Now you can haul your bike trailer pretty much anywhere

A convenient way to haul your gear on top of the car

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Like to fly fish? You've met your match.

Serious upgrades make this the most capable wildland vehicle we’ve ever seen

Bigger than most other multitools. But also significantly more badass.

They won’t guarantee you a win, but they will certainly stand out

A full cooking and cleaning setup that slots into the back of your truck

This tool belongs in your pocket at all times

British style meets American engineering

It'll hold eight cards, cash, and there's even a bottle opener

A beautiful steel adventure bike that doubles as a whiskey dispenser

Henceforth, all bike bells should hold whiskey

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Wanna get in shape this summer? Buy one of these things.

With rock rails, built-in LEDs, and 18-inch mud tires. Oh my.

Elegant illumination from the well-respected British bike brand

The most expensive knife we’ve ever seen

A basketball-hiker mashup? These two brands totally make it work.

For those who enjoy good java in tough-to-get-to places

Great for hunting food or fending off zombies

Rumor has it that this iconic SUV might make a comeback, so fans are making suggestions for what they'd like to see

A handmade wrap for your favorite drink

Crush competitors on Zwift and answer emails, all at the same time

It’s no Land Rover, but this Russian 4x4 is still an off-road beast

A new law is bringing the famous car back in 2017

Something to keep you dreaming until you save up for the real thing

A custom tailgate made just for hauling mountain bikes

Someone added a third axle to the Hilux making it a total off-road beast

A $30,000 bottle of Scotch for very, very special occasions

The iconic off-roader keeps its four-wheel-drive prowess, but gets a couple new creature comforts

A tricked-out VW Transporter that makes us want to move to Europe

It’ll chew up sand dunes and four-wheel-drive roads, then get your kids safely to school

It’s powered by an electric motor, but still drives like a Porsche

A fully customizable home you can restructure at any time

Now you can take care of that kink anywhere, any time

Sure, it looks like a normal jacket. But it's actually a mobile bar.

A simple device to keep your bikes organized and out of the way.

It looks like a sweatshirt, but performs like a jacket.

For killing zombies or cleaning up your backyard

Perfect for weddings at the ski area or on muddy forest roads

Say hello to your new winter project: a DIY trailer you can tow with a bike

The coolest zero-carbon home we've ever seen

A machine to make homebrewing as easy as ordering a cold one at the bar

Forget a beach cruiser. This is how we want to carry our boards to the sea.

Sure, it would look good over the fireplace. But the bow deserves a shot in the field.

Ditch the carry-on. This rig stashes everything from your neck pillow to your water bottle.

We’ll admit it. We’re drooling over a Hyundai.

A sleek holder to carry road-bike essentials under your saddle

Who needs music when you can listen to the birds and rivers in high-def?

Sleep in comfort while pedaling across America