We break down the jargon and tell you what you really need to understand

They really do matter just as much as your boots, so choose wisely

A simple method for applying a smooth coat to protect your skis and build the stoke

Keep your kid comfortable (and give yourself some peace)

Preferably one with gobs of comfort and safety features

Tights and insulators to keep you warm and feeling strong

Slick trousers for powder-day overachievers

If you like your beer icy cold and your coffee piping hot, there’s no better option out there

Sometimes the best campsite is a few steps out the back door

This simple tool has become absolutely essential for anyone camping in the West

If you like cold, frothy beer as much as I do, pay close attention

Bring a dash of style to your parenting ensemble

Things to consider when you head out in the dark

No one likes pulling a U-turn after an improperly tied down surfboard flies away

Yes, you can work up a sweat while getting more done

Properly unloading after a trip can make getting ready for the next one that much easier.

Four pros dish on their tricks for getting out in the warmer months.

Gone are the days of guessing how much fuel’s left in your camp stove’s canister

Tried-and-true practices to prevent an early death for your tent

Which rewards you with the most bang for your buck?

Many of our national parks are overflowing with visitors. To get away from the crowds, seek an alternate route.

Bright colors and a slim profile make the minimalist Maverick Wallet a hit

It beats the pants off duct tape in so many ways

Don't let the long days and warm temps lull you into complacency

Take it from the people hoofing it between the Mexican and Canadian borders as we speak

Beefed up or thinned down, flip-flops are the perfect summer shoe.

Camping at undeveloped sites can be intimidating. This kit will give you some peace of mind.

Consider three things when picking the perfect 18- to 20-ounce water bottle: usability, durability, and temperature control

A stove to repair a dent and other totally unexpected uses for stuff you own

Throwing a barbecue? Don't forget these five rules of entertaining.

Better than insta-coffee, hardier than a glass French press

I bought them for their red-white-and-blue beer-drinking cred and kept them for their performance chops

They're mighty comfy and don't have that sloppy sweatpants look

Sure, it's expensive, but it's hard to put a price on carefree runs with my daughter

Five athletes on their favorite summer drinks

When in doubt, don't light that campfire

A budget-friendly list of the gear you should—and definitely shouldn't—save money on

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the latest, greatest hardcore equipment, but this everyday stuff is invaluable

When you want to make sure your essentials—phone, cash, etc.—don't end up in the drink

Here's what you can do to keep your filter in good shape and how to know when it's time to spring for a new one

It doesn't matter whether you're barbecuing in your backyard or circling a fire at a campground, you must cook over open flame.

Hot springs are a luxury, even though you're just sitting right there in the ground

Bottoms that stay up while you get down

Take the cookout farther out

Give your wallet a break for just a slight weight penalty

Just because you didn’t land a private permit to float the Colorado doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its 40 layers of mind-jarring beauty.

Harvey Butchart was hiking the canyon long before others thought to follow

And how to know when it's time to splurge on a new pair

Turns out the brand that makes my favorite PFDs also knows its footwear

Inspired by packs, a new breed of coolers are on the rise

Heading out on an overlanding trip? Bring one of these.

For every task, there’s the right tool

Pedal-powered boats are coming to the masses

Your first line of defense against sweat, abrasion, and funk

You won't find better soap, we promise

A classic goes head-to-head with a modern rival

It's one of the most indispensable pieces of gear I own

Plus dos and don’ts for scoring great deals on used equipment

Know what can be solved with a patch job and what's a lost cause

It'll elevate your camp-cooking game for decades—for just $130

Any of these four jackets could save your skin

Sweat the small stuff (so they don't have to)

I got my first Bill's Bag for a canoe trip on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in 2008—three decades after the product came to market. While NRS has tinkered with the accessories and materials, the design has remained largely unchanged since those first prototypes, and for good reason.

After putting my favorite bags through the wringer, I found a clear winner in this cavernous category

Your adventure buddies and significant other will thank you

Even when weight is at a premium, don't skip these items

Never settle for freeze-dried meals again

I put six of the most popular models through a vigorous test that included lots of hardcore beer drinking and reclined lounging

As a former raft guide, I know of what I speak when I say these six tips will prevent you from having to deal with soggy gear, whether you're skiing, backpacking, or biking

Fifteen testers picked these five kicks as the best of the season

I learned that the little things make the biggest difference, but ultimately, it mostly comes down to style and personal preference. And we're totally OK with that.

Can Spy's new electrochromic tint-changing lens unseat the Smith—my favorite goggles ever—from its throne?

Yeah, it's been around 136 years for a reason

In short, it all comes down to bringing the right tools and planning ahead

The prescription goggles are the best solution for those who simply can't go without their specs on the slopes