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Think your brand is "eco-friendly"? Put it to the test

So simple. Such a no-brainer. So important

On a mission to keep gear out of the landfill, The Gear Fix is also making outdoor pursuits more accessible and affordable

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Outdoor participants are more diverse than ever—but the creative engines that drive the industry are still dominated by men

The school is preserving the outdoor industry's history for decades to come

The policy comes after a 45-day cleanup expedition removed 24,200 pounds of garbage from the famous mountain

Co-owner Dana Gleason shares about the brand's official commitment to climbers

The Winter Market is being united with the January Snow Show

From behind the windshield, the future can look pretty grim. But independent sales reps are fighting to stay relevant

Plus, data on how the outdoor industry rallied around kicking plastic out of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last month

REI and Vista brands kiss and make up, but what are the ripple effects of businesses balancing the books and morals?

People with disabilities are getting outdoors—can you catch up?

Our industry is changing—and you don't have to look much further than these four

Mountain Hardwear takes a risk in removing toxic flame retardants from its tents. Will the rest of the industry follow?

Can you really make a living in outdoor retail?

Pressure, hard labor, poop: the truth about the gigs you fantasize about

Why women make less than men—and what we all can do to fix it

The Voice's exclusive outdoor industry salary survey reveals who makes what-and a whole lot more. How do you stack up?

A disturbing look at the outdoor industry’s dark side

On the way toward a more diverse outdoor community, mistakes will be made. But one 30-year veteran of the industry sees progress where others see only problems

Are you making enough money? Getting paid what you're worth? Dive into our complete salary report

Milliken and Polartec will finalize the agreement this month

Osprey shakes up hardgoods with a new sustainability battle plan

Flannel on khakis is a staple uniform in the outdoor industry. But it doesn’t have to be, and this fashion-forward shop mixes expected "outdoorsy" pieces with the unexpected

The outdoor industry is mourning the loss of the athlete and PR professional who emitted coolness and compassion in every situation

Jim Thomsen renewed trademarks for the Klettersack, with an open mind about the brand's future

From inventory management to diversification to events and activism, these outdoor shops are preparing for an uncertain future

The leadership switch follows the sudden resignation of Jerry Stritzke in February

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Is the pro-purchase system a valuable marketing tool, or source of market saturation? ExpertVoice’s Nick Stagge braves the hot seat

These marketing and communication gurus will flood your feed with #inspiration

The DEI activist writes how we all play a role in bettering the outdoor industry, following mistakes made by the Boulder-based organization

A surefire way to draw customers through your doors: offer free, filtered water

The state became the 13th to establish a government-level office charged with promoting outdoor recreation and business

The company's Gearheads talk to millions of customers every year, so they decided to do something with their feedback—make their own gear

In business for 44 years along the Chattahoochee River, this shop merges surf and mountain culture in a southern state with more than ten million people

Townsend Bertram & Company is taking concrete steps to be more welcoming and relevant to gender non-conforming customers. Here are 5 easy steps

Ikon was the talk of the town all across the West. But increased visitation comes at a cost

A seven-part research series analyzed outdoor consumers from a psychological standpoint

Without diluting its kayaking focus, this shop located in an historic fishing village has gradually and naturally added to its offerings over 20-plus years

New Mexico establishes an outdoor recreation division and equity fund for diversity outdoors

Where do we go from here on the journey toward DEI in the outdoor industry?

Plus, nominate someone you know to add to the growing list of lady-led businesses

Our industry makes real bottles. So let’s use them and reduce single-use containers at Outdoor Retailer. Join us in making The Plastic Impact Promise and commit to bringing your own personal drinking vessel to the next show

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

These four people are leading us into the future

There are more outdoor influencer opportunities than ever—particularly for underrepresented populations. But getting paid for that work is another story

With sophisticated Asian factories and Amazon, it’s easier than ever to launch a low-cost gear brand. Are companies that prioritize price over innovation a boon to the outdoor industry—or a threat?

Hopefully your brand will never need it, but if you find yourself in hot water, here’s how to minimize the damage and change the course of the conversation

What can the outdoor industry do to better engage communities of color?

As skiers and snowboarders travel more to distant mountains, the gear rental market is booming to keep up

The board and Stritzke agree that relationship with another outdoor industry leader is "perceived conflict of interest"

Industry veteran, Maro LaBlance, says the dollars we spend on booths and exhibition fees is not only crazy, it’s hypocritical, and might ultimately be counter-productive to the greater good of the industry

The Pledge, announced to a packed house at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, was intended to bring the industry together, but ignited a wave of skepticism and criticism instead

The industry’s largest specialty retailer is also its most powerful. Does that make it a visionary leader? Necessary evil? Cutthroat competitor? Or something else entirely?

The nature-loving drag queen strutted the show floor on Day Two, drawing a crowd and making a statement for LGBTQ inclusivity in the outdoors

Our community is not immune to the #MeToo movement

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Nikwax heard the challenges of retailers and developed programs to boost sales

When several high-end brands joined—and then quickly defected from—Walmart’s Premium Outdoor Store, they resurrected the question “Who is the outdoors for?”

The CEO of the 50-year-old brand is strategically planning to keep it around for another half century

The North Face is betting big on its new FutureLight waterproof/breathable technology

Located in the home of HomoClimbtastic, this store invites everyone to join their wacky scene—and help preserve one of the world's most epic playgrounds

This shop’s history dates back to when the owner was a kid, and since he and his wife bought it, they’ve resurrected it as a town center

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Nikwax makes it easy for retailers to carry, sell, and explain the importance of gear care and maintenance

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When a Brit named Nick cooked up an environmentally-friendly wax for his boots, he had no idea he was building a company that would help legions of hikers stay dry

The most coveted collab in the history of collabs isn’t even one you can pitch. You have to wait for it to come to you. But don’t worry, there are proven and profitable ways to partner with like-minded brands

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How a garage-grown company grew to produce some of the finest technical apparel for worldly travelers

To celebrate 50 years, this retailer sent hundreds of its customers outside as part of a six-sport contest

The Canadian outdoor co-op's CEO wrote a letter about the lack of diverse representation in their advertising and his promise to do better

The brand has significant stakes in Montana and Nevada—too many to stay silent

A few specialty outdoor retailers share why they decided to make selling hand-me-downs and offering rentals part of their store

This shop offers the best gear with the best instruction, and welcomes you to chill with the kings and queens of the backcountry (even if you’re not on their shred level yet)

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day—a day that precedes over Columbus Day

5 tips to make your paddlesports department a family adventure hub

The premium cooler manufacturer cites rapid growth and loyal customers as reasons for its new filing

From the grand vision to the nitty-gritty details, from local jaunts to global trots, Indianapolis' Rusted Moon Outfitters will find a way to make it happen for you (and charm your pants off along the way)

As vanlife and overlanding surge, serving an overlapping consumer has brought the outdoor and RV industries into increasingly similar territory

The Buena Vista store co-founded a festival for outdoor enthusiasts, and caters to locals and tourists alike

Rich Hill, GOA president, responds to Walmart's push to sell premium outdoor gear

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