For years, these Rocky Mountain states have squared off on a spicy subject: Who grows the best chile peppers, an indispensable ingredient in southwestern cuisine? Our man hit the road to find out.

If you want workers to come back to the office, here's a thought: let them wear shorts

You’ll need an ATV, throwing hatchets, strong lungs, a chainsaw, a snow machine, beer, a water gun, and neighbors who just can’t stop pissing you off

Thanks to a lot of hard work, skill, luck, and love, these amazing animals emerged safely from the flames and disruption

A long-distance rambler named Bearsun is walking from L.A. to New York, dressed like a very large Pokémon. This is his story.

Writer Jason Motlagh has been reporting in Afghanistan since 2006, which has involved developing close relationships with Afghan journalists and their families. He and a network of media colleagues are currently in a race to get more than 100 of them out of the country as the Taliban cracks down.

After years of making dinner for my wife and in-laws, I embarked on a DIY crusade to become a better gardener and plant-based cook. With help from expert chefs, technology, and a massive online collection of classic recipes, I just might get the hang of this.

Southern Civil War symbols have been a flash point in towns and cities for years, but at places like the Gettysburg battlefield and Arlington National Cemetery—which are run by the Park Service and the Pentagon—there's a new, escalating conflict over monuments that honor the Lost Cause

Two documentaries, 'Big Fur' and 'Stuffed,' set out to show that this sticky-fingered branch of natural history is full of beauty and wonder. Do they succeed? Our reviewer, who knows a lot more about the subject than he ought to, says yes.

It's easy, fun, and shockingly good. Let's all start screaming now.

It's called a water smoker. And while you're off having fun, it will slow-cook the best chicken, ribs, and fish you've ever had.

A wide-ranging civil lawsuit alleges that the institution knew about serial abuse by Jean and Steven Lopez, implicating it in a system that allowed the sexual trafficking of four female athletes

A wintertime search-and-rescue drama that began with a predawn disappearance and a single terrifying clue: blood. No big deal, though. All we needed was a miracle.

Tilin was a longtime Outside contributor and the author of The Doper Next Door

In a terrific new memoir about his career in journalism, McDonell talks about working with writers who became modern legends (including Jim Harrison, Edward Abbey, George Plimpton, and Hunter S. Thompson), the early days of 'Outside,' and the bright future he sees for a magazine industry that’s undergoing a historic transition.

A conversation with Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce, journalists who have spent years documenting the horrible story of sexually abusive swim coaches—and dogging a national governing body that they think is beyond repair

An explosive memoir by Carine McCandless provides new details about a toxic family environment that drove her brother to embark on the famous and fatal quest immortalized by Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild

SpaceShipTwo's accident poses a major setback to Richard Branson's interstellar vision—and the future of the $250 million taxpayer-funded New Mexico Spaceport.

Plus a few other excellent things I learned at FUZE SW, a food conference you do not want to miss.

Ernest Moniz talks to Outside about radioactive waste, SuperTrucks, dazzling solar arrays, southwestern breakfasts, and a trout stream that has to remain top secret.

A few teams may still carry on

The climbing season may not be closed for business just yet this season, but it may be tough to convince the mountain's most important climbers to carry on.

The embattled philanthropist speaks out for the first time in years about his own public takedown and the discredited bestseller Three Cups of Tea.

Appeals court upholds ruling that evidence is “flimsy and speculative”

One car, one infinite urban sprawl, and one long list of the places where the legendary show was filmed. Mapping out a self-guided auto route seemed doable—but was it survivable?

A new book on the vanished age of airline hijacking captures an astonishing time. There was no airport security, and people brandishing weapons and bombs routinely commandeered aircraft around the world.

David Oliver Relin made his name as coauthor of the disgraced bestseller Three Cups of Tea—then tragically committed suicide. Now, a major publisher hypes Relin’s posthumous history of the inspiring Himalayan Cataract Project. Should we buy it?

Says he was 'unjustly enriched' by sponsorship

It's Seven Cups of Deceit time. Read all about it here.

Before publishing Bill Gifford's story on Livestrong one year ago, we had no idea how dangerous it was to cross The Boss. Editorial director Alex Heard tells the inside story.

Wondering how to get through three hours of Lance Armstrong and Oprah looking deep into each others' eyes? We can help.

While awaiting further judgment on a case against the accuracy of Three Cups of Tea, the bestseller he co-wrote with Greg Mortenson, Relin committed suicide by putting himself in the path of a moving freight train

Cause of death not released

It’s been ten months since Jon Krakauer and 60 Minutes alleged that the star of Three Cups of Tea was a literary fraud who used the Central Asia Institute as a personal cash cow, prompting a civil suit and an investigation by Montana’s attorney general. Mortenson still isn’t talking. But the case is heating up, with important developments in t

You're ready to act on those good intentions, but how do you know the organizations you're backing deserve your trust? Here are the 30 best—smartly managed groups with transparent financials, efficient spending, and track records of on-the-ground success.

Send us your nominees for a special roundup of people and organizations that are making a difference and you could make our December issue.

As the Las Conchas fire ravages parts of the Santa Clara Pueblo reservation, Lieutenant Governor Joseph B. Tafoya sits down to talk about the damage

James Franco steals the show in 127 Hours. This is what he had to say about it.

The embattled director of the Central Asia Institute responds to allegations of financial mismanagement and that he fabricated stories in his bestselling book Three Cups of Tea.

A boy with dwarfism. A man with dorkism. Whenever Ross and I hit the trail, things have a way of not working out.

Is it good for presidents to be fit? Yes. Except when it’s bad.

No one denies that our 50th state is Paradise, USA. But anyone who's ever been to this lush chain knows a simple truth: Not all the islands are created equal. So which is best? Welcome to the Great Hawaiian Island-Off. Read on, and pick your perfection.

Adventure man. Freedom fighter. Brat. Meet Jack Wheeler, the Indiana Jones of the Right

But how long before Mother Nature stops taking it and starts dishing it out? Soon, say the Earth Changers. Very, very soon.

You, too, can own a share of Henry VIII's sunken flatware—for $50,000. That is, if you cut a deal with Barry Clifford, the Pirate Prince to some, the Underwater Antichrist to others.

Amid the panic over abductions and evil ETs, a gentle voice is heard. But do Steven Greer and his pilgrims have the candlepower to score that intergalactic high five?