We focused on comfort, stretch, and how well they fought off sweat and stink

You can't put a price on the peace of mind that comes with good gear organization

Any brew worth drinking deserves more than crappy single-use plastic, so we stuck to reusable vessels

You want something that's powerful enough to keep you and your gear clean

A jacket, a daypack, a water bottle, and some seat-back storage that we couldn't be more excited to test out

Products we love, from camping utensils to a revamped Patagonia cap, all costing less than 50 bucks

Including an easy-to-set-up tent, an ultralight camp chair, and a sleeping bag made almost completely from recycled materials

When his time and energy are both in short supply

Rowing is a great workout but can be somewhat boring. The RW900 fixes that.

I beat the snot out of it to see how it holds up

Snacks, water, and diapers—these fit it all

I prefer to not have to choose between looks and capability

This year is a celebration of the past—each of the boats at the top of our list is a revamp of a bestseller. Some might say that looking back is a sign that the sport isn’t progressing, but we don’t agree.

Tips on how to get one of the most enviable jobs in the outdoor industry

We went way out there to put these through the paces

Be cautious, but don't let small things scare you away from a deal

To get accurate test results, I enlisted a physicist's help

Fleece and denim—two of my favorite things, just usually not together. Until now.

The answer depends on your skill level, your feet, and your body type

A good sweater can save your bacon on notoriously fickle spring days

The winner gets a place of honor in my camp kitchen

We judged five contenders on user friendliness, comfort, and how well they carry a load

It's best to have everything you might need, even if you never have to use any of it

Sure, it makes my daughter adorable. But it's also everything a parent could want in a winter suit for their outdoorsy toddler.

First criterion: they can't overlap with your ski socks

Our resident gear expert is a fan of rising at the crack of dawn to get a couple laps in

Understanding a few technical basics—and being honest about your needs—will help you pick one you'll love

No matter where or how you ski, you need a pair that fits just right, minimizes sweat, and keeps you warm

The affordable models are surprisingly capable, but what you get for more money is undeniable

This dorky little windshield wiper is the world's most effective tool for cleaning your goggles

You want protection that goes on easy and keeps your mug from resembling a wind-chapped chunk of meat

Higher-priced gear almost always performs better. But how much better? And is it worth the extra bills?

Because nothing kills the joy of playing in the snow and cold faster than cold hands

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a bright light with good features. Here are our top picks under $20.

The versatility of these American-made planks is second to none

A miniature Spotify music player without the distractions of a screen or notifications keeps me happily training

I've spent hundreds of hours of testing shirts. These five are the best.

Focus on fit, insulation, and fancy extras (or lack thereof)

Knowing the basics on lenses, fit, and venting will help you find a pair you love

Versatility is key for a blade that accompanies you everywhere

The super-comfy ThermoBall Traction Mules are as happy hanging out in the snow as they are around a fire back at the lodge

A worthy beanie keeps your dome warm, vents sweat, and doesn't look dorky

Here's hoping my well-informed list helps simplify your holiday shopping

There's an art to staying warm, dry, and happy

Under Armour's new PJs promise more Z's, plus athletic recovery. This I had to try.

Can one shirt have it all—technical chops and good looks?

Drying your soaked kit is the key to make it last

If you like a perfectly cooked bird with minimal hassle, this is your grill

Convenience and versatility make for a winning piece of fitness equipment

A good system will save you time before, during, and after your next getaway

Elevate your camping experience

(Courtesy Gaiam) Gaiam Restore Marbled Foam Roller ($20) The Gaiam Restore Marbled foam roller has a just-right semifirm density for soothing tight quads. Bonus: it looks good enough to keep in the living room. Buy Now (Courtesy Under Armour + JBL) UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones…

(Courtesy Teva) Teva Ember Moc Slippers ($75) The Teva Ember Moc slippers (women’s pictured) have forgiving polyurethane footbeds, hearty rubber outsoles, and cozy quilted uppers, making them the perfect after-class footwear. Buy Now (Courtesy Athleta) Athleta Hyper Focused Print Bra ($54) Athleta updated its bestselling Hyper…

(Courtesy PK Grills) PK Grills PK 360 ($800) A stylish grill won’t make you a better cook. But damn if we don’t feel more confident operating the burly and gorgeous PK Grills PK 360. While you’re at it, splurge on the Teak Shelf kit ($200). Buy…

(Courtesy Misc. Goods Co.) Misc. Goods Co. Ivory ­Ceramic Flask ($92) The 11-ounce Misc. Goods Co. Ivory ­Ceramic flask is slim enough to stow in your pocket, but its leather, brass, and cork closure begs to be shown off. Buy Now (Courtesy Everyday Co.) Everyday Co.

