From a diehard work ethic and inclusive design theories to decadent colorways and outside-the-box thinking, the methods of these industry experts draw inspiration from their cultural heritage

The parent company of Smartwool and The North Face has decided to make internal data about its diversity and inclusion practices public

With lofty goals to be more inclusive, the outdoor industry is at a crossroads. Some say the key is lower-priced gear

In the outdoor industry, it’s especially important to pay respect to the land and the Indigenous who are part and parcel of it

Today’s consumers expect complete transparency from the companies they support. Sometimes, that means being so honest it hurts

10 ways to make outdoor specialty shops more welcoming to all people, regardless of race, size, gender identity, or expertise

If you’re serious about sustainability, nothing is more eco-friendly than products that don’t need replacing

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the outdoor industry’s typical timelines—and “normal” looks to be a long way off. Here’s how the domino effect will change the manufacturing and retail calendar for years to come

Most brands require reps to pay for their sample lines, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Is it fair?

On September 4, the queer outdoorsman will begin his Run Across Minnesota, promoting diversity in outdoor culture and his Outside Safe Space initiative

Like nature, the outdoor industry needs change, renewal, and adaptation—and disruptors to challenge and supplant the way we do things. Here’s a peek into what’s coming around the bend. Because under the law of evolution, if you don’t adapt, you don’t survive

Sit in on a video conversation about how independent retailers are coping with the pandemic, new Grassroots Outdoor Alliance tools designed to support retailers and brands, and why pro deals proliferation is killing our local gear shops

The pandemic shutdown devastated the world’s manufacturing center—and many of the companies that rely on it. And there were already plenty of reasons to get out

Are pro programs a legitimate perk for industry professionals or a discount sales channel run amok? Some insiders are calling the whole scene a complete farce. Here's why

OBJ's new parent company has committed itself to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones has joined the board

For more than a decade, Miho Aida has been an outspoken advocate for equity, inclusion, and diversity in the outdoors

The landmark conservation bill guarantees $900 million per year for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Satkiewicz was a gifted athlete, an inspiring and passionate leader, a champion of women, and mentor to many

Confronting racism in the outdoor industry starts at home

One of the country's oldest and most important environmental laws faces grave threats. The Winter Wildlands Alliance and the American Alpine Club have joined forces with 18 other groups to bring the fight to the courts

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HydraPak’s RECON is the world’s first bottle made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic

The bill now heads to the President's desk

Unless you do the work, you’re just contributing to the problem. Start here

Next spring, in collaboration with the group Unlikely Hikers, the Salt Lake City brand will release 20 products aimed at plus-size outdoor enthusiasts, with new marketing efforts to match

"I believe that a run, a climb, a hike, or a day skiing can change your day and change the world"

Inclusion has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go

We all know outdoor companies are way too white. But the numbers don’t lie: Data shows that by diversifying leadership and workforce, they stand to become more profitable

In honor of Juneteenth, we'd like to shout out some of the most impressive and impactful leaders of color working to make the outdoors more inclusive for all

Sit in on a video conversation about the surge in interest in Baker's Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, how it could reshape the outdoor industry, and how your company can lean in

If signed into law, the bill will permanently finance the Land and Water Conservation Fund and address maintenance backlogs on federal public lands

The marketing veteran joined Merrell's leadership team last week. She's already thinking about big things to come

Four outdoor industry professionals discuss how they feel about the amount they're paid

After leading the company for 12 years, Marcario decides it's time to pass the torch

In response to the murder of George Floyd, outdoor leaders have released statements condemning racial injustice and institutional violence against the Black community in the United States. Here's a running list

Sit in on a video conversation that covers sell-through in the wake of coronavirus, creative ways brands are marketing new products, trade shows, and pajama pants

An apparel company founder discusses the waste and headache of spec inventory, and why quick-response production is the way of the future

In these unprecedented times, the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors has never been more relevant

National parks will likely resume operations in coming weeks, but there's more to consider than merely opening the gates

As states begin to reopen, three independent outdoor retailers reflect on changes made to their businesses during the closure and what comes next

LOWA general manager calls for brands to refocus on lifestyle products to expand the base, and for retailers to stay closed on Sundays to encourage outdoor activities

In honor of Earth Day, the brand has released a new collection of unique products

The nonprofit has announced its inaugural class of approved businesses

The beloved 65-year old climber, entrepreneur, and retail expert suffered a stroke yesterday and remains in ICU

Tapping the creative power of its entire team, the apparel company worked outside of the box to rethink packaging

Her first month as OIA's executive director has tested her leadership in ways no one could have anticipated. But Lise Aangeenbrug is rising to the challenge

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We need to let go of aspirational content and reflect the reality of our consumers

The brand is partnering with community leaders and activists to make the outdoors a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for all

By investing in real estate, adventures, youth, and its fellow retailers, evo founder Bryce Phillips is building a cohesive and complete adventure community

How can the industry help everyone get the gear they need?

True inclusivity takes movement on both sides: people of color developing their leadership skills and outdoor brands giving them the runway

In what many hope is a new chapter for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor industry, four leading organizations unite with a public statement and commitment to do better

Everyone knows Amazon—or thinks they do. But most shoppers and even retailers misunderstand how this gargantuan marketplace really works. We deconstruct 8 common fallacies

As costs increase, brands must weigh tough production choices

Do you have a noble sense of Leave No Trace? Or is that your racial bias talking? One outdoor enthusiast re-examines her position

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As the CEO of MPOWERD, Seungah Jeong is showing how making money and making an impact can go hand in hand

Here are some of the cool things PIA members are doing to make the world a better (read: less plasticky) place

The 57-year-old outdoor industry longtimer died on January 1 after colliding with a tree while skiing at Eldora Mountain

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

The father of snowboarding paved the way for the sport's growth, and advocated for the sport's access in resorts and for women in the outdoors

Plus, total tariffs paid by American outdoor businesses on imports from China exceeded $1 billion for the first time ever in one month

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Offering childcare for your employees increases morale—and the bottom line

The company discovered a way to cure insulation without thermal ovens, the widely used method

Gert Boyle was One Tough Mother who inspired everyone who knew her

Outdoor brands are taking a harder look at inclusivity, but are they factoring age into the equation?

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It’s not rocket science: if brands hope to sell to women, they should sponsor female pros

Think your brand is "eco-friendly"? Put it to the test

So simple. Such a no-brainer. So important

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Outdoor participants are more diverse than ever—but the creative engines that drive the industry are still dominated by men

The school is preserving the outdoor industry's history for decades to come

The policy comes after a 45-day cleanup expedition removed 24,200 pounds of garbage from the famous mountain

Co-owner Dana Gleason shares about the brand's official commitment to climbers

From behind the windshield, the future can look pretty grim. But independent sales reps are fighting to stay relevant

REI and Vista brands kiss and make up, but what are the ripple effects of businesses balancing the books and morals?

Our industry is changing—and you don't have to look much further than these four

Can you really make a living in outdoor retail?

Pressure, hard labor, poop: the truth about the gigs you fantasize about

Why women make less than men—and what we all can do to fix it

The Voice's exclusive outdoor industry salary survey reveals who makes what-and a whole lot more. How do you stack up?

A disturbing look at the outdoor industry’s dark side