In honor of Juneteenth, we’d like to shout out some of the most impressive and impactful leaders of color working to make the outdoors more inclusive for all

Most OBJ Index stocks continue an upward trend as 2022 enters the holiday season and comes to a close

Last year Park City ski patrollers unionized. Now it’s the lifties’ and electricians’ turn.

Companies are realizing the business benefits of size inclusivity

The outdoor industry’s growth last year was more than three times higher than that of the broader U.S. economy

Colleges across the U.S. are now offering degrees in subjects like gear innovation, guiding, and outdoor-business management. Here’s where to find them.

The problem started with a controversial Tennessee law, which made renewable energy prohibitively expensive for the Memphis gym

An unflinching LinkedIn admission led to an outpouring of support for the founder of one apparel company

The suit seeks return Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante to their diminished, Trump-era boundaries

The community of El Paso has mobilized widespread support for a new national monument designation in their backyard. It's time their voices were heard.

The apparel manufacturer also joins a growing number of companies that have pledged to cover costs for employees who must now travel across state lines for abortion care

These innovative and inspirational leaders are changing business in the outdoors for the better

A new order from Interior Secretary Deb Haaland reverses a Trump-era policy that prevented national parks from banning plastic bottles

If the social platform is a virtual public square, as Mark Zukerberg has proclaimed, it’s one that’s rife with hate, lies, weaponized disinformation, and—in the virtual metaverse—a starkly anti-outdoor worldview. Now that its value as an advertising partner has changed the calculus, it’s worth asking again: Is Facebook simply too toxic for business?

Snowsports Industries America is spearheading an effort to get outdoor gear to those in need

Three advocates break down why—and how—businesses must make justice a key part of their climate strategies

Want to build a more diverse workforce? Here's a guide for attracting applicants, ensuring candidates are assessed fairly, and other best practices.

Halting climate change requires companies to start slashing their carbon emissions now. Here's how to get on the path to a cooler future.

Not every carbon credit is created equal

Shuttered doors, distribution delays, and lost revenue; for these outdoor businesses, climate change is already wreaking havoc

Lexicons evolve. Let's grow ours by ditching these outdated expressions.

National Geographic is set to publish outdoor journalist James Edward Mills’ second book, "Unhidden," which examines the historical connections Black people have to areas managed by the National Park Service

Four explorers paving the way for a new outdoor industry speak in their own words

Our businesses know they have a polybag problem. Here, we take a closer look at the issue—and a better way forward.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the world. It might be time the outdoor industry got on board.

The pandemic created—and exposed—broken links in the global supply chain. Here's how five outdoor brands navigated those hurdles.

Amid turmoil over federal vaccine mandates, some outdoor brands have quietly issued their own requirements

Outdoor brands are finally starting to see that building clothing and gear in plus sizes is a boon for the bottom line

Two brand representatives—one independent, one internal—make their cases

When it comes to meaningful environmental action, former Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario believes most outdoor businesses are woefully ineffective

The steps my company is taking to reduce its environmental impact

Activists launch The Outdoorist Oath to promote social justice on the trail

The brand has challenged other outdoor companies to join effort

The Italian ski boot company hopes to recycle 30,000 pairs of used boots by the end of 2025

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If your brand has both a considerable wholesale operation and a growing direct-to-consumer business, it’s critical to communicate your story strategically across those different channels

We sat down with an angel investor to learn the secrets of getting startups funded

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Influencer Ken Whiting’s secrets on how to connect with, and inspire, millions of participants within the growing outdoor adventure industry

Planet+Purpose Solutions creates action plans for brands seeking to make sustainability a priority

The numbers paint a clear picture of the outdoor industry's troubles in 2020

The retailer is dedicating $30 million to two initiatives that will aid BIPOC entrepreneurs in scaling their outdoor businesses

The Recreate Responsibly Coalition is asking artists to put greater emphasis on responsible media creation in the outdoors