(Courtesy Stance) Stance Teton Hike Socks ($24) Designed by mountaineer and photographer Jimmy Chin, the Teton socks are snug and supportive at the toe and heel, thick and cushioned throughout, and made with a wool blend that keeps feet dry. Buy Now (Courtesy Reef) Reef Escape…

A high-performance carbon-frame rig for under four grand? Believe it. Canyon Cycles’ Aeroad WMN CF SLX Disc 8.0 is a lightweight, durable, do-everything road machine that’s cheaper than the competition, thanks to the German company’s direct-to-consumer model.

(Courtesy LifeStraw) Special Edition LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw ($45) With this two-stage filter-and-bottle combo in your hands, you can scoop water directly from a river or stream and know that 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and microplastics will be filtered out. This special-edition…

(Courtesy AETHER Apparel) Aether x Mystery Ranch Pack ($235) Water-resistant nylon, a padded laptop sleeve, generous zippers, and cinch side panels are just a few of the smart features that make the Aether x Mystery Ranch pack the ideal hauler for ferrying daily essentials to and from the office.

(Courtesy Brixton) Brixton Joanna Hat ($44) A straw hat that’s both classy and functional is not easy to find. This one has a wide brim for maximum sun protection and an understated ribbon band. Buy Now (Courtesy Richer Poorer) Richer Poorer Classic Bralette ($28) Oh so…

(Courtesy DJI) DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone ($1,099) Sixty percent quieter than its predecessor, DJI’s Mavic Pro Platinum drone offers a re­markable 30 minutes of air time on a charge. Buy Now (Courtesy Sony) Sony A7 III ­Camera ($2,000) The Sony A7 III ­camera (lens sold separate)…

(Courtesy J.A. Henckels) J.A. Henckels International Classic Cleaver ($40) Help the grill master on your holiday list properly butcher meat with this six-inch, Spanish-made cleaver. It has plenty of heft to make quick work of bones and joints. Buy Now (Courtesy Townshend) Townshend’s Gin ($30) Hold…

(Courtesy Citizen) Citizen Promaster Tough ($495) Badass brothers and clumsy cousins alike will dig the aptly named ­Citizen Promaster Tough. The reason: it has a shock-resistant case with a hardened coating that’s five times more resilient than regular stainless steel. Therefore it’s almost impervious to scratching and also staves off…

(Courtesy Revere Cardio) Revere Cardio Vanilla Chai ($20 for 8) One packet delivers 15 grams of pea and rice protein and 20 grams of carbs from sweet potatoes to aid in recovery. There’s no better stocking stuffer for the endurance athlete on your list. Buy Now…

(Courtesy Topo Designs) Topo Designs Organic Cotton Field Shirt ($89) Topo Designs’ organic cotton Field shirt is the Swiss Army knife of utility layers, ready for yard duty, a long hike, or an evening on the town. Buy Now (Courtesy Filson) Filson Insulated Tin Cloth Cap ($65)…

(Courtesy Think Tank) Think Tank Photo SD Pixel Pocket Rocket ($17) Your $8,000 worth of camera gear is useless if you lose the SD card holding your images. Hedge your bets with the Pocket Rocket, a small organizer that holds nine memory cards and clips securely onto your pack.

(Courtesy Dish by Duer) Dish by Duer Adaptive Denim High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($119) The stretchy and comfortable Dish by Duer Adaptive Denim High-Rise Skinny jeans utilize Coolmax fibers, which boost the denim’s insulation but also breathe and wick moisture from the skin. Buy Now (Courtesy Burton)…

(Courtesy Oboz) Oboz M-Trail Low Shoes ($120) The Oboz M-Trail Low shoes perform all day from city to trail, with breathable uppers and cushioned, supportive EVA midsoles and inserts for extra energy return. Buy Now (Courtesy Seea) Seea Lido One Piece Suit ($125) Seea’s Lido One…

(Courtesy Patagonia) Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Vest ($99) Nothing feels as cozy as fleece. Patagonia’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Vest is thick and soft, and it’s made using fair-trade recycled polyester. Buy Now (Courtesy Rumpl) Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket ($189) With velvety fleece on one side and matte…

(Courtesy 1more) 1more Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones ($100) 1more managed to fit three drivers—for highs, mids, and deep bass—into a single earbud, hence the almost impossibly vibrant sound that comes from the Triple Driver In-Ear headphones. Buy Now (Courtesy Taylor) Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Guitar ($800)…

(Courtesy Eagle Creek) Eagle Creek Wayfinder 20 Pack ($80) The versatile Eagle Creek Wayfinder 20 pack is made from lightweight ripstop and has contoured straps. Cord organizers and pockets for a laptop, a tablet, and other small gadgets add to its functionality. Men's …

If the shoe fits, ski in it