After an alarming encounter on a trail, getting a dog helped me enjoy running again

The outdoor apparel brand was ranked number one against giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Ford

This age-old camp tradition has a higher purpose. Plus, two campfire skit ideas to stoke your creative side.

These mountains made out of sand should be on your travel bucket list

A consumer advocacy group’s recent report raises urgent health questions about other next-to-skin layers

There’s nothing better than a cold drink with friends after a long hike. From a classic western brewery in Colorado to a mountain tavern in North Carolina, toast your accomplishment at one of these trailside drinking establishments across the country.

Shopping responsibly isn’t easy. We asked an expert for help.

Four brands share their secrets for getting millions of views on social media—and converting the attention into sales

If we remain curious instead of ashamed of our tears, crying can inform us of our true feelings when we’re adventuring outdoors

Quickly growing in popularity, via ferratas have mostly been reserved for mountain towns. Until now.

Give your dollars and time to one of these organizations

By repurposing scrap materials into gear, employing resettled refugees, and partnering with leading brands, Adiff is modeling a more sustainable textile industry

The pandemic created—and exposed—broken links in the global supply chain. Here's how five outdoor brands navigated those hurdles.

Earlier this year, journalist Amelia Arvesen participated in a ride for bicycling safety that ended in tragedy. Months later, she’s still figuring out how to process what she saw.

Overlanding has expanded to overlap more with the traditional outdoor market, which meant the huge Arizona event was a celebration of all modes of transportation and exploration

Eight past CMC employees have filed a formal civil complaint against the club, alleging that leadership didn’t do enough to protect them from sexual exploitation

Motivated by nostalgia and a desire to pass down institutional knowledge, archivists play a significant role in the evolution of the outdoor industry by chronicling its past

A hard carrying case is being issued to solve potential issues with DSP beacons switching modes accidentally

An avalanche is every backcountry adventurer’s worst nightmare. Know what to do with your beacon in case the worst happens.

Know the risks, the terrain, and the gear you need before your maiden voyage into the backcountry

By staying true to its community-driven values, the Philadelphia-born brand transformed its flagship retail store into a mini market for fresh foods, household goods, and takeout meals. An insurance provider took notice.

When Cristobal Murillo couldn’t fly to Asia to see his newest product in person, he dropped $1,500 on a high-definition camera and did all the development through a live feed with his supplier

The activewear brand is differentiating itself this year by not using photography to unveil its newest line

Skiers are claiming that there are issues with Pieps DSP backcountry safety devices

What was promoted as an innovative new online event has come to a halt as employees and contractors allege missed payments

These creatives share their Native heritage with the outdoor industry through smart footwear, stunning prints turned into blankets, and sustainable warmers

A healthy trade organization is key to a healthy industry. How has the pandemic affected Outdoor Industry Association, and how will OIA fare in the future?

Little luxuries for nights spent under the stars

If you've done everything in your power to salvage it, and it's still not working like it used to, maybe it's time for something new

Assemble a camp kitchen that is both inexpensive and functional

Ensure your winter gloves last as long as possible with a little TLC

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

By investing in real estate, adventures, youth, and its fellow retailers, evo founder Bryce Phillips is building a cohesive and complete adventure community

Data from Grassroots Outdoor Alliance show a 31 percent spike in brands’ promotional behavior over the holidays. Plus, retailers dish on the risks of overly aggressive tactics

The 57-year-old outdoor industry longtimer died on January 1 after colliding with a tree while skiing at Eldora Mountain

This is the go-to store for local climbers and visitors to The Gunks to get climbing hardware, route beta, and a sense of community.

Outdoor meets fashion in one sneakerhead's retail-shop manifestation of his gear dreams

Housed in an old bank, this three-year-old shop is preserving the past while outfitting all levels of adventurers

CEO John Mead says he couldn't make ends meet anymore, but not for lack of trying new things, employing a rockstar staff, and getting people outside

The father of snowboarding paved the way for the sport's growth, and advocated for the sport's access in resorts and for women in the outdoors

Plus, total tariffs paid by American outdoor businesses on imports from China exceeded $1 billion for the first time ever in one month

In order to make amends, the online retailer is now promising to help companies impacted by their legal action

The sheriff'ss office reportedly put the brand's corporate headquarters and the executive's house on a property watch list

Outdoor brands use temporary brick-and-mortar locations to engage with customers during the busiest time of the year for retail

Now that he has dropped outstanding litigation and fired the law firm, Jonathan Nielsen is taking action to make reparations with companies who faced legal action

Businesses say they were bullied. Jonathan Nielsen says he did not see the backlash coming and that because of it, Backcountry is rethinking the way it protects its trademark

The company discovered a way to cure insulation without thermal ovens, the widely used method

Honing in on products and maintaining a strong community presence have kept this ski shop ticking for 45 years

This black-owned outdoor store is built around faith, and being a safe space for all identities and communities

Inspired by the Plastic Impact Alliance, Patagonia took a hard internal look at its own trade show footprint to discover ways to improve its zero-waste efforts. Here's a recap of what they found, and what we can all learn from it

Knowing when to scale back and when to stay ahead of the trends has kept Buffalo Peak flourishing for more than three decades

Think your brand is "eco-friendly"? Put it to the test

On a mission to keep gear out of the landfill, The Gear Fix is also making outdoor pursuits more accessible and affordable

The school is preserving the outdoor industry's history for decades to come

The policy comes after a 45-day cleanup expedition removed 24,200 pounds of garbage from the famous mountain

Co-owner Dana Gleason shares about the brand's official commitment to climbers

The Winter Market is being united with the January Snow Show

Plus, data on how the outdoor industry rallied around kicking plastic out of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last month

REI and Vista brands kiss and make up, but what are the ripple effects of businesses balancing the books and morals?

Jim Thomsen renewed trademarks for the Klettersack, with an open mind about the brand's future

The leadership switch follows the sudden resignation of Jerry Stritzke in February

These marketing and communication gurus will flood your feed with #inspiration

A surefire way to draw customers through your doors: offer free, filtered water

The state became the 13th to establish a government-level office charged with promoting outdoor recreation and business

The company's Gearheads talk to millions of customers every year, so they decided to do something with their feedback—make their own gear

In business for 44 years along the Chattahoochee River, this shop merges surf and mountain culture in a southern state with more than ten million people

A seven-part research series analyzed outdoor consumers from a psychological standpoint

Without diluting its kayaking focus, this shop located in an historic fishing village has gradually and naturally added to its offerings over 20-plus years

Plus, nominate someone you know to add to the growing list of lady-led businesses

The board and Stritzke agree that relationship with another outdoor industry leader is "perceived conflict of interest"

The CEO of the 50-year-old brand is strategically planning to keep it around for another half century

The brand has significant stakes in Montana and Nevada—too many to stay silent

The premium cooler manufacturer cites rapid growth and loyal customers as reasons for its new filing

Outdoor industry leaders shine a light on the crux of the issue—that selling on the "cheapest retailer's" website changes consumer’s perception of brands, putting specialty retailers at risk

The North Face, JanSport, Eagle Creek, and Altra are moving to metro Denver, while VF's denim and outlet businesses will stay in North Carolina

From limited-edition products to establishing a multi-lingual customer service team, the lightweight collapsible furniture brand is all grown up

According to the study, LifeStraw's single-stage and two-stage filtration systems remove the most

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