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Storms dumped rainfall across Utah. One hiker died and another required rescue.

Vitamin B12 is an important player in keeping your engine running and your energy levels up. Find out which foods can increase your intake naturally.

The internet is flooded with clips of people making bad decisions at America’s oldest national park. Backpacker editor Adam Roy thinks the latest cringeworthy clip is the worst one to enter the oeuvre.

We’re entering the Goldilocks age of backcountry boots. These new models aren’t too heavy and they aren’t too flimsy—they’re just right for a variety of adventures.

These downhill ski boots are designed for ladies who exclusively charge the resort

These high-performance boots are made for carving up the ‘roy and charging off-piste

These new alpine and touring bindings come packed with exciting features

These lightweight skis don’t just power up the skintrack. They’re bonafide downhill performers.

Looking for the perfect backcountry ski for deep days and big missions? Start here.

We tested more than 100 pairs of skis. These 10 were the best in test.

These wide, rockered planks will help you milk those powder days for all they are worth

These wide, rockered planks designed for the deepest days of the year do more than float—they fly

These all-mountain skis have a little more underfoot, more rocker, and more fun in powder

If you ski mountains that measure snowfall in feet rather than inches, these wide rides are for you

No matter the mountain, no matter the conditions, these sticks won't let you down

Introducing the best one-ski-quiver options of the year

These skis with narrower waists are versatile resort chargers that know how to get on edge and play in the bumps

These narrower sticks may have a knack for groomers, but they also like to play in the bumps and crud

This is hands-down the most impressive resort-meets-backcountry boot we’ve ever tried

This year’s best carving ski will allow you to live out your World Cup racing fantasy

For the third year in a row, this ski bested the rest in the powder category

No other women’s frontside ski comes close to the Wildcat’s carving chops

These consumer-friendly carving skis remind us why laying trenches on groomers is so dang fun

Featuring a little more party in the back, this Enforcer likes to play in the deep stuff

Finally, a QST model specifically designed for backcountry adventures

If you fancy yourself a World Cup-level skier, this new high-performance boot is for you

If you’re in the market for a pair of carvers to slice up the ‘roy and live out your racing fantasy, check out this list

If you like the Black Pearl but like a little more energy from your skis, try these sticks on for size

Find essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium in everyday fruits

How hiking with my canine companion gave me a new perspective on adventures.

Dogs who stay active live longer—and there’s no better way to stay active than hiking. Keep your pooch on the trail with a lot of love and a little veterinary help.

Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe just shattered the fastest known time for a supported trek along the iconic pathway

Making your own camp stove out of a cat food or soda can used to be a rite of passage for backpackers. But with canister stoves getting lighter and cheaper—and fire bans getting more and more common—one Backpacker editor argues their time has come. (Plus: Another editor dissents.)

An sudden and powerful wind gust caused the freak accident

Why even bag it if you’re not going to carry it out?

A climber dealing with severe mental health issues finds solace in a rescue dog—who has terrible manners at the crag

As extreme temperatures blaze across the nation, parks are taking extra measures to keep visitors safe

Here's what to consider when hiking with a four-legged friend

The delinquent black bear—who is actually a female—was finally trapped by officials near South Lake Tahoe

Chloé Dygert’s win in the individual time trial on Thursday came after years of injuries, surgeries, freak illnesses, and personal setbacks

A proposed price increase for backcountry access in Zion could raise fees by as much as 400 percent for some groups

How Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel overcame an emergency mid-race bathroom break to win pro cycling’s biggest one-day race

A private ownership group is set to acquire the iconic Wyoming resort later in 2023

When a court struck down the public’s right to wild camp in Dartmoor National Park in January, hikers lost the only place in England where they could dispersed camp without getting the owner’s permission first. Now, an appeals court has given it back to them.

Special Counsel Jack Smith loves endurance sports, and we have the skinny on his multisport passion

Three years ago, Danae and Olen Netteburg set out with their four kids on the Appalachian Trail. Three years (and one more baby) later, they’re about to complete the Triple Crown. All of them.

Cops say Robert “Steady Eddie” Kerker was caught in a swollen waterway in July

The 2022–23 ski season was recently extended until August 6

Reservations are hard to come by but this hundred-year-old lodge is worth the wait. In the meantime, you can hike five miles to see it.

A hiker found the woman’s body on a popular trail near the national park

It was so hot that rescue helicopters couldn’t take off

Utah’s Department of Transportation released renderings of the finished product, and people are surprised

One of the most popular mountains on the Appalachian Trail closed to overnight visits after visitors trashed it in 2020. Now, those temporary restrictions are starting to look permanent.

A lot of what thru-hikers eat on the trail is far from good for you. But some nutrition-minded backpackers are trying to buck the trend.

Enjoy this corn-studded and quinoa-based salad on the trail

Live electric wires and bridge damage are among the hazards that trail crews have found so far—but it’s not all bad news

Visits to one popular Colorado fourteener have declined by more than half since 2020

Authorities are trying to determine what caused the deaths of three people found in a remote campsite near Gunnison last week

The sport had previously allowed trans women to compete if they maintained low testosterone levels for 24 months

Allies have the power and the opportunity to stand up for the equal and fair treatment of people different than themselves

The death is the third snow-related fatality that local search and rescue has responded to over the past three weeks

When campfires are allowed, it’s important to know how to light them—and how to put them out

When it comes to remembering my best trips, smells do something that photos never could

The 26-year-old woman fell nearly 500 feet from Blitzen Ridge

Bluebird Backcountry was a special community and will be sorely missed

Saturday's crash is just the latest in a long history of over-eager fans and too-close spectators causing chaos on the Tour de France.

Does cooking spinach break down its essential nutrients? Does raw spinach have too much oxalic acid? We find out.

Most of this year’s PCT class is skipping the snowbound Sierra. A small group of adventurers is pushing straight through.

Owen Blandy, the chef for team EF Education–EasyPost, preps and cooks for 16 hours each day to feed hungry cyclists at the world’s biggest bike race

Are you indulging in some bad grilling habits? Correct these common mistakes, and you’ll master good grilling practices.

From a summer camp party to a national trend, people are bringing a little holiday joy to the dog days of summer – and you can too

Want a room at the only hotel on Mount Teide in the Canary Islands? You’ll have to battle stars of the Tour de France to get one. Two British ex-pats came up with a solution to pro cycling’s battle of the bedrooms.

Authorities say the unleashed mutt provoked the bruin, and have closed a popular trail near Asheville

Only a few squads are chasing the yellow jersey—the others are pursuing stage wins or the final podium at the world’s biggest bike race

A photo collage of cycling journalist’s lunches throughout his coverage of Tour de France

Tour de France cyclists follow a specific schedule to prepare for the big race—and it includes plenty of time at high altitude