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Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t play with toys

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A beautiful, insulated container that fits perfectly in a jersey pocket

All the caffeine you need, packed into tiny chewables

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Thoughtful tweaks + a jam-packed design = one very useful cycling companion

An ultra-portable, super-safe commuter lid

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Military-strong material with smart features for any civilian

Treat your feet right with bright art and classic comfort

Towable as hell but built with enough room to host dinner parties

When you build the two millionth edition of an iconic 4x4, it deserves special treatment

Brews it every way you knew existed, and then some

For transporting beer in high style, again and again and again

One blade and one very sturdy carrying case are all you need for the perfect shave

Take a deep dive with your action cam

Retro looks with a powerful modern engine

Because camping's more fun when it's multi-story and suspended in mid-air

Freshly-ground drip coffee in one backpacking-friendly mug

As close to 007 as your smartphone is going to get

Bright white, old school, and way too nice to actually wear on the court

Have fun with this drone—and maybe develop the next great UAV innovation while you're at it.

A handy multitool to slip on your keychain

A motorcycle for people who don't ride motorcycles

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Sure, you can buy a new carbon bike or lose 10 pounds of belly fat, but the easiest way to gain watts on a bike? Care for the most underrated, overlooked, essential piece of gear on it.

We tackled these easy-to-make newbie flubs so you don’t have to

The gear you want, no matter where the road takes you

Part trade show, part art exhibition, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show spotlights the functional beauty of bikes, as well as the craftsmen who create them. Bearded masses from around the world packed into booths to marvel at subtle TIG welds, discuss the intricacies of brazing techniques, and debate the supremacy of steel, titanium, or bamboo. Fat bikes and gravel racers continued to gain popularity, and while most builders brought some variation on those themes, each had their own unique spin.