communities fed

Made from Polartec NeoShell, the Reliance performs peerlessly, yet still looks stylish

In wildlife management areas, hikers can glimpse animals in their natural, pristine habitat while getting off the beaten path

Want to serve the tastiest meat ever at your next dinner party? This is the (significant) investment it will take to make that happen.

As Wyoming prepares for the first grizzly hunt in the lower 48 in decades, at least two protesters won tags they say they won't use. Will their strategy work?

The organization posted two videos in response to an article I wrote last week. Let's review what its representatives said about me and the story.

America's proudest tradition should never be used as an excuse for anti-American politics

Lighter, more packable, with better performance than anything you're used to

The cooler giant is making its famous (and very, very heavy) Tundra more portable

Maximize your under-the-bed storage by choosing gear that packs small without compromising on function

In Love Creative’s film Denying the Wolf, a narrator explores what drives man’s best friend.

Give yourself the confidence for big jobs with a fixed-blade knife

With Yeti in the hot seat over a feud with the NRA, competitors are jumping at the chance to win over new customers by declaring their allegiance to the Second Amendment

Headlamps are underrated yet vital gear for living on the road

That's just business as usual in the Trump administration. But despite the interior secretary's asinine comments, there may yet be hope for ground-up change.

'Of The West' from Orvis features silversmith Jillian Lukiwski sharing how her work is influenced by a life outside.

Last week, camouflage brand Realtree sued West, alleging he ripped off one of its patterns for his Yeezy apparel line. But an oak-leaf print is an oak-leaf print, right?

A new report suggests that the answer is no, which could impact hunted species across the U.S. and Canada

They're all made in Norway by Viking descendants

I’m also an avid sportsman and one of my firearms is an AR-15. So you might be surprised that I've never joined the NRA—nor ever will.

Say one of your favorite hydration-pack brands has a parent company that also owns a semi-automatic rifle maker. Should you stop buying the gear? We asked three ethicists for their opinions.

In case you weren’t aware of how oppressive bright orange is as a safety color, don’t worry. No one else was, either.

The legendary filmmaker knew the secret to making great ski movies. You couldn't just show skiing, skiing, and more skiing. You needed to tell a story, too, with emotion and humor.

An ode to the iconic Le Chameau Chasseur

More than any other animal, ducks depend on hunting to survive

Probably not this time. Eva Holland looks at how a disturbing wildlife image went viral—generating anguish, anger, and confusion about the undeniably warming Arctic.

Get ready for lawsuits. The five tribal nations that supported the formation of the monument say they will respond with legal action and continued collaboration.

Honing our kit for backcountry hunting and food harvesting

Hunting fights habitat loss and poaching, even in unstable countries

From YETI and Talweg Creative, Sam follows Missouri duck hunter Steve Koehly and his dog Sam.

The GOP doesn't think the feds should oversee our national heritage. Here's why they're wrong.

Essentials to get you hunting—or just make being outside more enjoyable

He was the alpha male of the first pack to live in Oregon since 1947. For years, a state biologist tracked him, collared him, counted his pups, weighed him, photographed him, and protected him. But then the animal known as OR4 broke one too many rules.

We raise $3 billion every year for conservation, then we go out on those public lands and help manage wildlife populations—for free

The world likes to tell us what we can’t do. For Kimi Werner—spearfisher, freediver, shark whisperer, chef, artist, and entrepreneur—the key to a badass life was learning to listen to a different voice: her own.

Our former editor on Thomas McGuane's almost cinematic contemplation of hunting

The people have spoken. In a study released Tuesday, over 99 percent of people said they support the 27 monuments up for review. President Donald Trump, are you listening?

The GOP's war on public lands threatens to alienate a key part of its voting base—sport hunters

For the hunters that are in it to experience the challenges of navigating in the wilderness, these trips always leave them with an experience that shapes them.

A new group of movers and shakers, aptly named Artemis, could be just what we need to get more politicians to care about conservation

Bear spray, plus a few other simple precautions, should keep you perfectly safe

A former Microsoft CEO launched a new website to answer a single question: What does the federal government really do with the trillions of dollars it spends every year? We wanted to know how much of that is going toward public land and renewables.

The long-term impact of the president's first 100 days could destroy an industry with more jobs than oil and gas and automotive combined. Yep, you guessed it: outdoor rec.

If you've never picked up a gun before but are interested in harvesting your own healthy, sustainable, humane meat, here's why you should get started with birds

An aerospace engineer explains the mechanics behind higher arrow speeds, improved accuracy, and easier shooting

Military-style heat-sensing “night vision” monoculars now cost just $600. Should you buy one?

These high-end zooms are what you want for bike hunting, but I've also taken to carrying them on most mountain bike rides just to enjoy the view

Professional musher Aliy Zirkle was prepared for the minus-50-degree temperatures and the brutally long distances of the Iditarod. What she didn't expect was a midnight attack by a snowmobile-riding stranger halfway through the 1,000-mile course.

High-tech hunting brand Kuiu wants to make a mountaineering boot you can wear for day hiking

This segment, The Fox Hunt, from GoPro's upcoming feature "Mongolia Eagle Hunters," captures the essence of the sport perfectly.

The stuff that keeps this adventure writer dry, safe, and dangerous

Chef Jesse Griffith loves meat. There are no ifs, ands, or (pork) butts about it.

Winter camping doesn't have to suck if you carry this shelter from Seek Outside with you

First Lite, a small apparel operation out of Ketchum, Idaho, is one of a growing number of crossover designers producing gear that works equally well for riding, skiing, hiking, and hunting

A 3-day bike hunt in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was the perfect trip to put the company's new lightweight sleep system through its paces

The Wyoming state government recently released a study weighing the pros and cons of transferring federal lands to the state. The results were unequivocal: it's a terrible idea.

Everything a beginner needs to know to become a competent marksman

In his new book, 'Being a Beast,' Charles Foster attempts to understand the inner lives of animals by living as they do—as an otter, fox, badger, deer, and swift. In this excerpt, he "becomes" a red deer and allows himself to be hunted by a bloodhound.

Who says compound bows and bikes don't mix? (But seriously, this is fun.)

Efforts among lawmakers across the west to help mule deer populations by allowing hunters to bag coyotes and mountain lions won’t work—it never has

Affordable new camera traps allow you to easily, and surreptitiously, photograph local wildlife

We threw a slice of venison on the two fanciest grills around to find out which cooks best

Hunting is growing beyond its hook-and-bullet roots, thanks to outdoor inventions like the fat bike

Bear Hunter is a film by Caroline Santinelli that profiles 13-year-old Kerigan Disorda. Disorda went bear hunting with her father for the first time when she was 11, and the activity quickly became her biggest passion. She now wants to be a bear biologist and spends the majority of her time in Vermont's…

While many gun proponents remain adamant that firearms offer better protection against a charging bear than pepper spray, a growing body of scientific research suggests otherwise

There was evidence, but no investigation. A crime, but no suspects. Rumors, but no one willing to point the finger. When gunmen massacred up to 20 brown bears near a Canadian grizzly researcher's Kamchatka cabin, the warning was clear: On the lawless frontier of the New Russia, outsiders are no longer welcome.

The most wanted man in America survived five years in the North Carolina woods, eating salamanders, sleeping on the cold ground, and stalking deer. Or so he says. Spend a night in his secret mountain hideaway and you get the feeling there's more to this story.

He's a loner, he's lethal, and he's got your scent. Feline phantom, ultimate predator, the cougar has ghosted back into the American wild and your backyard. (Hey, Marge, have you seen the poodle lately?)

A consideration of hunting