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As states begin to reopen, three independent outdoor retailers reflect on changes made to their businesses during the closure and what comes next

LOWA general manager calls for brands to refocus on lifestyle products to expand the base, and for retailers to stay closed on Sundays to encourage outdoor activities

The brand will share 40 percent of revenue with authorized dealers who generate online sales

In honor of Earth Day, the brand has released a new collection of unique products

The nonprofit has announced its inaugural class of approved businesses

The beloved 65-year old climber, entrepreneur, and retail expert suffered a stroke yesterday and remains in ICU

Tapping the creative power of its entire team, the apparel company worked outside of the box to rethink packaging

Lawson Hammock in North Carolina just secured a major growth investment, defying the economic challenges of the coronavirus crisis

The owner of longtime San Diego retailer Adventure reflects on the decision to close his store

Her first month as OIA's executive director has tested her leadership in ways no one could have anticipated. But Lise Aangeenbrug is rising to the challenge

After closing all 162 of its stores last month while keeping employees on the payroll, the company has now decided that many workers will lose income for 90 days

The female-focused online retailer has decided to close up shop

The nation's largest outdoor trade show, previously scheduled for June 23-25 in Denver, has been called off

The Bozeman company has teamed up with a local quilting organization to make masks for hospitals

Emergency changes to the company's Seattle factory will allow for large-scale production of masks by early summer

In this strange time of isolation, the Spring/Summer issue of The Voice will bring us together. Here's how to get your free copy

Kitsbow, a cycling apparel company in North Carolina, uses a "lean production" method that allowed it to respond to the coronavirus crisis with speed and efficiency

Eddie Bauer and Flowfold have shifted manufacturing capacity to produce masks for hospitals

Owner Brendan Madigan asked his community to #SaveYourLocalGearShop. And they did

Emerald Holdings, Inc. has suffered significant losses as event cancellations pile up

Expanding on its coronavirus aid program announced last week, Toad&Co has pledged even more help to struggling retailers

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We need to let go of aspirational content and reflect the reality of our consumers

As coronavirus spreads event organizers are scrambling to create meaningful, efficient ways to conduct business virtually

On Sunday, the CDC recommended cancelling or postponing events of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks

OIA has delayed Capitol Summit in Washington, D.C., amid growing coronavirus fears

One of the industry's largest brands has halted all operations and shut down its website until further notice

The scare forced the shutdown of Patagonia's Reno operations for more than a day

Ever an ally of independent retailers, the Santa Barbara-based company has agreed to provide financial assistance to specialty shops whose bottom lines have taken a hit

What businesses need to know about weathering the storm

What do you get when you cross Cold War military technology with a laser-equipped smart mirror? A new way for consumers to engage with supply chain transparency

The paddlesports and technical apparel company has responded to a year of growth by reinvesting significantly in its facilities and workforce

The brand is partnering with community leaders and activists to make the outdoors a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for all

Large outdoor companies are losing retail sales in China, and their manufacturing status is unclear. Meanwhile, smaller manufacturers say their production is at a standstill

Bluebird Backcountry is on a mission to make backcountry skiing safer, cheaper, and more accessible

Robert Pavao, 20, was arraigned Monday for the stabbing of a female Timberland employee

By investing in real estate, adventures, youth, and its fellow retailers, evo founder Bryce Phillips is building a cohesive and complete adventure community

Why try the same old ad campaign when you can make a movie?

Lise Aangeenbrug will transition from ED of Outdoor Foundation to Outdoor Industry Association

How can the industry help everyone get the gear they need?

True inclusivity takes movement on both sides: people of color developing their leadership skills and outdoor brands giving them the runway

In what many hope is a new chapter for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor industry, four leading organizations unite with a public statement and commitment to do better

Everyone knows Amazon—or thinks they do. But most shoppers and even retailers misunderstand how this gargantuan marketplace really works. We deconstruct 8 common fallacies

As costs increase, brands must weigh tough production choices

Do you have a noble sense of Leave No Trace? Or is that your racial bias talking? One outdoor enthusiast re-examines her position

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Terramar was the first outdoor company to make silk baselayers, and it’s still pioneering new performance technologies. You could be forgiven for not knowing: this brand doesn’t make a lot of noise, just a lot of good products

In 2019, Amazon became the largest retailer the world has ever seen. Here’s what that means for all of us

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Legal expertise and a passion for the outdoors make the lawyers at Perkins Coie uniquely positioned to help your brand navigate a fast-changing business environment

As the CEO of MPOWERD, Seungah Jeong is showing how making money and making an impact can go hand in hand

As the sober outdoor community grows, we need more than kombucha to create an inclusive industry

Here are some of the cool things PIA members are doing to make the world a better (read: less plasticky) place

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How do you create a campaign that thrills, not flops? We asked the experts at Origin for five key tips

Outdoor Industry Association Board Chair Nora Stowell asks people to show up at Outdoor Retailer

Data from Grassroots Outdoor Alliance show a 31 percent spike in brands’ promotional behavior over the holidays. Plus, retailers dish on the risks of overly aggressive tactics

Andrew and Shelley Dunbar have owned Sea to Summit distribution in North America for 22 years. Now the Australian company is bringing it back under the global umbrella

The 57-year-old outdoor industry longtimer died on January 1 after colliding with a tree while skiing at Eldora Mountain

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

This is the go-to store for local climbers and visitors to The Gunks to get climbing hardware, route beta, and a sense of community.

Outdoor meets fashion in one sneakerhead's retail-shop manifestation of his gear dreams

Housed in an old bank, this three-year-old shop is preserving the past while outfitting all levels of adventurers

CEO John Mead says he couldn't make ends meet anymore, but not for lack of trying new things, employing a rockstar staff, and getting people outside

The father of snowboarding paved the way for the sport's growth, and advocated for the sport's access in resorts and for women in the outdoors

Plus, total tariffs paid by American outdoor businesses on imports from China exceeded $1 billion for the first time ever in one month

In order to make amends, the online retailer is now promising to help companies impacted by their legal action

10 ways to prepare for a single-use plastic-free Outdoor Retailer show

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Offering childcare for your employees increases morale—and the bottom line

The sheriff'ss office reportedly put the brand's corporate headquarters and the executive's house on a property watch list

Outdoor brands use temporary brick-and-mortar locations to engage with customers during the busiest time of the year for retail

Now that he has dropped outstanding litigation and fired the law firm, Jonathan Nielsen is taking action to make reparations with companies who faced legal action

Businesses say they were bullied. Jonathan Nielsen says he did not see the backlash coming and that because of it, Backcountry is rethinking the way it protects its trademark

The company discovered a way to cure insulation without thermal ovens, the widely used method

Gert Boyle was One Tough Mother who inspired everyone who knew her

Outdoor brands are taking a harder look at inclusivity, but are they factoring age into the equation?

Honing in on products and maintaining a strong community presence have kept this ski shop ticking for 45 years

After a 25-year hiatus, one of snowboarding's original brands is back

This black-owned outdoor store is built around faith, and being a safe space for all identities and communities

A lineup of seasoned retailers share their tips for ensuring trade shows—from regional ones to the big OR—are efficient, productive, and even fun

Inspired by the Plastic Impact Alliance, Patagonia took a hard internal look at its own trade show footprint to discover ways to improve its zero-waste efforts. Here's a recap of what they found, and what we can all learn from it

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It’s not rocket science: if brands hope to sell to women, they should sponsor female pros

Knowing when to scale back and when to stay ahead of the trends has kept Buffalo Peak flourishing for more than three decades