Stio’s new circular commerce program, Second Turn, works to further reduce the brand’s carbon footprint

The parent company of The North Face, Smartwool, and Timberland will require all office-based U.S. office employees to be vaccinated by January 1

The Utah-based company is bringing steel cans to the plastic-dominated supplement industry

Kara Richardson Whitely, the author of "Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds," says the untapped plus-size market is poised for growth

The Plastic Impact Alliance and Eco Cycle partner up to collect, recycle, and quantify polybag waste from 11 outdoor businesses on Pearl Street in an effort to raise awareness and encourage solutions

Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts—three national monuments threatened under the Trump Administration—saw their full protections restored today with an executive order from President Biden

As the climate warms in coming years, demand for outdoor recreation in the U.S. is expected to decrease, a new study from Utah State University finds

The inaugural Confluence Program will award four multi-year grants to groups led by Asian, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, and other People of Color working to protect natural places

The REI Cooperative Action Fund will support “nonprofit organizations promoting justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors”

J. Daryl Anthony will serve as the first executive director of the OREC office of Maryland—the 18th state to add a governmental body for promoting outdoor recreation

The outdoor brand's latest social activism involves the highly controversial new law in Texas, which prohibits abortions after six weeks of pregnancy

A succession plan will soon be announced to replace Adams, who’s retiring in December but will serve as a senior adviser for Salomon and Atomic's parent company, Amer Sports, until June 2022

The Lake Tahoe resort has renamed itself Palisades Tahoe after its previous moniker was deemed a slur against Indigenous women

Outdoor e-commerce brand Cairn analyzed 70,000 data points to prove gear companies are skewing apparel sizes lower than what consumers want and need

Troy Sicotte, who had served as interim co-president at Mountain Hardwear for the last three months, takes the brand’s reins from Joe Vernachio, who recently left to become COO for Allbirds

Too many uncomfortable experiences wearing men’s clothing when out on trails prompted Otto to redesign women’s outdoor apparel

Technology has become an all-encompassing fixture of our lives, even when it comes to outdoor recreation. Here’s a snapshot of how it’s shaping our national parks—for better or for worse.

Behind the scenes in the outdoor industry, technology is ever-present and increasingly powerful. Are you up to speed on the latest developments?

Today’s athlete sponsorships are rife with dangerous pressure, inequality, and unfair compensation. It’s time for things to change.

The outdoor apparel company celebrated the first anniversary of its self-created Responsible Packaging Movement by declaring itself a 100 percent plastic-free packaging brand

Get to know these outdoor movers and shakers through their own words

Mental health is now factoring more heavily in business leaders' decisions

The historic expedition was announced at Outdoor Retailer's summer show in Denver this month

The running market is missing a huge opportunity by largely ignoring BIPOC participants. How can brands fix the problem? Start with proper recognition and support.

More brands are reducing waste by selling used and upcycled gear. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also good for the bottom line.

Outdoor brands are working to address their plastic packaging problem, one polybag at a time

The outdoor industry is doubling down on sustainability tools and standards to measure and mitigate its environmental impact. Is it working?

Two gear makers with very different approaches to PTO square off

A recent dustup between specialty retailers and a behemoth market research firm has the industry wondering: Have we been basing our biggest business decisions on crap data for decades?

The trade war has taken a backseat to Covid during the last year and a half, but tariffs are still top of mind for many outdoor brands. Here’s the latest.

After receiving a difficult diagnosis last year, Larsen drew on his decades of experience as an adventurer to fight the disease

Hunters and anglers say other outdoor users need to step up as the costs of conservation skyrocket

Trade shows are returning this summer, but for many, sustainability measures have taken a back seat to safety

As sales reps return to in-person work, bespoke, private showrooms have become the new norm

The insulated bottle brand will begin using certified 90 percent post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel starting in 2022

In the wake of the pandemic, some brands, like Cotopaxi, are sticking with the remote work (or hybrid) model. Here’s how to do it right.